Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Five Discoveries I Have Made This Week

1. If I moan for long enough about the disappointment of getting Tasteless Cat Treats, my mum will make a special trip to the supermarket to buy Whiskas Dentabites. Result!

2. Even the Greedy Fat Pigeons Who Eat Anything in our garden, won't eat Tasteless Cat Treats. They must be really bad...

3. My dad is developing a small bald spot on his head, just in the place where I like to lick his hair to wake him up every morning. He thinks that less licking would stop his hair falling out. I think that more vigorous licking would probably stimulate hair growth.

4. The Small Black Kitty who has recently taken to frolicking in my personal garden and smarming up to my mum is just asking to be pounced on with the full weight of the Mighty Eric. And one day soon I'm going to get him...

5. My mum will sit still on the floor for a long time rather than disturb me when I am using her feet as a pillow or a leg rest. See photo.

I think licking your dad's head would help him better than Rogaine!
My ma bought me homemade cat treats at a festival and I did the same thing you did-I sniffed them and walked away! Are they nuts?
I like the photo of you and your mum. : )
Mama says you have such a nice foofy belly!
Hmmm, not sure about the hair. Maybe you should like his face, then he won't have to shave.

The fact that your mum won't move when you are snuggled means you have trained her furry well.

Plus do a good pounce on the intruder kittie. Go Eric.
awww. number 5 means your mom loves you lots
I laughed a lot at No. 4--you get 'em, Eric!

And I think your dad is wrong (No. 3)--if that were true, wouldn't you be bald?

And No. 5--you've trained your mum very well!
Our Mum has to practically wet her pants before she will disturb us.
You mean your Mum still has that biscuit making stuff around??? You have to tell her to get you some temptations those are really good. Come to think of it I think Dentibites are made by Whiskas. Tell her to go for it.

That introoder kitty is gonna be FLAT!
(Good thing your mommy got you some new treatsies.)
That is one booootiful belly. I'll have to post pics of my belly soon. It am all white and fuzzy like yurs.
Love your 5 discoveries Eric! It's amazing what some humans think we want to eat, isn't it?
Intruders must learn who the garden belongs to...but as it's a kitty, maybe issue a stern warning first and THEN flatten him!
We don't get to lick people's heads, but we stole a suede cushion to lick instead! When mum saw it she said 'UGH yukky yuk!' as we'd put our cat-lick all over it. Well, what can she expect if she deprives us of heads?
Love Saffi and Jasmin xxx

I wouldn't move either if you were curled up next to have such a boo-ttee-ful tummie!

You certainly look very comfortable there Mr Eric. I wouldn't want to disturb you either. :)

BTW, I love seeing pictures of your lovely floofy tummy. :)
we trained our Lady ta "sit" an "stay" too. we also got her trained ta "fetch" an "not roll offur"
I would really love to rub your delicious tummy.
Oh Momma loves your tummy Eric. She wishes you could come and sit on her! I think it's good you haven't, 'cause then where would I sit?
I completely agree with your analysis concerning the hair situation of your human male pet, Eric. Though he might not want you to lick his spot anymore, I say keep on licking. You're the one who knows best after all!

Also, let me know if you need any help with this small black kitty. I could show you a few moves to use when you confront this intruder!
Ohhhh Eric you have such a well developed tum tum ... one day when I grow up I hope I have such a fab tum tum ... but sadly I dont think I will every be as gorgiously fluffy as you *sigh*

Nice to meetcha.
You look soooo comfy there, Eric! We think it is very nice of your mum to stay still for you that way!
Momma says her legs go all dead sometimes, but I don't care. It is not her place to move when I am comfortable.

Those treats must be really bad if even the pigeons won't eat them. Congratulations on getting the Whiskas, though. I don't think that little black intruder kitty knows who he is messing with. The very sight of you ought to fill him with fear. If he doesn't run away, then flatten him. You look very comfortable there with your Mum.
Yoo do haf a luvly tummy Eric. It's floofier than my brofurr Big E's. We haf been discussing yer introoder kitty, an we fink yoo shood pounce on him befurr he starts finking it's his garden.
If Big Eric is in dad's seat, he sits on the floor so Eric duzn't haf to move. If I'm in dad's seat, he moves me. NOT FAIR!!!!
ditto flynn's last comment about dads and chairs. ours will roust nitro but leave ed lying there! how furry, furry nice your mum is!

perhaps you shouldn't pounce the kitty in the garden so drefful hard. wot if he ends up being a brofur or sisfur? goodness! i'd be afurrraid to sleep for fear of paybacks!!

You have a nice Momma and Merlin loved the picts of the big boys on parade. ~Merlin, Shadow, KO ko
That small kitty sounds like trouble. You could end up infested, like I did. Watch out!
~ turtle

Eric, you are SO cuddly!!
~ tammara
Hi Fat Eric. I really loved your photo. You have a lovely full and happy looking tummy. So what happened to that nasty black cat in your garden? Did the pidgeon get him. We got magpies here in Canada. I betcha they'd eat your terrible treats. I watched them scarf Sam the Dog's outside food right out of his dish just last week. It was kinda funny, there were two of them, one to keep diving at Sam, the other got to eat. Finally I felt sorry for Sam and made a really louding mrrow sound and the magpies flew away.
yo Eric,
I tride to email you with the emailme thing on the ginger page cuz I want to be on there but the email was blank when it cam up. Susan says I mite not be allowed there anyway - she says I am not gingery. She says I am tawny. I don't know what that is but I say Im gingery. That is just warped. Pleas tell me how to email you my pic so then when you accept me I can rub it in her face!
tks man
yo Eric,
Susan says I should give you my email address - it is - pleaz let me know how to email you my pic man. I want on that page so badddd.
tks man
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