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Farewell Tabs

I have some sad news. You may remember that my friend English Daisy went to the Bridge last November. Soon afterwards Tabs, a cat who had been living in Daisy's garden for a long time, decided to move indoors and look after Daisy's humans. I posted here in January about how much Tabs was enjoying her new indoor life.

Unfortunately, because she had had a hard outdoor life before, Tabs had some health problems. Her humans took very good care of her, but now they have had to help her go to the Bridge. As you can imagine, her humans are feeling very sad having lost Daisy and now Tabs too. Please send purrs and keep them in your thoughts.
This is a picture of Tabs her mum took just last week.

We'z glad dat Tabs gots to be spoiled afore she went to da Bridge but we bet her beans hearts are broken. We'z sending dem some purrs and soft headbumps.
Oh we are sorry to hear about Tabs. I am glad that she had a really loving place to live before the end. Purrs.
Oh no, we's so sorry to hear about Tabs. Her people were so nice to take care of her before she had to go to the Bridge. We will lite a candle for Tabs and sends lots of purrs for her people.
So sorry to hear about Tabs. I am sure her beans have heavy hearts right now. But they were so kind to spoil her just a little bit at the end. Now she and Daisy can play together at The Bridge.

Yep, it is Derby Day, at least in the US. I know it is later in the UK.
Ohh, we're so sorry Tabs had to the Bridge and leave her family. It was lovely that she had a really nice place to live with them and be spoilt over these last few months.

Purrs and gentle headbutts to Tabs' family,

Gypsy & Tasha
We are sorry to hear of Tabs journey to the Bridge, but we know she was happy with her new inside home and well loved for the time she spent with you!! ((((((Warm hugs to the family)))))))
Your FL furiends,
Oh, that is so sad. We are sorry about your friend.

Roxy & Lucky
We are sorry to learn about Tabs. It is hard to lose one, but to lose a second only a few months later is painful.
At least Tabs got a little love and an easier life for her last few months. Her beans must be so very sad.

Sending mournful purrs and gentle headbutts to Tabs & English Daisy's pawrents.
How sad :-(

But what a loving, wonderful time she must have had in her new home. I bet her humans made her feel safe enough to go, even if it was too soon for them.
Oh this is so sad. It was wonderful that Tabs had a loving and happy last months. We're sure that Tabs and English Daisy are together across the bridge. We're purring for their beans - the hole in their hearts must have grown to twice the size.

Please send them our purrs and hugs,
Pearl, Bert and Jake
Oh dear, I was so sorry to hear that Tabs went to the Bridge. Her humans must be very sad but I think Tabs was happy being indoors with them even if it was only for a short time. Willow and I are sending purrs and soft headbutts over.

Purrrrrrrs, China Cat
Oh Fat Eric, We are so sorry to hear that Tabs went to the Rainbow Bridge. Would you please let her beans know we are purring for them, and will be thinking of them. We know how hard it is to loose two to the RB in such a short time.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Yes, it is good to hear that Tabs had lots of love and pampering in her last month before going to the bridge - we just wish she could have had a little bit more of that.... And we feel very very sad for her humans - such wonderful humans to take care of a stray cat and now they are heart broken.... We will purr for all!!!
And our Anastasia will keep English Daisy and Tabs good company at the bridge!
I'm so sad to read about Tabs, but her people did a wonderful thing in taking her inside for her last few months. Please pass on my condolences to her people xx
We are so sorry to hear about Tabs going to the Bridge :(
It's hard to lose two furry freinds in such a short time :(
we are sending comforting purrs and warm wishes to all of you!
purrrs Kashim & Othello
We are so sorry to hear about Tabs. We are sure English Daisy and our other friends who have gone will be there to greet her. If we can do anything for you, let us know.
We are so sorry that Tabs had to go to the Bridge. Please give her humans our condolences.
At least she knew love before she went...
Eric, we are so sad to hear about your friend Tabs :( Please give her humans our condolences, and we will tell our brother Max at the Bridge to look her up and be her furriend.
Purrs and headbutts,
Sabrina, Sam and Simon
oh Eric, we are so very sorry to hear about Tabs. We know how hard it is to lose two loves a few months apart - today is the 2nd anniversary of Norton going to the Bridge, and then Trixie went almost 4 months later. It's so hard. Please give our warmest condolences to Tabs' mom and dad.
I am so sorry to hear about Tabs. Her humans must be Heartbroken wiht all the loss so close. But Tabs came inside to get the love and warmth and Passed being a happy indoor cat
I am sorry to learn that Tabs had to go to the Bridge, especially so soon after losing Daisy.
We remember when Tabs moved in. Even though we are sure she was pampered while living in the garden, we are glad she got to know the kindness of humans and were there when she needed to make the next step.
That must have been very sad and hard for Tab's family. Tommy and I are sending lots of warm purrs that direction.
I´m so sorry for your lost.

Kisses and purrrrrrrrs.
We are sending our deepest purrs to Tabs and her family.
were so sorry to hear abowt Tabs. she seemed lyk a grate cat.
we are so sorry to hear about Tabs. please pass some hugs to her beans for us. i hope they can be comforted knowing they gave her the best and most loving home.
I am so very sorry to hear about Tabs :(
Purrs to her family. It was very nice of them to have given her a loving home.

Purrs Mickey
Oh tiny heart is so very sad that the humans lost Tabs so soon after they had gegun to spoil her with comfort and love. I always say that it is not the quantity of your life that matters but it is the quaility!
Much love and head bunks fro your miss Peachy
I am so sad that Tabs had to go to the Bridge so soon after becoming an indoor kitty and so soon after Daisy went. Her beans must be heartbroken. I am glad that they were able to show her love and spoil her a bit before she had to go.
Thank you to Fat Eric and his Mum for this lovely farewell to Tabs. And thank you to everyone who has left such comforting posts - it certainly does help to know you are there for us. Tabs was such a sweet girl, and it's sad she finally came inside with such major health issues, but she was happy with us, and at least she spent her last winter in the warmth of being "in".
Oh, FE, I'm so sorry your friend went to the bridge. She looks like she was a wonderful ladycat.


Would some Greenies help? I can send MomBean out to get some fur you, she needs to walk more.
Poor Tabs, at least she had some kind humans to help her at the end. FAZ
We are so glad Tabs had a loving home before she went to the Bridge. We will light a candle and remember her and her beans in our thoughts.
Toby, Cupcake and Kate
How sad for Tabs' 'beans ... Losing dear friends is so hard. They have our deepest sympathies.

Very sorry to hear the sad news.
How sad. But at least Tabs got to have a family for a a while.
That is very sad :(
Hi, When we click on the link "here in January" we get a Google, sorry but this request looks like apyware or virus request. Has anyone else had this problem?
Ignore our last comment. It was bad timing. Blogger went berserk and wouldn't let anyone access blogger. We learned that by reading the blogger group posts. Lots of angry bloggers! Wouldn't even let us access our own blog.

Looks like they finally fixed it.
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