Friday, June 27, 2008



What, mum? What am I looking at? No, there's no one at the back door! You don't need to come and check!
Yes, he is rather skinny but he's an Evil Intruder Cat! Let me do my job and chase him away!

WHAT THE...??? Is that some of MY Stinky Goodness? Did I give permission for this???!!!
Hey! That's MY mum! Go away and stop making the cute faces at her!
Let me out of this room! I want to go and chase him away!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Easy Like Sunday

Thank you, my friends, for sympathising with me over the neglect I was suffering during my mum's OFSTED inspection. However, I am a happier kitty today.

The two days of the inspection were very stressful but it is over now and the evil inspectors do not return for three years, hooray! My mum and her colleagues had a three-hour "staff meeting" in the local pub after the inspectors had left, after which she came home incapable of scooping my litter box. Can you believe that?

Yesterday both my humans lay around vegetating and not doing much, but I got some good scritches and laptime, and of course I also went to The Wedding, where I met lots of friends.

Today my dad has gone to see a long-lost school friend in Eastbourne and I have been having quality time with my mum. We had a long lie-in this morning, then we planted out some of the sunflower seedlings in the garden, but then we went inside because it is very very windy today and I do not like windy weather because it disarranges my floofy fur. I helped her with the laundry and eating lunch and writing some school reports and we watched some TV and spent some nice snuggling time together.

I have discovered the perfect place to lie if my humans are neglecting me. If I lie in the doorway of the living room, no one can get in or out without paying me attention. Also no one can bring food in from the kitchen without me finding out what is on the menu...

P.S. Notice the wet patch on the blue carpet...that was the aftermath of a giant hairball...heh heh.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Tattle-Tail Tuesday

This is being a stressful week in our house. My mum's school got the dreaded phone call yesterday to say they were being inspected by OFSTED on Thursday and Friday this week. British readers will know that visits from OFSTED inspectors are guaranteed to cause fear and dread in school staffrooms across the country. Now my mum and all the other teachers are running round like headless chickens trying to get ready before the inspectors come in. Lots of tidying the classrooms, lots of smartening up the wall displays, lots of checking that all the paperwork is in order, and lots of threatening the children to behave themselves while the inspectors are in school! My mum had a meeting before school today, another meeting at lunchtime and then all the teachers worked really late tonight getting ready.

Can you see the problem here? That's right - LOTS of time to do all those things for the OFSTED inspectors but NOT much time for giving the kitty fuss and attention! Not to mention when she FINALLY gets home from school she goes and does more work on the computer which means not only do I miss out on snuggles and laptime, I can't spend much time on the computer visiting my friends! Meanwhile, my dad is pandering to her by doing lots of cooking and cleaning and passing her glasses of wine from time to time.

When the inspectors have been and gone, she is going to owe me a LOT of laptime!

If my mum was a cat, right now she would be looking something like this...

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Easy Like Sunday With My Dad

Because it is Father's Day, here are some pictures of me with my dad.

Here we are taking a nap on the human bed.
Here we are relaxing on a Sunday afternoon.
Here I am teaching him the way to nap on the floor. He is almost as good at relaxing as I am!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Furry Fighter Friday

Farewell Storm. You fought the good fight.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


What To Do On A Sunny Day

1. Find the best sunspot there is.

2. Have a good wash.

3. That's all!

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Terror On Thursday

There is more than one Evil Intruder Cat invading my garden. There is the evil Little Black Kitty who came into my kitchen the other day and ate MY FOOD! There is the evil white kitty who hides behind my mum's tomato plants while trying to pounce on my birdies on their feeders. There is the evil tabby kitty who hangs around trying to eat the hedgehog's food before he gets to it.

Also there is an evil black and white kitty who hangs out in my garden a lot. He has now been caught on camera.

Here he is daring to hang around MY pond disturbing MY newts. He wouldn't do this if he didn't know I was trapped indoors and unable to get at him! Here he is drinking MY water out of MY pond. What a nerve.
And here he is making his escape.
Things are getting out of hand. I may need reinforcements to rid my garden of this plague of evil intruders!

Meanwhile, my Cornish Auntie has come to stay for the weekend, so I am unleashing a charm offensive on her so that I can get extra Greenies!

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