Monday, July 14, 2008


Mancat Monday

When the sun finally comes out for a day or two, you have to make the most of it before it starts raining again...
Here in London, another majestic mancat has been in the news. He's called Blackjack. We've been following his story and worrying that it wouldn't have a happy ending, but it did! You can read about him here.

My mum is taking her class of children on a trip into central London tomorrow to visit Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and the Golden Hinde (which are very near each other). She hasn't taken a class into central London since the day we do not talk about, so wish her luck!

yay for blackjack! and purrrss to your mom for a wonderful day tomorrow!
Hope your mum's trip to central London was not at all like "the day we do not talk about," and that she and her children had a fine time!

I enjoyed Blackjack's story too. Hope he gets a wonderful forever home.

Eric you look beautiful in the garden. Have a great week!
We're glad BlackJack got caught and is safe now. We hope your mum has a better day with her class, but it sounds as if it can't be any worse than the last time.
Our Beans said they had a good trip around the British Isles and they were very lucky with the weather. Two days started dull and drizzly, but by the time they had breakfast and got off the ship, the sun came out. They only had one wet day which was in Belfast and it poured down all day, so they took a coach tour to see the scenery without getting too wet. It poured down home here nearly all the time though.
I am so pleased to hear about Blackjack! And I hope that this trip goes better for your Mum. We quite liked the Globe theater when we were there.
That's great news about Blackjack! I like his name, too.

I hope the trip goes well tomorrow.
You look so beautiful in the garden with those purple yummies. Does grass feel funny to walk on?
::Clap, Clap, Clap::
Hurray for Blackjack! He is one tough mancat. I'm sure he'll get a great home and love the life of a spoiled kitty.

Mine mombean would love to see the Globe Theater. She is a big fan of Shakespeare. She read almost all of his plays when she was at school. She says she was talkin' funny for a while coz she got so used to the olde tyme english.

I hopes your mumbean has a great trip.
Good for Blackjack that he was caught and can now find a good home.

Mum wishes your mum luck on her trip with her little monsters, umm students. I hope this trip has a better ending!
What an amazing story about Black Jack!
What good news about Blackjack. I hope your mum has an easy time with her school trip today.
Good luck to your mum on her school trip. We hope this year's trip is a lot better than the last one she took. Hopefully with a new group of kids, they will be much better behaved.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie
Hello Eric! Today was another good day for sun beams (it's Tuesday)... at least over here in Surrey.

Your mum is brave to take kids into London. No way would we do that.
Yippie for BlackJack! Big hugs to the group that saved him.

I'm sure tomorrow will go much better for your mommy. We will send many positive thoughts her way.
Good luck to your Mom! You look like you are enjoying your time out in the sun ... like they say, stop and smell the flowers (or eat them, I can't remember exactly).
Well, we are certainly happy that Blackjack's story has a happy ending. We hope your mom's day goes much better tomorrow, and no repeats of last time.

Enjoy the sunshine.

Roxy & Lucky
hi handsome Eric! our (formerly) Blonde Girl is gonna be in London next week. can you give her a purr and a cuddle from us? she's in France right now, but she's coming to England on the 22nd and staying till the 25th. thanks! we miss her lots, 'specially Grr.
Oh not another class trip! We hope all goes ok.
You have such pretty flowers in your garden Eric, we wish we could come over & lay out there with you.
We're glad Blackjack is safe!

Thanks for stopping by to say Happy Birthday to me!

Headbonks and Purrs,
You have a very very lovely garden~! Eric!
We am sending good fun wishes for yur Mom's class trip. Eric, Yoo look nice in dat sunny picture.
I hope your Mum had a good class trip. That is a pretty picture of you outside in the garden :-)
Nothing better than being out side in the sun. Well, meebe dinnertime...
We tagged ya for a meme. Come check... Hope ya hafnt already done it.
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