Sunday, April 01, 2007


Overheard In My House Today

Me: Purrrrrr, purrrr, purrrrrr...

My mum: Hello Eric, you look furry gorgeous lying there in that sunbeam (scritch, scritch). Are you enjoying this lovely sunny weekend?

Me: Purrr...yes, it's great, and it's even better knowing you are home for two weeks to make a fuss of me...purr, - why are you packing clothes in that bag?

My mum: Oh - um - we're going on a short trip, Eric.

Me: Wait a minute - last Easter I was stuffed into the Evil Cat Carrier and taken down to Devon Grandma's house for a week. Is that happening again?

My mum: No, no, you know Devon Grandma has gone to Mericky to visit Uncle Sim in Montana and she won't be back till May.

Me: Well, where are we going then?

My mum: Well, we're going to Venice for three nights - you know your dad gave me the trip for a present last Christmas. You're going to stay here at home and Uncle Andrew is going to look after you.

Me: (panicking) But - but - the last time Uncle Andrew was left in charge I didn't get fed for a whole weekend! Remember???

My mum: Don't worry Eric, everything's fine now and Uncle Andrew and his sticky little people have promised to take furry good care of you.

Me: (wibbling) Are you sure?

My mum: Positive. And we will be back on Thursday and we will give you lots of fuss then.

Me: Well, you'd better bring me back a good present! And if you see Opus and Roscoe while you're in Italy, say hello from me, OK?

My mum: OK.

Me: I'll see all my blogging friends after Thursday...if I survive!

KC said...

O, Eric, this can't be happening agin. we's gotta all stay in close touch wif u's 'n make sures u's don't get starved agin.

maybe we's can telerport over 'n keep u's company.... um, but only if there be food around, u's understand.
purrrs, KC
Uh oh! Maybe you should hide some foodies, just in case. Better safe than sorry.
Eric, I hope your beans have it in writing that you will not be neglected. It was a horror for all of us that weekend when you did not get fed.

Feel free to telepor over. I will have mum leave extra food out. Or maybe teleport over to you with food. Will have to figure that out. And have your beans say hi to Opus and Roscoe from me. We haven't heard from them in a while.
Oh dear, i hope dey don't forget or worse dat dey don't get sick and miss out on regular feedings. We hate to see yoo suffer like yoo did last time!
How scary! I hope it works out.

I've heard Mom and Dad say they were both going to be gone to New Mexico for a businees trip week after next. I might get left all alone TOO! So you need to give me some pointers.

I've got a bag full of food already packed and waiting, so if you miss out on a meal, I can teleport over with it. I'll be ready for your call - it won't take me long to get there, as I live so near.
NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! They can't do this to you! How mean and cruel can they be???? Evil mean humans! How dare they!

My humans went to Venice in the summer and I was left with the slave grandmother. I was so angry I trashed her house including all of the ornaments and the curtains.

I hate humans.
Oh gosh, Eric. How awful! That Uncle better feed you this time. Or we'll all hafta just come put the bitey on him. We'll take turns telerporting ofur to keep yoo company tho :)
Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree
OH poor eric,

i hope you don't strave i paking my food bag and teporting right over i hope you don't mind flat cunchies since it pass over

Mu shue
Check in with us every day at the same time, so we'll know if something goes awry!
Oh no, Eric, not again! We just hope that this time goes way better than the last time. Make sure to hide some food in case of a worst case scenario. We are totally sending food prayers over to you!

Purrrs, China Cat & Willow

P.S. We also pray that Uncle Andrew is better now.
Fat Eric, if you feel you're not getting fed enough, feel free to visit us. Mum says she will spoil you rotten...
We're glad Uncle Andrew is feeling better.
Dearie me. Beans can be furry silly sometimes. I hope they remember to give you "the foods" (as Kismet would call them) this time!!!

How are you meant to maintain your lovely Floofy Friday Figure without "the foods"??
I hope they plan on calling your Uncle Andrew every day and making sure he fed you!
Oh Eric, I hope that you get fed efurry day. Be well! We will think food thoughts to you and your Uncle!
Eric, I hope your entire family stays safe and that you get fed every day while your humans are away.
Uncle better come through with the chow this time! Nothin' worse that a kitty by himself with NO FOOD! Yikes!
Eric this is bad news, and just as you were getting over the last time. We have plenty of tem-tay-shuns here, and we have some Greenies still as well, so we will be standing by with them if you need us. Do you like Felix Roasted? we can bring that to if you need it. Hope your Beans have a good time, and you take care.
"Oh" no not again.I want you to know
if you get's hungry you can always come here my friend.I have plenty of food and I will share.
Eric that crazy uncle Andrew better treat you right or all us cats will have to gang up on him and teach him a lesson!
Eric, if Uncle Andrew doesn't turn up, blog me or email me and I will get a courier to come immediately to your house with a can of tuna - do you know how to answer the door? FAZ
Oh Eric, do you need us to send you a care package?
Oh no! Not again? Why do you parents leave you so often? Uncle Andrew had better not forget to feed you again!

We'll teleport over to keep you company!


Oh, Eric, thank you for offering to send me a snacky ball! I asked my Food Lady-Mom, and she said she's seen them here, and she's going to the Close-by-Big-City on Wednesday and going to the Further-Away-Big-City at the end of the month, so she's gonna look in the pet stores there.

She also said the My Giant found one in a store here, but the hole was so big all the treats would fall out easy so she didn't buy it. I was meowless!! What's WRONG with humans?!?


And you know it's bad when Persephone is meowless! She never shuts up!
Oh, that last comment was me, Jack. By the way, I tagged you for the '5 reasons I blog' meme, if you wanna play!
Oh Dear Me Fat Eric! Good Lucky! Oh, I am so nervous for you! I hope the sticky little people are nice to you, and I hope Uncle Andrew has good health and remembers to feed you! Oh, last time was dreadful and scary!
That is a horrible development in your life. We're glad that Uncle Andrew is well enough to take care of you, but it's awful when your family abandons you. We hope Uncle Andrew makes it up to you with lots of extra food and treats this time.

Eric it's almost Thursday and your Mom and Dad will be home. Whoopee huh? Sure do hope that you and Uncle Andrew are getting along better this time and you are getting fed on time. Nothing is worse than not getting your food on time. Let us know when you start blogging again.

Oh Eric!! We hope that you have been getting fed! Oh my goodness. A cat of your proportions needs his food on time!! Oh, it's almost Thursday, so hopefully all is well.

Luf, Us
Eric it's Thursday. You OK, Eric? Eric?
"Sticky people"?!? Run, Fat Eric! Run!!!! Run like the wind!!!!!
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