Monday, October 15, 2007


Mews On Monday

There have been a lot of cat stories mentioned in the mews (news) here lately, so I have been collecting them.

First, I have an update on a story I posted about 10 days ago. This was about the 147 cats rescued from the site where they are building the Olympic Park for London 2012. You will be glad to hear that about 50 of those cats have already found forever homes and hopefully the rest will find good homes soon.

Secondly, here is a story about some very very lucky cats who live in a palace in Russia! They look pretty contented and they even have their own press secretary and human staff who cater to their every whim.

Next, here is a story about a place in the north of England called Bradford. For some reason, the RSPCA in Bradford is suddenly being swamped with homeless cats needing forever homes. So, if you know anyone who lives in that area, tell them to go and adopt some of those kitties!

Also, here is an interesting story about a Gorgeous Ginger cat called Chico who belonged to the Pope, the head of the Roman Catholic Church. He is so clever he has written a book about his life with the Pope. Apparently the Pope is famous for his love of cats, so he must be a good person.

Finally, some exciting mews is that my good friend Derby has given me this award! Thank you, Derby! I would like to pass on this award to three great cat blogs: (I apologise if I tag someone who has already been given the award by someone else, but I have kind of lost track):

Eric and Flynn - my fabulous ginger fellow-Brits.

Meowers from Missouri - Ed is my friend because he is floofy and rotund just like me.

Caturday - Harper and Ramona always have such beautiful stories and pictures on their blog.

Such a lot of mews to share today - I do have some more exciting mews but will save that for next time - let's just say that if you check my post for October 26th last year you will find out why I am getting excited!

wow! I think Yao-lin will be on the first flight to Russia when he reads this.
Great stories Eric. The pope must be a good guy to like cats like this. Mommy thinks she is going to get this book.
I hope all those needy kitties get a good home soon.
Concatulations on your award Eric. You deserve it.
Congrats on your award!

Thanks for the news updates on cats. I may have to go live in Russia myself...
Wow, I wish I could live in a palace and have my own press secretary!
Fat Eric! I gave you a gift. Come see my blog on Tuesday and see what I've given you.

Oh you beat me to the story on the kitties living at the Hermitage. Oh well. Not a bad place to live and lots of staff.

I know what your secret is for the 26th! Yep, I know. And your mum better stay home on her half term week off and pamper you.
These are such great stories! We hope all of the kitties get forever homes.

We are excited about your post on the 26th

Congratulations on this awardie.
We love you Eric
Congratulations on your award, you are very deserving.
Concatulashons Eric! We know what the 26th is! How are yoo feeling, is da new diet helping?
Congratulations on the award, Eric! Thanks for the updates, too--I completely missed that story about the strays. I hope the rest all find homes.
WOWY - 147 cats gotted new homes in London! That's great! Wish that could happne all da time!
i think i need a press secretary. - Miles

concatulations on your award! we loves your blog!
Fanks furr the award Eric, we will get mum to put it on our blog when they come home. Thanks for all the news updates too.
Concatuwations on your award!
We cats are getting famous eh?
Concatulations on your award! We luf yur bloggie too!

Those are great mews stories! We are very happy that the Olympic Park kitties are finding furrever homes.

Luf, Us
Wow, that is a lot of exciting mews, Fat Eric. I think Mr. Henrix is right. Yao-Lin's gonna be sobbing when he learns that he is stuck with his sub-par staff on an island and not in the Hermitage where he was meant to be.
Your buddy, Jimmy Joe
We lost your email address Fat Eric, or mombean didn't save it first time around. We got a new picture for you... if you want to email us we'll send it back. Thanks.
Wow, all kinds of neat and interesting news about kitties! Thanks for sharing.

And congratulations on your award!

Thank you for coming to my party and helping to make my birthday the best one I've ever had!

Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.
Congratulations on your award, Eric. I love your blog, too. I am so glad that 50 or more of those rescued kitties have found homes. I hope all the kitties in Bradford find homes, too. The Hermitage must be a great place to live. I am looking forward to your news on the 26th. I have some news of my own. My brother and sister-in-law are coming home today! Yay!
Hahaha, I love that comment about Yao-Lin being on a plane to Russia when he finds out about the palace!
Eric, you are turning into quiet a reporter, thank you for all these stories!!!
Con-cat-ulations on your award - it is a fury nice award!

We are looking forward to your news!
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