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Favourite Birds...And A Confession

My friend Happy-Go-Lucky tagged me to name my favourite birds. Now, I sort of agree with Buddah Pest that the best birds are the ones you eat, but I don't think that's what I'm meant to put, so I shall list some birdies I see in my garden instead. We don't get exotic birdies like some kitties do, but here are the 5 birdies we see the most often; they are all quite common.

Mr. Woodpigeon and his extremely large fat family come every day and scoff tons of seed from the bird table.

My mum likes Mr. and Mrs. Blackbird - they are friendly and they come and peck around in the flowerbeds after she has been digging up the soil.

The Blue T*ts are pretty, but one of my kitty friends thought their name was rude, so I have censored it. They can't be very clever birdies as they cannot work out how to eat from any of the 4 different feeders my mum has put out for them. The Magpie family are really pests but I do think their colouring is rather smart.

We love seeing Mr. Robin when he comes around...he likes to sit on the fence and watch my mum doing gardening. He is so cheerful and friendly.

Only 3 days until my Uncle Sim comes...I am furry excited. We had some other visitors today - a work friend of my dad's came to tea and brought his wife and their little girl. My mum did baking (which she hardly ever does because she is too lazy) and she made some chocolate muffins and delicious lemon drizzle cake (I sneaked a crumb to test it) and we had cucumber sandwiches and scones and jam and clotted cream...mmm! Everyone had a lovely time and they all said how handsome I was - but (confession time) - I did a bad thing! The little girl was playing with me and she waved the feathery stick and I swiped at it and I accidentally missed the stick and scratched the little girl's finger and it started bleeding! My mum had to first-aid her. I was really sorry and I purred lots at the little girl - I still feel guilty!

Hi Eric,

Your Robin looks different than mine, much smaller. None of the rest look familiar either.

You didn't mean to hurt the little girl, so don't feel bad. You just wanted to play.

Mum says your tea menu sounds wonderful. Scones and clotted cream. I don't know what she is talking about as she says you can't get that stuff here.
I agree, the robin looks funny. I scratched mine mom's finger by accident, too. She was gonna throw my ball, but the boy got in the way an as she held it, I tried to grab it.
The plant thingie... that was an accident, too. I thought it was a cat toy. I'm gonna get anofur pictor that shows how much it looks like a tinsel ball.
you didn't mean to hurted the little girl - I'm shur your mum was not mad at you. Was she? she shouldn't be. it was an ax-a-dent.
i wish we had some birds at our house. too many people and not enough trees around.
Eep! Accidental cuts bring about such a horrible feeling. I know exactly how you feel, Eric. When I do that to the human pet, I scurry off because I wonder if I made her mad.

Your birds were so interesting! I was really fascinated by Mr. Robin since he doesn't look like any of the Robins I know. Must be because he is English, I suppose...
Meezers - no, my mum was not mad with me. She just felt a bit guilty that one of our guests was bleeding!!
Derby, Victor & Zeus - He is a European robin as opposed to an American robin. He is the kind of robin who appears on Christmas cards here a lot.
Those British robins are real purty!!!

Patches Lady
Hey fat Eric. My name is Fat-Eddy and I am a literary cat too. My blog site is fairly new and since I'm still a kitten who is not allowed outside, even for a little while, I haven't had any adventures with birds. My male person did build a bird house tho and put it up outside the kitchen window, so I can watch the little grey birds come and go every day. That's kinda cool and now that its warmer, they leave the bedroom window open and I can hiss and growl and chomp at the magpies every morning.
Hey, its me, Fat-Eddy,getting back to you right away. I'm not terribly quick at this blogging stuff, but I'd sure love it if you mentioned me on your blog. Yes, I live in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.
That's too bad about the little girl's finger, but you didn't mean it and you did a good thing by purring at her to let her know you were sorry. I like looking at your bird pictures... the birds everyone is putting up are pretty much the only birds I get to see. Thanks for sharing!
i've never seen a magpie, they look really cool, and the robin looks totally different from our robins...i wonder why?
We have American Robins, finches, and a Blue Jay. WE'll writ eabout them in our blog.
Aw, you didn't mean it, Eric. I bet everybody understands, too. It happens to all of us.

About your birds? I wish I had blackbirds and magpies visiting me!
Isn't ok, Eric - that was obviously a complete accident. You are far too sweet and gentle to swipe a kid on purpose. Moose, on the other hand, does it as often as he can get away with - because he's a wiener.
~ turtle

We really hope that the Royal Mail doesn't take your presents. Why would a mailman want cat toys and treats? Let us know if you don't get the package by Monday and we'll send another.

As for the scratch, you didn't mean to do it so do feel bad.

The Monsters
Those are beauteous birdie picshurs. We love lookin at all the birdies flying around our house too. The windows are closed again acoz it gotted cold and rainy here so we jus have to watch from inside again.

You had some real interestin' birdies to look at. I didn't know that English robins were different from American robins. Learns somefink new everyday.

I knows you didn't mean to put an owie on the little girl, my sisfur was playin wif my Momma and scratched her but she wasn't mad or nuttin becuz she knew Gracie was only playin. I knows that the little girl wasn't mad at you eifer.

Hi fat-Eric.

Thanks for coming back and talking to me again. I think this is so cool, finding cat friends all over the world. What's even cooler is that I learned how to use the computer all by myself. I knew I could do it.

Guess what...its not your fault that you poked that little girl. Sometimes little girls fingers get too close to our paws and our stuff. I betcha she forgot all about it when you started purring at her. Most people really love that. I had two big brothers that died too, but both of them died before I was born. My female person says that means I must be really special, because they loved my brothers George and Luke so much that they said they could never have another cat. But when the female's grandbaby saw me, she knew that I was gonna come and live here in my house, and I did.

Talk to you again.
Hi Fat Eric,

I don't have so many birds to look at, as I'm a city apartment cat. But I always call my person over to look at the pigeons that we sometimes get on the window ledge. She laughs and tries to talk back to me. She makes this funny sound like ak-ak-ak-akkk. Humans can be funny sometimes!
Those are some nice lookin' birdies, Eric! You didn't mean to scratch the little girl, don't feel guilty!
Your robin looks different from the ones around here. I wonder if they're as tasty. I haven't had one since I started living here in the house.
My humans don't bake either. It might not mean they're lazy. Maybe they'd rather be tending to us. And I like salty and meaty treats better than sweet ones any way.
Your birdies are exotic to me. The only one that I've ever seen is the magpie. They have those in Colorado, where I was born and used to live.
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