Monday, March 26, 2007


ManCat Monday

Yesterday, my friend English Daisy's mum and dad came to tea! As it was Sunday afternoon, I was a bit sleepy during their visit, but I enjoyed having extra people around to make a fuss of me. I could smell English Daisy on them.

I gave Daisy's mum and dad a few hair licks and put some of my floofy hair on them. I also showed them my best trick where I get the treats out of the Snacky Mouse in a very quick time. Here are some pictures that Daisy's mum took of me doing it - I am using my ManCat hunting instincts to get the treats, as you can see.

Hi Eric, that looks like fun. You get to play and get treats at the same time. Mom says you look cute doing that. Can't she read that you are a Man Cat. Sure don't understand these Mom's and their cute. Mom said to me the other day as she wondered if they still had tea time in England. Your post answered her question.

our Lady wants ta scoop you up an cuddle you.
Fat Eric, it was an honour and a pleasure to meet you. You are even more magnificat in purrson - and we were most impressed with your Special Trick.
that's furry impressive Eric. When mum saw the pictures, she said she will have to get us something like that and make us work for our treats. Doesn't sound like a good idea to us though.
hahaha the word verification says:
oohcutze, so even blogger knows your cute.
I just have to stare at mum long enough and she give me treats. But usually she makes me stretch out and reach for them.
Our mom wishes she could come over for tea with your mum! And she says she would love to plunge her hands into all your floofy fur!
Oooh, what a handsome clever boy you are,Eric!
I don't have to work for my treats-YET!
Mum says she was owned by a kitty who looked like Daisy. Her name was Whiskers and she was a wonderful hunter.
Ooooooooooo! a toy that gives TREATS?!? I need one of those! My Food Lady-Mom only gives us treats before she goes to bed and only a few! I need more treats!!

If I can convince Food Lady-Mom to get me one of those, will you teach me your trick on how to get the treat out fast?

Oh, yoor hansum and clever. I wish I cood come to tea, but Wisconsin USA is a long way and I don't drive, fly or swim~Sadie
That's a great toy Eric! And you seem to have mastered the technique for getting those treats out of it. I think I will ask for one of those toys!
that's an impressif trick Eric! I fink that I would haf to just tear apart the toy. I'm 'impashunt - Miles
Oooo, I want a snacky mouse too! And Eric, you look very nice and Floofy!
Very good technique, Eric! That looks like fun.
You have very good technique, Eric. The Snacky Mouse looks like a fun toy and you get treats, too. It was really nice of you to give English Daisy's Mun and Dad hair licks and some of your floofy fur as a souvenir.
And you are a fine manly cat, Fat Eric!
A very furry handsome man kitty cat you are. Most excellent pictures. Purrs
You look like you have efurrything in control and are analyzing your tecknique as well.
Wow...that wooks wike some weawwt hard work for yer tweats!
You are furry cute Fat Eric ~Poiland Tribe
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