Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Helping Mum part 2

My stomach is all better now, thank you everyone who asked about it. My appetite is fine. I very nearly got two breakfasts this morning, my dad fed me really early and then my mum came down at the normal time and I thought it was worth begging again, but unfortunately for me my dad appeared and said I'd been fed, just as she was opening the cupboard. Drat.

The weather here's been terrible for the last week, we've had non-stop gales and rain, plus it went cold again. My mum had to put her sandals away and get warm socks and cardigans out again. I haven't been able to get outside at all and my mum's plants have been very battered by the storms. Today the sun finally came out but the forecast isn't great. We want summer!

My friend Zeus has been posting about organisations who help people and animals, such as The Cinnamon Trust and Pets for the Elderly. I'd just like to give a shout-out to another group of Good People at Richmond Animal Protection Society. It is not local to me because it is near Vancouver in Canada, but a friend of mine told me about it. It is one of the largest animal shelters in the world and has about 800 cats at any one time - imagine that! They must be nice people because they have sofas and cushions for the indoor kitties instead of chairs, and covered gardens for the outdoor kitties. You can see some interesting pictures on their website and they also take Paypal donations. It is sad to think that so many kitties in the world don't have forever homes, but at least there are Good People around trying to look after as many homeless kitties as possible.

My mum has been furry busy this week with school stuff. I know she appreciated me helping her to mark test papers recently. So this week I thought I'd help her with the ironing. I aim to please.

We like that photo of you,Eric. You can really see the Immense Gingerness that is you.
Just don't get near that hot thingy with your tail! You don't need a hot bum.
Eric, I bet you can get rid of wrinkles with hardly any effort!
Can I just say that you look so huggable and cute?
I'm very glad that you're feeling better Eric. And you're doing a good job with the ironing. Mom wants to know if you are you available for weekends to come and do the ironing over here.
That's wonderful that you're feeling better, my friend! Too bad, though, the weather isn't being kind and letting you to the City of Outside.

My human pet would flip out if she saw me helping her iron. She's too worried about the iron falling on the floor I suppose, or perhaps it is my hair getting all over her clothes.

On a side note, the human pet has been saying a new phrase: That's a bunch of codswallop! I'm not sure what it means, but she says you would know because you're British.
The man would be worried about fur on his clothes--but he never irons... ! It looks comfy though.
Derby - don't worry, the iron was turned off at the time.
Zeus & Gemini - I think my humans have given up on the hair front, all their clothes have Eric hair on already!
Zeus - I congratulate your human on her grasp of British. You would probably hear people say "a load of codswallop" or "a load of old codswallop" rather than "a bunch of codswallop" - just Britpicking!
Ok...I'll bite...what is codswallop?
"A load of codswallop" is like our "a bunch of baloney". The human pet is really getting a kick out of British slang, and I'm eavesdropping so I'll be prepared when I take my summer trip.
Just be careful, Eric! You've stated before that your parents have a latent desire to "help" you lose weight!

I hope they don't iron you to flatten you out!
Some might think it's unmanly, but you're a good guy to help with the ironing. But you could probably do it without the iron by just laying on the clothes to remove wrinkles. Mom doesn't buy anything that needs ironing. How lazy is that?
just make shur that she doesn't starch you!
Gosh, I hope she doesn't iron you! That would flatten you out!!

Momma gives money to Best Friends in Utah. That is a good place too, they have such a nice place for kitties.

Patches Lady

You are such a handy ginger man around the house! Don't let the other lady cats know they will ALL be after you.

What I wanna know is - how did you get up there without tipping the whole thing?!? Every time I try to scale the ironing board, it falls over and makes a horrible racket and then mom and turtle and nala tell me I am making a big noisy racket.
~ moose
You also have to be careful because if the ironing board is out, usually there is a spray bottle there too and if you're caught doing anything objectionable you get wet stuff in your face. Other times the humans have no clue where the spray thing is and they forget you've done anything wrong by the time they find it. -- Alberta, Sky, Blackie and Charlie
We're glad you're feelin' better! And yeah, how did you get up there without knockin' it over? Our beans have pretty much given up on the hair thing, too, and since one of us has light hair and the other has dark, it doesn't matter what they wear!
Oh, boy, Eric, are you cited? You get the torch tomorrow! Yipee!!

Patches Lady
Dude!! Cool picshur!!

Yep, it's me. Mum has finally dumped her books for a while and is helping me catch up with my chums.....

Sorry to hear you been ill, mate. Pandy is sick a lot, but it's cos she's old - how old are you?? :-)

And you finally gots your Secret paw? Cool, innit? We done the last two and it's 'citing getting pressies from Mericky....

I had the same question as Les Trois Chats and Smeagol et al. No offense, mate, but it's hard to imagine you leaping gracefully to the ironing board. For a little guy, I'm kinda klutzy. I'm just too focused on the birds to pay attention to how high the window is.
Friends - I have a strategy for getting on the ironing board. I can only do it if my mum puts it near the table. I leap from floor to chair, chair to table, then across from table to ironing board. It does rock a little as I land. I don't do it very often!
Eric, this is portant!!!!

For the torch carrying tomorrow:
You can teleport across the big waters.....member that!!!

Patches Lady
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