Friday, September 22, 2006


September Garden - Where's The Frog?

We've been having weird weather lately. It's been much hotter and stickier (80F) than it's supposed to be at this time of year. Yesterday we had a big gale and today it rained all day. My mum says that soon it will get colder, but at the moment I'm still enjoying lying in the garden in the evenings, mostly watching the pond.

The other night we heard these weird loud groaning noises. My mum could hear them from inside the house, so she came outside and we both searched for the noise. It turned out to be one of the frogs in the pond, but it was LOUD!

I like hunting frogs although I hardly ever catch one. Here are some pictures so you can see how the garden is looking now:
We still have some waterlillies in flower - there is probably a pesky frog somewhere nearby, but I can't see him.
My mum says these are "autumn crocuses". They are pretty and sometimes the frogs hide under those stones, but I didn't find any there today.
We have ten of these yellow gladioli in flower. But this doesn't look like a good place to find frogs - it's too far from the pond.
The pyracantha is covered in orange berries now. The Greedy Pigeons eat them but I don't think frogs eat berries. Better look somewhere else. These are the green peppers. My mum has grown lots of peppers this year. Once I actually found a frog hiding under the peppers, so I always check here now.

This is a butternut squash plant, but my mum and dad call it The Triffid, because it is trying to take over the entire garden. I'd better check under those big leaves, because frogs could be hiding under there...

WAIT A MINUTE! I see you, Mr. Froggy! Wait till I get my sharp claws into you...oh, wait, my mum finished clipping my claws yesterday...drat.

Huh. I don't care, I'll just go to Opus and Roscoe's party instead...see you there!

Oooh. You have such a nice garden. I'm jealous. We don't have anything like that here, but the Mom says we'll have one if we move into a house.
Wow, the garden looks so fun to play in! It's be-yoo-ti-ful, too! We're workin' hard on Mom 'bout the kitten pictures. Dad just took more yesterday morning, too.

We don't thinks we have that Lemsip stuff here in the US. Do you know if it's like TheraFlu?(Mom says that's lemon flavored too).
Your garden is furry pretty!! Momma wented "woooowww" about the glads.
Yoo haf a luvly garden. We hasn't got a pond, but I wish we did cuz then we could play in the water, an if it had fishies in, that wud be efun better. We don't see many frogs, but we get plenty of toads instead. Yoo don't want to put the bitey on them though,thay make yer mouf go all frothy and thay tayst like YUK!!Instead we bat them wiv ourpaws. We's got one big fat toad hoo livs in the greenhouse.
That frog is rather evil looking......
Wow, your garden looks furry nice. Ours doesn't have any more flowers, just green stuff growing.
I've kissed a lot of frogs in my day and this one is prettier than most!
Such pretty flowers, but we're kinda scared of your froggy . . .
Very cool!
yur garden is lovely! we fink ya gotta put the bitey on Mr. Frog just in case he's related ta the frogs who reviewed Zeus's blog.
Your garden is furry beautiful Fat Eric. ~Merlin, Shadow, KO kO
You have a furry beautiful yard Fat Eric! I like the water lily. Momma said she had one that bloomed for awhile, but it's hard to do in this area. She doesn't have a pond now. The frog is BIG. I bet it's a a good thing you are a big handsome cat!
Hey Eric, I had to come back an tell yoo this. One of mum's frends wuz talking too her an I walked up to her to be frendly like yoo do. She sed "Oh my! Eric I fink yoo haf put on more weight. We will haf to call yoo Fat Eric" I sed "No way, that's my frend's name and I don't go stealing my frends names!There's only one Fat Eric and I'm Big Eric and don't yoo furrget it." The cheek of sum people!! Ak-shully. I don't know if I told yoo, but the last time mum weighed me, I had put on a pound. So much furr the D I E T. She sed she is going to weigh me again next week. I'm a bit wurreed bout it.
If I had froggies like that in my yard I'd be all over them. They look real tasty.
Ha! After everything that's happened the past few days, this post was even funnier to me! I'm glad you caught that pesky frog, Eric. I hope he was a delicious afternoon snack for you! :)
Wow what a very beautiful photos except Mr.Froggy. I can't stand frogs their to loud.Have fun at the party.
Oh you know how mine Mom lufs your flower picshurs. That is an awesome picshur of the froggie. Am that a icky green but behind it tho?
Surprise,come on! =^^=
Boy, now that is what I call a frog. All we get is teensy ones. a long time ago there was a pretty good size one in our yard. Not like yours though. I batted it around but I didn't put the bitey on it. It could have been a toad. Can't tell which is which, neither can Mom. Oh by the way, Mom loves your garden. She says it's beautiful.

Our Mum loves your garden. She says it's a real English one with pretty flowers and critters. She's very surprised you're having such warm weather as we are NOT.
We wish we had froggies to hunt. They look tasty and just enough of a challenge to be fun to catch!
Tilly and Toby
My Momma loves your garden too..and wow I was scrait of that frog. DAt was a BIG frog. Wow we don't have frogs that size her.

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