Thursday, October 18, 2007


Tasty Thursday

Today I am happy.

For one reason, there is only one more day before my mum gets a whole week off school. She is not going away for a change but is planning to spend a week being lazy and making a fuss of me!

For another reason, my mum has been very stressed out lately after the Museum Incident last week. She was stressing out more because she had some important meetings this week, but now those are all over and everything went the way she was hoping, so she is much more relaxed now. She was really tired last night so she went to bed early. I snuggled up with her and we had a really good nap.

To celebrate things getting better, I have a picture for you. Warning: You may faint when you see the wonder of this picture.

Remember I am on a special diabetic diet of low-carb, low-sugar but strangely delicious stinky goodness? Well, look, here is my food cupboard!

Tons and tons of stinky goodness, and it's ALL FOR ME!!!


HOLY OINK!! That's a lot of stinky goodness Eric - you are sure lucky that your mommy stocks up for you and you don't hear "oops, I forgot to go to the store, so you'll just have to eat your crunchies". I doesn't eat crunhies! - Miles
We're so glad to hear your Mum is doing better- we were worried.
What a lovely food cupboard you have!
All those lovely cans must make you feel very secure.
Mum sends cuddles and scritches to her ginger friend!
Oh my, I'm drooling!

Thanks for the purrs, I'm home now. The V-E-T didn't find the feather, so we are assuming it passed "naturally" and maybe something that was on it gave me an upset tummy. But I came home with some yuccky medicine because of it!

Wow, your mum keeps a well stocked pantry for you. Mum does keep lots of my dry food for me too. Not likely to run out.

Glad the purrs worked for your mum and that she will spend the next week snuggling with you.
Wow - Wow - Wowwie!!!
That is so awesome!

Mine mombean has started givin' me the stinky goodness everyday, and its all coz a you. She has been thinking that I'm a little over-weight ... What? Huh? ...
OK. She says f-a-t.
but she gives me a spoonful of the goodness instead of my crunchies once a day now.

Thanks Eric.

--- Beezer
I am so glad that your Mum is feeling better and less stressed now. Having a nice, long sleep should have been very good for her. It's great that she is going to spend her week off fussing over you. You have a well-stocked pantry. Max the Psychokitty is going to be jealous.
Oh. My. Dog. I can't believe that all of that stinky goodness is just for you. I am so jealous! Hey, come over to my blog today cause I posted a picture of my soon-to-be-stepbrother and he kinda looks like you, but with short furs.
Dude! I thawt we had it good cuz mom buys our stinky goodness by the case...that cabinet is awesome!
I had to hide my brother's eyes with those pictures, otherwise, he'd've found his way to your house RIGHT NOW.

I'm glad your mum is going to get to de-stress. With you helping her, she should be as good as new in no time!
Wowzers!!! All for you??
Man,you and yer Mom are gonna have a great week snuggling !And eating all that food (well,not yer Mom)
Gess yoo don't haff to werry abowt running owt ov food any time soon! And those are BIG cans! An yoo iz an only cat! Lucky yoo!

I'z glad yore Mum is feeling better too!
Boy are you one lucky cat, Eric! I am jealous. Add to that getting all that up close and personal attention!
I am glad your mom can relax now that the incident is truly over with. Tell her to sit and watch the shadows move across the ground. And if her eyes close, oh well.

Oh gosh! Dwools!
You sound wike you're going to get an awesome week ahead!
That's great that your Mum will be home with you all next week :-) Enjoy your time together.
We have Halloween on the brain and thought that said "children in jelly" at first!
Eric, you have enough there to throw a little party....if you catch my drift......
How much do you get at a time, dude?
ooooo, I am so jealous. Mom doesn't let me have stinky goodness - I only get dry food. At least she get a really big bag of food, but I have to share it with my sisters

Oh dear, oh my! That looks so yummy! Good for you AND great news about your Mom being home ALL WEEK!
look at all that stinky goodnes ~Merlin (who passes out)

We gave you an award on our bloggie Fat Eric. ~The Fluffy Tribe
Fat Eric I am SO glad to hear that your Mum is staying home with you for the week. Enough with these persons who leave their precious kitties for days/weeks at a time. There is none of that in this house, I can promise you! (I made sure of that before I let them adopt me.)

And hooray for your food cupboard too! When I came here at first on 8/9 I was tiny and skinny and scrawny after living outside all my life as a once-a-day-shared-meal-stray. Just today, when showing me off to the rescue group prez, Mosaic Lady called me a "wide body". I have arrived!
(We prefer big, floofy, wide body cats in this house, in case you couldn't tell. I will never be floofy or big, but I can strive for wide!!)
Wow, your Mum must drive a huge lorry to be able to stock up on so much food for you! I'm glad she's getting over her stressful time and I hope you both have a lovely, relaxing weekend together:) xxx
Um, how far is it from North Carolina to... where are you again? Eglund? What state is that in? No matter, I know how to drive (I watch Ma closely when we go to the v*t) and I can get ther. Er, you will share, won't you? I only get the crunchy stuff, and it's not fare! Fair. BOTH!

Yr frind WeezerCat
Wow! You have lots and lots of food!

I'm glad your Mum is going to spend time with you and spoil you next week - isn't that the best!
OMDawg! That is a WHOLE lot of stinky goodness!! And such cute pictures on the tins, too!

Luf, Us
Our mum is a teacher too and she SYMPATHISES! A lot!

Look at all that stinky goodness!!!
WOWEEEEEEEEE!! That's a wonderful lot of stinky goodness!! What a lucky fellow you are! I'm happy for you.
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