Sunday, January 24, 2010


No Sleeping On Sunday

The trouble with weekends is that my humans like to stay in bed later and this always seems to lead to my breakfast being served much later than it is on weekdays. And when a cat is hungry, this is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

If I am really hungry, I start by meowing at the foot of the stairs. Then I head upstairs and scratch the laundry basket on the landing, very loudly. Then I jump on the human bed and walk around on my mum for a while. If that doesn't get her up and moving in the direction of the food bowls (it often doesn't - she is very lazy!), I have one tactic that never fails. I get on my dad's pillow and ruthlessly lick his hair.
It never fails. He can only take a minute or two of this before he is forced to save his hair by getting up and feeding me. He reckons his hair is getting thinner on top and it is all my fault. My mum says he is imagining it.

I think he kind of enjoys the attention really...

P.S. Our snow is all gone.

Friday, January 15, 2010



We can't believe how much it has snowed here this winter. Usually in London we might get about two days of snow each winter and it will melt pretty much soon afterwards. But we had some before Christmas and now we have had over a week of snow. Today it has finally started to melt because it is raining.

Last week my mum's school got closed by the snow (see previous post) and stayed closed for two and a half days, so I got to have a nice long weekend with her and lots of lap time.

I have hardly been outside in my garden because I do not like snow. It is too cold and wet. I only went out to investigate it once. That evil intruder kitty Marmite has been visiting. The snow doesn't seem to bother him much. Our back garden is covered in pawprints. You may remember that in the summer Marmite is obsessed with hanging around my pond trying to catch my newts. Here's a picture of my pond to remind us what summer looks like! This is what my pond has looked like for the last week: See those pawprints? Marmite has been walking around on top of the ice trying to see if there are any newts under it! The ice on the pond is quite thick, but he's crazy, that Marmite.

Wonder how long it is until summer?

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Snow Day And Holiday Pictures

Things have been quite exciting around here. There has been a lot more of this snow stuff falling out of the sky than we normally get in London. My mum went to school through the snow this morning but hardly any of the sticky little people she teaches turned up and the school got closed at lunchtime, so she got to come home and spend the afternoon with me! (She may have also spent some time playing in the snow in the back garden with that well-known pest, Marmite, but we won't mention that). This afternoon we had some more snow and now her school is closed tomorrow too so she gets to spend even more quality time with me! This is all quite strange since she had only just gone back to work after the holidays, but I'm not complaining.

I promised to show some more of my holiday pictures from my trip to Devon Grandma's. Here I am opening my Christmas stocking and looking at some presents...all edible. Greenies from some cat cousins of mine in Idaho and yummy luxury foods from my humans - mmm!
On Christmas Day my humans left me with Devon Grandma and went to Cornwall to see Cornish Grandma and Cornish Auntie. While they were there they went to the beach near where Cornish Auntie lives. It was sunny but cold.
Unfortunately they also spent time with Cornish Grandma's woofie. (He and I have met and we don't get on - I don't like woofies and he kept trying to LICK me - urgh!) Here he is looking disgusted at being made to wear tinsel, heh heh. When she came back my mum's trousers smelled of woofie, which I didn't like.
Meanwhile at Devon Grandma's house I saw this squirrel. He looked very tasty but I wasn't allowed to go out and meet him.
On the day before we went back to London, something very exciting happened! My Devon Grandma only lives a few miles away from those famous blogging cats, Milo and Alfie. Last year my humans went to visit Milo and Alfie. This Christmas, Milo and Alfie's humans came to have tea with me at Devon Grandma's! They were very nice and even brought presents. Here I am being cuddled by Milo and Alfie's dad. And here I am hanging out with Milo and Alfie's mum. She was very generous with the treats so we got on well together! I made sure I put plenty of floofy ginger furs on her black top so that she could take a souvenir of me back to Milo and Alfie. You can see some more pictures of their visit on Milo and Alfie's blog here.

Finally, here is me finding out that my holiday in Devon was over. I am giving my mum the laser eyes!
Oh well, it doesn't feel like the holidays are really over when tomorrow is a snow day! I wonder how many more snow days we will get this winter. Stay warm, every cat!

Saturday, January 02, 2010


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my friends!

I am home in London now, after having lots of fun at my Devon Grandma's house. I made full use of her comfy sofas and warm radiators. Here I am enjoying her big red sofa. You can see how stressed out I was by travelling far from home.
Devon Grandma also recovered well from the shock she got on the morning when I jumped on her pillow and licked her head. There is always lots of delicious food around at Devon Grandma's house and she finds it hard to resist my pleading eyes when I am begging for treats. Here I am thinking about all the food at Devon Grandma's house (and no, I was not interested in eating that plant!)
I was having such a good time at Devon Grandma's house that I was most upset on Wednesday when my humans started packing all our stuff into the car. I went and hid behind the red sofa but my mum cheated and used a trail of Greenies to lure me out. I crept out very cautiously from behind the sofa to eat the delicious Greenies, and the next thing I knew I was being picked up and thrust into the Evil Cat Carrier! I actually managed to get out again but not for long. I meowed piteously to Devon Grandma to save me, but next thing I was in the car and we were off home. Well, it is not so bad being home. I have rediscovered all my favourite places. My humans stayed home last night and saw the New Year in with cheese, crackers and champagne, and I got cheese! Any year that starts with cheese must be good, right?

I have more pictures of my Christmas holidays for my next post, because lots of stuff happened (I even met the humans belonging to some other blogging cats!) In the meantime, hope every cat has a very Happy New Year!

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