Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Quilts are here!

Last Saturday, we got a parcel from Mericky! It was from Millie's mum so we knew it must be the kitty quilts she made for me and my friend Daisy.
We unpacked the box - the quilts are so pretty! Here is mine...
...and here is Daisy's. Don't you think those colours will look lovely with her calico fur?I investigated my quilt and tried out some different positions to see how it felt. This position turned out to be very cosy though - here is the quilt, me and Scratchy Mouse all snuggled up together.
I will post a picture of Daisy with her quilt as soon as I can. She is busy getting to know her new sibling at the moment - so far, they are getting on well together. He is a guinea pig and his name is Basil - isn't he cute?
Thank you so much for the quilts, Millie's mum!

Well hello Basil! We love guinea pigs at our house and have had about 12 of them over the last 10 years. You are a very handsome fellow. Have you learned to squeek when you hear the refridgerator door open? They keep good fruits & veggies there! Carrots, oranges & parsley are the favs around here.
Eddie: Nice quilt. Sets of your fur just great!
OOPS I called you Eddie, Eric. Thinking of my little friend I guess.
Eric, that is a great quilt you got! I like how is has a little bit of gold in it to go with your furs, and some blue to complement your furs.

English Daisy is very lucky to have a new brother AND a new quilt! Basil is cute.
Eric, that quilt is soooo lovely!
Hi Basil ::waves paws:: Eric, yoor kwilt is beyootiful. We love ours, dey make naps so nice.
Eric I think you needed a extra large quilt. You are hanging off the quilt onto the carpet.
Hiya Eric! I think that quilt just shows off you handsome you are! You know I have always had a crush on you!
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fe, you look so much like my sister izzy! you culd be twins.
Oh Eric! Your humans were just HOURS away from our home! Too bad we didn't get to meet them. Did they like Venice? It is sooo puuurty there! In the old days, Venice was the city of cats. Not sure where they all went, I think the cost of living in Venice is just too high. Next time they come to Italy, tell them to go Rome. There are TONS of cats there.

Love your new quilts and hope you have had time to take lots of naps on it.

Opus and Roscoe
Eric your quilt is fantastic and it really does enhance your beautiful coat. I am most jealous. I am going to drop big hints to the human and try and convince her that I need one too. FAZ
your quilt sets off your furs furry nicely!!!
Very, very nice! Both quilts are beautiful. You look great on yours!
those are gorgeous quilts Fat Eric. Basil is cute too ~poiland tribe
Beautiful quilts Eric. You look loverly on yours.

We've never seen a piggy the color of Basil!!! We'll have to show our Paw. He lufs piggys.

Luf, Us
You look gorgeous on that quilt Eric!
My, you do look ruggedly handsome against blue, Eric. Say hello to Daisy for us.
Your quilt wooks weawwy nice!
And Basil is cute!
Your Gizzy quilt is gorgeous and you are very handsome on it. English Daisy's quilt is very pretty, too. Basil is very cute. I don't think I have ever seen a Guinea pig that color before, either. Hi, Basil, here are some virtual scritches.
Hey FE, we have our floofy Friday post up!

Luf, Us
Excellent quilts! And you make a super macho mancat model, Fat Eric.
Those quilts are absolutely beeeeeuteeful!
Your quilts are beautiful! :) Yours looks lovely next to your fur, Eric. :) Great photos!

My quilt arrived too. :) I'll be posting pictures tomorrow. :)
your quilt goes very well with your floofy fur. a perfect match. arents they the bestest quilts?!

yuki & kimiko
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