Monday, August 14, 2006


Big Boys On Parade

Everyone who sees me agrees that I am a fine figure of a cat. I carry my 21 lb majestically. But there are several other regally-proportioned kitties in the blogosphere, and we've been comparing photos of our magnificent stomachs lately. I thought it might be nice to show you a little gallery of our gigantic gorgeousness.

Here's my friend Big Eric, showing off his handsome 20 lb figure.

My friend Shaggy has been forced to diet away a few pounds recently, but he is still a fine figure of a cat - look at that floofy tummy!

And, with all due modesty, I think I have a pretty fine floofy tum myself!

However, I must give respect to a new friend who is bigger than me - that's the handsome Sir. Edmund P. Hillary. Also known as Ed the Rotund, he weighs in at an impressive 23 lb. Check out this tummy...

I'm sure you will agree we are all devillishly handsome big boys. Maybe we could hire ourselves out as nightclub bouncers, or bodyguards to some of the celebrities of the kitty blogosphere?

I need ear-plugs today. The infernal machines from the water company are still digging up the street right outside our house. The pneumatic drills started at 8 a.m. sharp and are still going. My mum and I both have headaches...hope it is quieter where you are!

wow--what a handsome set we are! ta very much for including me in this pictorial assembly of floofage! --edmund
our mommy loves all those fluffy tummies!
Momma says she wants to meet you all and adopt you. She said maybe instead you could have a handsome cat tummy calendar--like the Chippendales men...
How cute are those tummys! Sometimes Kitty Kam catches Guy at a wrong angle and he looks like he has a big belly but he is only 8 pounds! 20+ pounds is a lot of belly to kiss.
Ma made a mistake and wrote 8 pounds..silly Ma both Sultanfus and I are 12 pounds. Still not quite big enough for the Big boy hall of fame :(
Oh my Eric...all dat fluffyness! Such is the stuff of poodin dreams!! Yeah I fink you hit upon somefink young fellas could become body guards and probably earn a squillion dollars! Yeah that's a great idea.

As a mere 18.5 pounder myself, I am duly impressed by the size of everyone else! One always hears about how difficult it is to lose the last few pounds but it's just as hard to gain them as well.
Beans just don't understand that a tummy to remain kissably cuddly needs lots of consistently available food.
Bodyguards, huh? I'll have to make a note of that. Last time I interviewed body guards, I focused on dogs.

I should have known cats would be far better...
A fine assemblage of floofage & rotundness! The diet deal isn't going so well so I'm still about 18 pounds. Mom laughed out loud when she saw the pictures & read the comments, but I think she was doing it out of awe for us big boned big boys. -Shaggy
Beautifully impressive tums all round :)
So much tummy floofiness. It's almost too much to take in all at once!
Lovely tummies. Mrs. B has been working on her tummy a long time, but she cannot compete with you guys. And she is on a diet now and will hopefully soon look like the runty Nitro. But I doubt it.
What a fantastic idea for a post, Fat Eric. I loooove all your floofy tums. They are sooo irrestistible I found myself patting your tummy pictures!

Mom just wants to dive right ofur and scruffy/pet up all the pretty fluffy big kitties! She says I'm getting there. About 15 lbs. now. Angie is only about 5 lbs. Mom is worried about her she's so little. I guess I better stop eating all her foods.
Beanmom love the ample furry bellies!
Mum loves all of the foofy bellies too. Tummy rubs for all.
Wow! Lovely tummies. Can I rest my head on these furry warm cushions?
We never let DKM rub the tummy - buns are funny that way.
Love the bellies! Compared to all of you, I really am just a tiny boy!

Drop by and visit, it's our one year annerversarry today. Yippee

Those are all tummies my Mom would just love to kiss. I weigh in at 18 pounds, but I'm also a long cat, so I contend that I am properly proportioned despite what the vet says. Now my brother Huggy Bear is 15 pounds, but he's not as long and carries his weight a little more rotundly. Dad goes "ugh" when he picks up Huggy but not when he picks me up ... weird, huh? I think you'd all make good "pouncers" for celebrities.
all that fluff! our Lady's going nuts! she likes ta rub her cheek against fluffy tummies an she wished she could reach inta the 'puter an get holda you guys
All of you big boys make me feel svelte. I truly appreciate that! Thank you for letting me be "the thin one" for once!
I'm not overweight. It's all fur, really! Check it out.
*whispers* I fink you's got the handsomest foofy tummy, Fat Eric.
Such nice poofy bellies. I thought mine was good, but it doesn't even come close. Momma says, "scritch, scritch."

Fluffy tummies! Fluffy tummies! Oh, you lurvely boys, you!
Our mom says that is a very handsome collection of kitties! Hope you & your mum's headaches are better (ssshhhhh)
Hi Fat Eric. I'm furry honoured to haf my tummy included on your post wiv all those uvver luvly big tummies. My mum likes kissing my tummy and rubbing her face in it, an she said she would like to do it to all the uvver luvly kitty tummies too. the tummies. And the hair licking is hilarious. My Angus strangely has a teeny weeny purr.

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