Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Oh No, A Trip To The V-E-T

Well. My mum came home. She had a furry nice time in Austria where the beautiful lakes and mountains are. So did her sister and Cornish Grandma. I might let her post some pictures when I am speaking to her again. She did not bring me any presents.

Unfortunately after she got home she started getting worried about me. She seemed to think I was off-colour, just because I was feeling thirsty. I was drinking and peeing a lot and meowing all the time for more wet food and ignoring my dry food. So I got forced into the Evil Cat Carrier tonight and taken to the V-E-T. This stressed me out so much that I pee-ed in the Evil Cat Carrier and had to arrive on the V-E-T's table all stinky, how humiliating!

Anyway. The humans had a long discussion. I was prodded and had my teeth looked at (I really fought hard against opening my mouth!) The V-E-T said there were some different possibilities. I might be developing feline diabetes (my dad has diabetes so I know all about that). Or, I might have something wrong with my thyroid. Or, I might have something wrong with my kidneys. Or, I might have something wrong with my teeth because my gums look red and sore and this might be putting me off eating my dry food.

I started thinking the V-E-T couldn't make his mind up! Then the V-E-T weighed me and I have lost a pound since last year - I am down from 21 lb to 20 lb, so I am still a big boy. Then the V-E-T took me into a back room and stole some of my blood in little tubes! But he did dry out the Evil Cat Carrier and lend me a dry fluffy towel to lie on in it, which was good. Then he took me back to my humans and gave my mum a kit to get a sample of my pee. And charged her £150 for the tests and stuff (that's about $300, for Mericky readers).

Now they are going to test my blood and my pee and see if it tells them anything. My mum has to go back and find out in a couple of days. She is all worried now. Please keep your paws crossed that the V-E-T does not find anything seriously wrong.

The good news is that the V-E-T said that as I am not eating my dry food I can have extra stinky goodness if I want it! Yay! I have eaten 3 pouches of it today instead of my normal 1 pouch.

There was definite mention of the words "kitty jail" today, because my mum said she did not want me to go to the kitty jail if I am ill. Between the V-E-T and the kitty jail, I am not my usual happy floofy self. Purrs please!

Friday, July 20, 2007


Floofy Friday: Thinking

I have been spending a lot of time thinking today. You can see how hard I am thinking in this photo:
I thought today must be different when my mum started baking flapjacks for her class last night. But all was explained when she staggered in this evening, worn out, all sweaty and clutching heavy bags. Apparently today was the last day of term before school finished for the summer holidays! And she made flapjacks for her class because they were having a "goodbye" party. And she was all sweaty because she spent 3 hours after school clearing up and moving heavy boxes of stuff from her old classroom to her new classroom. And she had heavy bags because her class gave her lots of presents! (unfortunately they did not give her any cat treats or toys, you would think they would know better by now).

I thought Yay! Summer holidays are here! That means my mum does not have to go to work for 6 weeks, but she still gets paid, which has to be good! And she can spend lots more time snuggling with me and giving me fuss.

Then my mum revealed that tomorrow, Cornish Grandma and my mum's sister are coming here, and on Sunday, they are going with my mum to Austria for a week. My mum and her sister are taking Cornish Grandma on a trip to celebrate her 70th birthday. This means that I will be at home alone with my dad.

I thought, is this a good thing? I will miss my mum but dad is more generous with the food, so it might not be all bad.

Then I thought, maybe when my mum comes back she will be spending the rest of the summer with me! No one has mentioned the Kitty Jail this year yet, that must be good...right? I will keep my paws crossed.

You would never know it was supposed to be summer - we had more torrential rain and flooding today. All this thinking I have been doing has made me very tired, so I am off for a nap.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Sunday With Scratchy Mouse

Today I am paying tribute to my best friend in the whole wide world - Scratchy Mouse. Since the day my mum found him (at a Rescue Shelter for mice called IKEA), we have been inseparable. He always comes with me when I go to stay with Devon Grandma and even shares my cell at the Kitty Jail. My mum says that our relationship is unhealthily obsessive, but I say we're just really close!

I have been looking through my photos - here are my favourite ones of me and my friend Scratchy Mouse hanging out together.
Thanks for being such a good friend, Scratchy Mouse - I don't know what I'd do without you!

Monday, July 09, 2007


ManCat Monday

The caption for this picture is: FEED ME! Look, I am so malnourished I have collapsed with hunger just yards from the food bowl...FEED ME!!!

Plus, I am a Rockin' Boy Blogger - thanks for that, (Big) Eric and Flynn!

Friday, July 06, 2007


Floofy Friday: In Close-Up

Click for an even more close-up view!

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Humans Behaving Strangely

My humans have been behaving strangely. Last Thursday they both put on these strange clothes and said they had to dress as Tudors because they were going to visit the year 1584. They were going with the sticky little people my mum teaches, who were all wearing strange clothes too.

They went to this place. They were very very lucky with the weather because we have been having day after day after day of rain lately and the day my humans played at being Tudors was sunny all day. (Don't get me started on the weather we've been having, it is July today and half of England is flooded from the incessant rain, I WANT SUNSHINE!!!) Here is a picture of where they went, so you can see what lovely weather they had and what it looked like:
Anyway, I bet you would like to see a picture of my humans in their Tudor clothes, I was laffin and laffin, as Jeter Harris would say. Here they are:
When they got home, I gave my mum a big cuddle to welcome her back to 2007 from 1584. But I was frustrated because she had this strange hat-thing on her head so I couldn't lick her hair like I usually do!
You can tell she was very glad she made it back from the sixteenth century to see me again. She said I would not like to be a Tudor cat because they had to catch all their own food and did not get given stinky goodness. I think I am a 21st-century cat at heart.

P.S. My mum says she knows her glasses are not sixteenth-century but she cannot see without them!

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