Thursday, September 28, 2006


Another Gorgeous Ginger Goes To The Bridge

Ullrick (2005-2006)

We are going to alter the Gorgeous Gingers page soon, and create a special section for all those Gorgeous Gingers who have gone ahead to the Rainbow Bridge, like Norton, Trixie, Jaffa and now Ullrick. We are very sad to hear about Ullrick - he was a beautiful Norwegian Forest kitty, and, like Jaffa, he went to the Bridge much too soon.

I was very sorry to read about Ullrick. He was way to young to go.

Thanks for the earlier invite to join Gorgeous Gingers. If Meowma would ever get some good pictures taken of me I would be happy to join the ginger kitties.
Poor baby Ullrick. We were sad to hear about his passing.
This made me so sad, and my Mommy's eyes leak everytime we read about Ulrick. But we know that he will be happy now. I hope his Mom will be okay.
That is a furry good picture of Ullrick. Sad we have losted a few of our group. But we keep finding more. I leave a note on all ginger kittie blogs to join if they want.
Such a beautiful Ginger, Ullrich is. I refer to him in the present tense because he is waiting at the Bridge. He feels well, has all his favourite toys and Yummies to eat. His Beans, who he had to leave behind, must be patient with their grieving; take time, and TRY to forgive the Beans who comment about Ullrick being "just a cat". We all know there is no such thing as "just a cat". You hav to pity those who are ignorant of that fact.
We pray for you that Our Creator will soften the pain as Ullrick's Beans travel the road through their grief. Bless you all!

Sir Eric,
We did read your comment on Our site, inviting Us to join the Georgeos Gingers, and We would be most pleased to do so! Please do advise, at your earliest convenience, how we set about applying for membership! It was most kind of you to extend the invitation, and we look forward to sharing the company of the membership of Georgeous Gingers!

Queen Mother Rose
for their Royal Highnesses Prince Brutus and Princess Marigold
What a sweetie! He's waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.
It's terrible that a nice group like the GG's has lost so many fine members.
that's an exceptionally beautiful picture of Ullrick - it looks like heaven is shining on an angel
It was furry sad about Ullrick, he was much too young to go over the bridge. That ia a furry good idea to haf a speshull section furr the departed gorgeous gingers.
BTW you called me Flynn in the pichur where I was standing on the tree stump.
Poor little baby! Bye
Fank you for putting up a page to honor the rainbow bridge kitties - Norton and Trixie would be so happy
Oh that is so sad. All these beautiful animals who are so dearly loved. God just couldn`t be so unfair as to let them just dissapear. They have to be in another place for us someday to find again.

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