Monday, May 31, 2010


Checking In - With A Funny Story To Share

Thanks to all my friends for your concern over my health. It really freaks my humans out when I don't finish my meals, because they are used to me cleaning my bowl. I have continued to be very fussy about which flavours of stinky goodness I will eat now, but I think I have reached an agreement on my menus with my mum. I am pretty much back to my old self and my diabetes is still under good control, so that's OK. My mum did some yakking herself last Friday and spent a few days sitting around feeling seedy, so I was a good lapcat and cheered her up. We are both fine now.

I have been an extra-cuddly kitty lately. I like to spend as many hours as possible plastered over the front of a human sleeping on them and keeping them warm with my floof. Drooling on them is good too. My mum has a week off school now for the half-term holiday, so I should get some extra opportunities for cuddling. We are planning to do some gardening together too if the weather is good enough. It's gone all chilly again, just when we thought it was summer.

Something very funny happened this week. I was snoozing inside the patio windows and I noticed that Evil Intruder Kitty, Marmite, sitting by my pond doing his usual favourite activity of looking for newts. Here's an example of what he looks like when doing this:
Anyway, there he was just sitting there thinking about newts when, all of a sudden, BAM! A sort of small ginger Scud missile launched itself through the air and POUNCED him!
Of course it was Leo, the hyperactive kitten from next door who seems to think he lives here most of the time. He has been practising pouncing things a lot recently - mostly butterflies, flowers, birds, that kind of thing. He leaps around the garden like a maniac. I never saw him try to pounce Marmite before though! Marmite nearly jumped out of his fur with shock (shame he didn't fall in the pond!) and then ran off down the garden at top speed. I was still inside the window going BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! as I watched all this. My mum saw it too, she thought it was pretty funny. I may have to consider rewarding young Leo in some way for this legendary Marmite-pouncing. He'd better not try pouncing me though!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Uneasy Like Sunday

Sorry, I haven't blogged for a while. I haven't been feeling too well for the last week or so, and my mum and dad have been worrying about me. I have had an upset stomach and some smelly litterbox problems and there has been some yakking. Plus I suddenly decided that I no longer like the brand of canned food I have been eating for the last three years which helps to control my diabetes so I went on hunger strike and lost some weight. My mum has tried a couple of different brands and found one I will eat, but I am being very picky about which flavours I will eat now, so she has had to experiment with the different flavours to tempt my appetite.

However, don't worry about me too much, I have started eating more again and my litterbox problems seem to have sorted themselves out. And I never stopped wanting to eat Greenies, cheese or tuna, even when I was turning my nose up at different flavours of canned food! I am acting more like myself again after a few days of being sad and just wanting to curl up and take quiet naps to forget about my stomach ache. With a few purrs from my friends I am sure I will be back to normal in no time.

My Cornish Auntie (mum's sister) has been visiting us for a few days but my humans got up at 5 a.m. this morning (on a Sunday!) and took her to Heathrow airport so that she could go on holiday to Mericky. She is in New York now, so if any of you Mericky kitties see my Cornish Auntie, please take care of her for me! Then she is going to Toronto. I wonder if she will see any Canadian cats?

Of course, while I have been feeling under the weather and entertaining my Cornish Auntie, I haven't been able to do my duty in keeping those Evil Intruder Cats out of my garden - there is an infestation!

Saturday, May 01, 2010


Saturday Caturday - Captions Please!

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