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Better health, Biscuit-Making and Boston Photos

Thanks, everyone, for your good wishes when my mum and I were feeling icky. We are both recovered now - well, I was fine pretty quickly but my mum felt pretty awful for a few days. She has started eating again now which is a good sign! She would like to reassure my Mericky friends that Boston did not make her sick. She is pretty sure it was something she ate at Heathrow when she got off the plane feeling hungry and made the mistake of eating a dodgy snack before she got home. Silly mum. Anyway, I looked after her really well while she was ill; in fact I have been quite clingy for the last few days towards both my human servants. They think it is because I was feeling insecure after my last stint in the kitty jail. I have made sure they can't leave me again by following them round efurrywhere and sitting/lying on them whenever possible.

My mum apologised to me because she didn't find any pet shops in central Boston. She thinks there are probably more out in the suburbs. She wanted to get me some Mericky kitty treats or toys, but couldn't. But she did buy a packet of "make your own kitty treats". Here I am checking it out, it looks promising...

I read the label that said it was a kit to make chicken-flavoured cat biscuits; there were instructions for how to mix them and bake them, "then feed them to the best kitty in the world". Well, that seemed straightforward enough, so I told my mum to get baking right away, which, of course, she did. Here are the finished results:

Finally, we came to the "taste test" - I was a bit confused because they were supposed to be chicken-flavoured, so why were they fish-shaped? That's just illogical...anyway, my mum broke one up and offered it to me, I took a lick...then gave her a look of disdain and walked away. Yes, I'm afraid those biscuits were far from tasty, in fact, they were totally uninteresting to me, and I am a cat who rarely turns down food. I have to say my mum seemed a teeny bit disappointed at my rejection of her baking efforts. She even went so far as to put some of the biscuits in my bowl and soak them in chicken gravy, thinking that this might make them tastier. I licked up all the gravy and left the biscuits in the bowl. She got the message.

So we now have a whole tin full of Tasteless Cat Biscuits and my mum is thinking of donating them to her friend's kitty Lulu; maybe she will like them (but I bet she doesn't!)

Apart from that little episode, we have had a bit of a stressful few days - mum was still feeling a bit fragile, then the computer broke and she had to spend hours on the phone to the support people (it is fixed now), then she found out her new (very expensive) glasses gave her's been one of those weeks. Unfortunately, after tomorrow my mum won't be able to spend so much quality time with me because the long school holidays are finally over and she has to go back to school tomorrow. The little monsters she teaches don't start back till Wednesday, but the teachers have to go into school first and move the furniture about and stuff. I'll just have to sleep all day till she comes home and tells me about it.

What's that, Mum? Oh yes, I forgot to say that she has got a photo webpage now where she has put up tons of her pics of Boston for her friends to look at. Of course, there are no pictures of me up there, which would make it even better, but if anyone wants to have a look at her photos, you can find them here. Have a good week everyone, I have more stuff to tell you so I'll be back soon.

My mama said, sell the Tasteless Cat Treats on eBay!

Sorry your mama didn't get to get any real Mericky treats or toys. Wasn't that one of the reasons to go to Boston?
ewwww! yuk! those things don't look tasty AT ALL! you poor thing! tell ya what...we live in Lost Angie-less an that's in Cally-4-knee-ya an we gots access ta the tasty-est snack treats effur! how 'bout you tells us what ya want an we sends you a care package? we gots lotsa left offurs from our purrize packages which we hafn't mailed out yet on account of not finding the right size boxes, so we could add sumfin fur you too. e-mail us wif a list of what ya need. ya can't eat THAT junk an keep up yur gorgeous fluffy tum.
Fat Eric and mum, glad that you both are feeling better. Yes airport food can be a bit dodgy at times. Mum avoids it if at all possible or tries to eat something packaged.

The pictures from the trip looks fine. Mum really like the picture of your dadbean and the bear. :)

We have a holiday and your mum has to go back to work. Cheers.
Hi Fat Eric. I think this is my first visit to your site. I am glad to hear that you and your Mum are feeling O.K. now. Boy, your trip home sure sounded scary.

My Mom knows how hard it is to find pet stores in the city. When she and Dad got stuck down in Sacramento California she tried to find one and she couldn't. They went down for two days and ended up having to stay six days and she had Amber (doggy) with her and she had to buy things. She also tried to find a mall and she got lost. Anyway, I'm sorry your treats didn't turn out right.

Sorry about not feeling well over there. I'm also sorry about the biscuits too. Maybe they need to age a bit-to get crispy. I know people cookies are the same way.
Hi Derby, My new forever home is sorta near Boston. My Lady's Boy works there. I am glad your mom is back home and hope she feels better soon.
Hello, Fat Eric!
We are SO glad Boston didn't make your Mum sick and that she had a good time.
Sorry about the cat treats- tell your Mum we usually get shrimp or lobster- it's worth a try!
Tilly and Toby
Also, we looked at your photos and they are very nice -- except for the one labeled "Some Famous Baseball Guy."

That is not "some famous baseball guy" but the great Arnold "Red" Auerbach, coach of the Boston Celtics basketball team and winner of eight consecutive national championships in the 1960s. His career as coach and general manager made the Celtics the greatest basketball team in history. He achieved this despite the obvious handicap of having been born in New York.

Or so our Dad says.

- Toby and Tilly
Give the treats to a dog, some of them don't care if a treat is in the wrong shape, or what it tastes like. Glad to hear you both are feeling better.
Hi Fat Eric
We's glad you and yer mum are feeling betturr now. We's looked at yer pichers and fink they are luvly. Is that Boston Bear furr you to snuggle up wiv? That's bad luck that yer beans didn't get you any treaties, those home made ones don't sound too good.We got bad news. Our beans are going away to Merricky next month, an they's gonna be gone furr nearly all the month. Is that allowed??? There must be a law against locking poodins up furr so long!!!
You can send those tastless things to us and our mum will put hem out for the possums & racoons that have been coming by.
We are glad you are both feeling better. Those treats don't look very tasty, but your mom went through a lot of trouble to make them, so maybe you should just pretend to take a little bite.
Sorry about the Kitty treats. But it looks like they had fun in Boston. My mommy works about a mile from the JFK museum.
We are furry glad you both are feeling better. Momma saw treats like that recently and considered buying some. We are now glad she didn't.

Have a good day.
I am glad that you are your Mom are feeling better now. It's a shame about the biscuits. If Lulu doesn't want them, maybe you could break them up for the squirrels or birds.
Those biscuits sounded like a good idea right up to the point where you said they were not tasty. I'm glad my human pet didn't run off to buy any! Thanks for the heads' up, Eric!

I'm glad that both you and your human pet are feeling better as well. Unfortunately for your pet, with school starting, I doubt she will feel good for long as children are notorious for getting teachers ill! ;)
What is so funny is that Americans always joke that British food is so bland and boiled.

I guess we get to eat a little blandly baked crow on this one!

Great story (especially the licking of the gravy and leaving the treats)!
We came back to look at your pictures. We like the Make way for ducklings one! And our mum says your daddy looks just like her great grampa William Blakemore who came to this country from Wales.
I am glad your Mum is feelin better and that both Mum and Dad are back home with you Eric!

Maybe next time on the cat treats, eh, Eric?

Oh dear, bad cat biscuits. Hmmmm we are glad your Mom is feeling better though and that you weren't kidnapped. Welcome home Fat Eric ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO
Well, I don`t blame you for not liking them if they have no taste. Glad Mummy had a nice holiday and tell her I hope she feels better soon. My..... you are a handsome boy though! My Isobell agrees.
Those am great picshurs of Boston. The beans efun saw whales! They efun saw lots more fings than our beans efur saw in Boston. That acoz they usually just goes and eats and drinks like piggies then comes home. Hee hee.
You has a good nose for food though and told yur Mum those cat treats were not good. Chicken that looks like fish. Hrmmmph. What were they finking?
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