Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Tinsel Tuesday*

*My mum would like me to add that the tinsel was purely for photographic purposes, as tinsel is not a safe thing for cats to play with.

We're getting in the Christmas spirit. My mum went out to a party with her colleagues last night and my dad is going to a work party tonight. Tomorrow my mum's school breaks up for the Christmas holidays. Something is happening on Friday, but no one will tell me what. Something to do with suitcases and bags of presents. I hope the Evil Cat Carrier isn't involved!

Eric, you look so very festive in the red tinsel. And good for you to explain that it should only be allowed near a kittie with proper supervision.

Very nice photo. Wonder what's happening on Friday????
I must say that the red looks wonderful on your ginger fur!
It really is your colo(u)r.
I hope you didn't pull that off the tree! Your mum would be furry unhappy about that.

Hmmm, wouldn't have anything to do with the M25, would it?

Oh you look so handsome with all the tinsel. Very Festive.
Those are furry nice pictors, Eric. Red is a good color for you!
Lovely! (If one may say that to a fellow male cat.)
No no u just chill out. Its party time! a merry xmas to ya all.just ask your mommy n daddy to buy you some gifts as my Mommy has done for our pets!!

And hey, check out this funny post
pets watching TV! ofcourse Mom was not there
Eric, My lady thinks yoo look dead cute (but not quite as cute as me, of course). I'm banned from touching the tinsel on the Krissymuss tree, and I've got into trouble furr chewing the ends of the branches and spitting out the bits (they tasted 'orrible!). Hope the stuff on Friday isn't bad news. My humans keep muttering about "Saturday". I've got a nasty feeling the Evil Cat carrier will make an appearance... but not before I have put my cunning escape plan into action...!
Hi Eric, I know what you mean about the evil cat carrier, but it's worse if you get left behind which is what happened to me this weekend. They left me food in a cat bowl with a lid and a timer that opened on it's own. I was quite lonely. Faz
Eric, your ginger bits are indeed handsome, but it's your floofiness that endears you to the admiring world...
Tilly ate some tinsel once and Dad had to retrieve it from its, uh, point of egress. We were all very fortunate that she wasn't ill from it. Kitties, be warned!
My Mum is wishing you lots of lovely treats and cuddles.
Oh Eric, if it's about the carrier, you can teleport over and visit with us instead!
Looking great as usual Eric! Have a merry Christmas if we don't hear from you befor then! -SS&S
What a great photo! You look pury handsome, as usual.
Good job with your tip about the tinsel.
Let us know what is happening this weekend. I hopes you aren't left alone without anyone to visit you!
That's some very nice tinsel and it looks so good on you.
Well, despite the fact that tinsel IS dangerous for us, you certainly do look festive.
such gorgeous holiday pictures! we can't wait to hear what's happening on Friday...we hope it's a good something.
Ooh Eric that tinsel reely soots yoo. It shows off yer floofiness to purrfeckshun. Our purrize arrived today, but mum sez we haf to wait till Chris Mouse day to open it. NOT FAIR!!!! Fanks furr sending it.
ooooh, I love that tinsel. It really brings out the colour of your eyes. Very nice pictures.

I hope that you won't be going to the Kitty Spa on Friday.

uh oh.
Furry good Christmas spirit - red is you color!
What a handsom tinsel twirler you are Eric .... good luck with the bags and stuff ... I suspect the cat carrier may just be involved.
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