Thursday, December 21, 2006


The Fog!

You might have heard on the news that there is a lot of fog round here this week. Lots of humans are stuck at Heathrow Airport because it is too foggy to fly. We have been fogged-in for the last few days. It's weird, I can't even see down to the end of the garden to check if there are any Evil Intruder Kitties on the shed roof. But my mum says that if they have any sense they are snugly indoors, because it is freezing as well as foggy. Winter seems to have arrived, finally. My mum didn't take this photo but she likes it because it says "London Fog!" so well.

My dad says we have got "a real pea-souper". I think he means the fog is quite thick. He says it is the perfect time to get out his favourite cartoon film to watch. It is a Russian cartoon called "Hedgehog in the Fog". Have your humans ever seen it?

I have found out what is going on tomorrow (Friday). We are going to spend Christmas with Devon Grandma (my dad's mum). This means I will be imprisoned in the Evil Cat Carrier for about 5 hours while we drive down to Devon. I suppose it could be worse, at least they are not leaving me in the kitty jail for Christmas and I like Devon Grandma's house (the last time I was there was at Easter). My dad says the forecast is for more fog so we will have to drive very slowly and carefully on the motorway tomorrow, but there is no fog in Devon so it should be all right when we get there.

Apparently I'll be able to post from Devon Grandma's computer, but I probably won't be able to post any pictures because her computer is old and sick, so I'll put up my Christmas photo now. Happy holidays!


Dat is a wunderful pixchur of yu! Merry Chrissmouse to yu and yur families. I hope yu have a safe and happy trip!!

Lovely Christmas photo of you Eric! We are sure you will enjoy Devon Grandmas place once the trip in the car is over! -SS&S
haf a good chrissmas Eric!!
Have a wonderful christmas Eric.
Merry Christmas, and enjoy Devon.
Merry Christmas. Have a safe trip.

Mum was talking to some of her co-workers in the UK today. They were telling her about the fog. Plus it made it to our TV new, along with the 2 feet of snow in Denver.
Your Dad sure is colourful with his expression ""a real pea-souper". First time I'd heard it.

We're going to spend Christmas watching "Love Actually". Love the fact it is filmed in the UK with so many British actors/actresses and of course, the scene of Hugh Grant dancing in 10 Downing St is a hoot. I think I saw Mrs Margaret Thatcher having a teeny role as well. Hmmmm.....

Merry X'mas and have a safe trip to and from Devon.
Happy Christmas to you and your mum and dad! Be very very careful on your trip and I hope you get lots of toys and treats.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Fat Eric! Tell your purrsons to drive super careful in the fog. Momma hates fog.

Thanks for the loverly photo Eric - it makes you look particularly handsome. Hope you negotiate the foggy motorways safely, and don't forget to wave a paw at us in Bristol as you whizz by on the way to Devon!.. I think I am doomed to to a lengthy stay at the kitty holiday camp on Saturday for a few days(my humans are going away to visit family in Birmingham), so I will have to finish by wishing you and your humans a very happy Krissymuss and new Year from your friend Tinker. See ya next year!
Five hours in the Evil Cat Carrier doesn't sound like much fun, but I hope you really enjoy yourself in Devon. I heard about your fog on the radio news. Be very careful on the motorway. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Mom *loves that photo of the fog, because we hardly ever get any here and she thinks it makes for great photos!

Have a great Christmas!
Hello Fat Eric!
We were worried about you when we heard about the fog. Mum was singing an old song that goes," A Foggy Day in London Town,". She says to be extra careful driving as fog is very tricky to drive in-sometimes there are icy patches on the road during winter.
We hope you have a wonderful holiday and she's trying to cuddle you through the computer again...
Merry Christmas Eric! Enjoy the family!
Great photo Eric! We like the "london fog" photo, but we're glad we don't haf to be out in it.
Be safe on your trip and enjoy your family.
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!
Buzz's fur would frizz in all that fog!

Merry Christmas to you & yours Eric!
HAppy Holidays Eric!
aw Happy Holidays to you and yours Fat Eric ~Poiland Tribe
Have a wonderful Catmas at your Devon grandma's house, Fat Eric. Love the photo of you on your wicker mousie by the tree.
DaisyMae Maus
Have a wonderful Christmas, Eric. You look fabulous in the picture. I see your favourite mousey is with you in the picture and the tree is very pretty! Happy Christmas to you and your beans.

Love and purrs,
Princess Mia
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