Monday, October 22, 2007


Mancat Monday

Those talented cats at Zoolatry have been doing some amazing pictures of ME!

I am saving some of the pictures for later (they have done some special purrthday pictures for me, which is very kind). However, here are two of the pictures. Aren't they clever?

P.S. If you missed your invitation to my PURRTHDAY PARTY, click here!

We will come. We will come. We like your Zoolatry art. They are really talented.

Roxy & Lucky
We had not seen the first one but we LOVED the second one of you over on their site. Very very special art!
Those pictures are both so beautiful! Thank you for the party invitation, we will be there!
This is your manliest mancat post ever, I think. Those zoolatry gals are awesome. My lady wishes she could photoshop like them.
Really great picutres! SS and I love them. Come over for a pre-birthday feast of pizzas, paella and German sausages. It's on now at my place.
I think you are looking great Eric!!!
Those are so nice.They do great work. Yay!! Party time!!!
Nice pictures Eric.

Can I come to your party harty??

You has a purrfday the day after my mums.
Very manly, Fat Eric!

What do you want for your purrfday?
They really show off your handsomness Eric.
Please give our special regards to English Daisy when your mum goes over to see her. Her mum sent our mum pictures of the new girl piggies and they sure are cute!
Those are beautiful :-)
Your Zoolatry pictures are wonderful.
Those are wonderful pictures! You are so handsome and manly!!

Can't wait for your birthday!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
Oh wowie kazowie, those are beeyootiful pickshures of you, Eric! You are a gorjus mancat. And I love Maggy and Zoey's work!

Thankies so much fur readin’ the story Momma wroted fur me — I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Wow! Fat Eric ... You sure are photogenic!
You are very clever, and I am looking forward to your purrthday party! Happy Purrthday!
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