Monday, September 22, 2008


Meet Saffron

You may remember my friend English Daisy, who lived quite near me in a house with guinea pigs. English Daisy went to the Rainbow Bridge in November last year. After that, a cat called Tabs, who had been living in the garden of Daisy's house for a long time, decided to move in with Daisy's humans. Sadly, in May this year I posted the news that Tabs had also gone to the Bridge. Daisy and Tabs's humans were very sad. know what happens when there is a good furrever home lying vacant...cats start queueing up to get in! This is Saffron.
Saffron is about 10 years old and she has come to live with Daisy and Tabs's humans. Saffron's human is going to live in Australia and she knew that Saffron would have a wonderful home with Daisy and Tabs's humans. As you can see from these pictures, Saffron is feeling very happy in her new home already:
There is only one thing about her new home that Saffron is not sure about - she is frightened of the guinea pigs! (Basil, Marigold and Lavender). They live downstairs in the house so Saffron has decided to live upstairs for now. Hopefully she will learn that guinea pigs are not really scary and then she will be able to explore the whole house.

Please join me in sending welcoming purrs to our new friend, Saffron!

Yay Saffron!
Welcome, welcome , welcome.
we are so happy; always happy to hear when kitties get homes.
We hope you are doing okay; you probably miss you old human right now but rest assurred your new one is a good one!
And you have fur siblings. Yay!
Dont fret over those lil pigggies. You is much higher up on the food chain- ssssssh.
You sure are a beautiful kitty and look so sweet I just wannna hug you. Love your name too.
Welcome Saffron! Our Momma knows your Momma and says you have the bestest furrever home possible! Thanks Fat Eric for putting this up!

The Big Piney Woods Cats and MomToni
What a beautiful girl! Welcome!
Wow! Saffron sure is a beautiful girl! I know she will have a terrific forever home!
Welcome Saffron! You're such a purrty girl! Don't worry about the guinea pig thing. Max is afraid of hamsters, fish, and even little kittens, and he's a Big Man Cat. Soon you'll find out they're not scary.
Hello Saffron, you are beautiful.We are glad you have got a nice new forever home. We hope you soon get used to those little piggies.
Hey Fat Eric! It's me the real ERIC. SQUARE DIG ERIC!! Your'e not scardey cat are you? I'm like kitties, I even have a kittie bro who makes a guest appearance on my bloggie sometimes in Pets in the City, he,he,he!!

Yur new friend Saffron looks at home. Hope she gts used to the piggies and I've not made her run away.

Wiry Wags, Eric x
Hi Saffron! I am so glad you found such a wonderful Forever home!
Gee, my typing is bad today, claws need a cut.It's SQUARE DOG ERIC! Not DIG,though I do a bit of that too...
Oh Saffron, You are lovely! I think I would be afraid of guinea pigs too but I hear they are not mean at all!
Hi ya, Saffron! You're really cute!

Wally & Ernie
Hello pretty Saffron! We hope you are not missing your people too much, but we know English Daisy's Mum is the best!! How wonderful of them to adopt you.
We have piggies at our house and we don't really pay any attention to them. They just go about their piggie business. They are startling and different to you, and in time you will become used to them too. One thing at a time sweetie.
Welcome Saffron!!!! we hopes that you love your new forever home!
Saffron is a lovely ladycat. I am glad she found a lovely new home since her human had to go down under. I hope she enjoys her new home, it is a good one.
Saffron is beautiful!
Saffron is a very pretty kitty. We are glad that she will have a furever home and that the beans will have a new kitty to love.

whoohoo-welcome to the catosphere AND to yer grate furrever home!!! And if thowse genni pigs are the tradeoff fur getting a furrevur home, we think yoo got a gud deel!!
Oh, what wonderful news. It has made our day to know another kitty has found Sue's welcome mat.

Welcome, Saffron!
Hi Saffron, welcome home. Yoo know, yoo can just think of dem ginee pigs as over grown hamsters.
Saffron is a beauty.
Saffron is lovely! I am glad she got to live with your neighbors! Maybe with a little time she will see that the guinea pigs are nothing to be frightened of!
Yay! We're very happy that Saffron has a new Forever Home! We know that you will come to love it, and purrhaps even like your new guinea pig siblings!
Hello Saffron, aren't you lovely. And I see you're wearing a PINK collar, like me! Congratulations on finding your new forever home.

Your friend
Saffron is very pretty :-) I hope that soon she'll feel more comfortable in all of her new forever home.
Thank you all for your welcome. I do miss my other mum 'n' dad, but the people here love me already. I purr and smooch with them a lot, and I even creep into bed. It's nice.
Saffron is Beeeeeyooteeful! Nice to meet ya Saffie!
Welcome to your new home Saffron. We know you are going to enjoy living there.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade
Always good to hear about a cat with a happy home. She's such a beautiful lady cat, too... y'know, I'm just mad about Saffron...
What happy news! It's so good that Saffron was able to fill the void. It's sometimes hard with cats (instead of kittens) to find welcoming homes, so this is truly a blessing. Let's just hope that Saffron doesn't start to hunt the guinea pigs (like I might do, given the chance). She's a very pretty cat, too.
Welkome to Saffron! She's a beeyootiful kitty. And how wunnerful that she's founded a furreffur home! I'm sorry she's skeered of the ginny pigs, but I'm sure ofur time she'll find out that they're a-OK.

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Welcome Saffron! We're glad that you could find a great new home with such wonderful people. Don't worry about the piggys, we're sure you'll relax around them once you're more used to having them around.


Gypsy & Tasha
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