Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Spring In The Garden

Remember back in January when our garden was all frozen and covered in snow? This is what my pond looked like then:
Now it looks like this. We are enjoying some great spring sunshine and I get to go out in my garden.
Here's a red camellia which has had lots of flowers on this year.
Here are some yellow tulips. And here is my mum's favourite flower, the Great Floofy Gingerflower!

Sunday, April 18, 2010



My mum is deserting me first thing Monday morning and going to Norfolk with a bunch of children from her school (she does this every year!) to sleep in bunk beds and do lots of activities and NOT be here giving me laptime and cuddles and fuss and treats! My dad and I are being left to look after each other until she gets home on Friday evening.
I am going to sulk now.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hanging Out In The Holidays

So, my mum's been on holiday from school and she's been lazing about, spending quality time with me, which is good. We've had some sunny days and she's been doing a lot of gardening. Sometimes I like to go out there with her to snoopervise and lie in the sunbeams, if I can find any.
But often I just let her get on with it and I prefer to stay indoors, napping on my blue chair.
It looks like she's getting plenty of kitty help with the gardening these days, anyway - I'm getting too old for all this PLAY! PLAY! PLAY! kitten stuff, but she seems happy to go along with it...

Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, April 01, 2010


Signs of Spring...And Introducing Leo

It's starting to look quite flowery around here. The weather hasn't been very good this week, it's gone cold again. But our flowers are still coming out. We have bulbs out in pots on the patio...about time my mum got out there and did some weeding! She has two weeks' Easter holiday from school starting today, so I can help her do some gardening. This photo below was taken this time last year. The flowers are almost the same. That pink camellia isn't quite out yet, we think the cold weather has put it off, but the forsythia is very yellow again. The birds have been tweeting like mad. Last week there was a fox in my garden. It sat on the patio for ages and stared at me through the window. I stared back. Then it left.
Of course, it's not just foxes and birds who visit my garden. My friends will remember that my garden is infested with Evil Intruder Cats, such as that pesky Marmite who tries to catch newts in my pond. Well, we have a new Evil Intruder Cat. Or maybe he only counts as half an intruder, because he's still pretty small. I will explain.

Our next door neighbours have a tuxie kitty, Juliet. I showed a picture of her a long time ago. She is quite a shy kitty but can often be seen sitting on my wall, like this.
A few weeks ago, Juliet's humans got her a little brother. His name is Leo. Soon after he arrived, he escaped out of their house when they opened the door, and ran into our house. He was a tiny little ginger furball and made my mum go SQUEEEEEE very loudly as she was returning him to the neighbours. (I made her take him back, there's only room for one ginger mancat in this house!) After this adventure, Leo's humans kept him indoors, but now he is a bit bigger he is starting to explore their garden...and our garden! He comes and pesters my mum when she is out in the garden and lies on her shoes and plays cute. He is a lot bigger than he was, but still quite small.

Here he is trying to get MY mum's attention by playing cute.
Even though he is small, I will admit he has a good pair of lasers on him.
I think our neighbours' garden is too tidy, he likes coming over to play Jungle Kitten in ours.
I'll admit he is a friendly little dude, but he needn't make himself too comfortable in my garden, even though he is a fellow Gorgeous Ginger I will still chase him off if I need to! But he's still little, so I've been nice so far. After all, he's a Mancat-In-Training and could probably benefit from listening to my advice...

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