Wednesday, January 24, 2007


My First Blogiversary!

Today it is exactly one year since I started blogging. Who would have guessed how many friends I would make in the blogosphere, or how long my list of links would get?! I have been looking back at the year...

January 2006

Here is my very first post, and here's my first blogging picture...

I also attended a fun kitty nap-a-thon at The Calico Girls' place.


I took part in Finnegan and Buddy's Paw Portraits competition, my humans went to Portugal without me, I wrote some kitty haikus and started The Gorgeous Gingers.


I blogged about my sister Hattie, bought some books by Max, the Psychokitty, got hit on the head with a remote control and watched the spring flowers come out...


My mum went to Cornwall without me and I had to hide while my dad unleashed the Carpet Cleaning Monster. I did some bird-watching in my garden. I was cat-napped and taken to visit Devon Grandma at Easter. I helped my mum to do gardening, and nursed my dad when he had flu. I made some new friends, Eric and Flynn!


I did some more bird-watching, helped my mum with her school work and ate so much food I got a stomach ache. I got some presents from Knightly, Lizzie and Firenze. Uncle Sim and Auntie Jan came to visit from Mericky and brought me some Feline Greenies. I also had the great honour of carrying the Catolympics torch across the Atlantic to pass it on to Harper and Ramona.


I relaxed in my garden, had a visit from the Amazing Zeus, and received some presents from Oreo. I completed in the Catolympics and my member of the Squillions, Mandy, arrived as a present from Derby. A very busy month!


It got very hot and I spent a lot of time sleeping. My mum gave me a ZoomGroom and I bought a throne for the Empress Kukka-Maria. I watched England being knocked out of the World Cup and heard about KC's adventures getting to her forever home. Mandy and I played in the garden.


My humans went to Cumbria and dumped me in the kitty jail. When I got out, I posted a gallery of pictures of me and my fellow big floofy friends. I also made the acquaintance of the Meowers from Missouri. My humans went to Mericky and dumped me in the kitty jail again! I had a terrifying cat-napping experience with a man with a van but it all ended happily.


My mum made me horrible home-made cat biscuits and her sister came to visit us. I put up a very good fight when my mum tried to clip my claws. I chased frogs around my garden and started having big problems with Evil Intruder Kitties.


I was left in charge when my dad went to Scotland to climb a mountain. My mum and I read some cat poems. I had more problems with the Evil Intruder Kitties. I started the Rainbow Gingers page, and I rediscovered my favourite yellow chair. My mum went to Paris and bought me a very chic cat bowl. I celebrated my 11th Purrthday and was named as Kat's Cat of the Day!


I started taking part in Widebody Wednesdays and hid from the noisy fireworks on Bonfire Night. I spent a lot of time guarding my garden from the Evil Intruder Kitties but my mum did write a Tale of Devotion for me for Skeezix's competition.


I spent a lot of time snuggling with my mum and stayed safe from the London Tornado. I bought a Cat Blogosphere Calendar which included pictures of me. I celebrated my 100th post and endured a trip to the v-e-t's for vaccinations. I helped my mum to put up Christmas decorations and write Christmas cards. London got foggy and I joined my humans on a trip to Devon Grandma's for Christmas.

What a busy year my first year of cat-blogging has been. I wonder what the next year will bring?

P.S. Today in London we saw our first little bit of snow of the winter - snow pictures coming soon!

Congratulations on your first Blogisversary! It's been quite a busy year for you and we are really glad we got to meet you. You know,your first blog picture looks a lot like your widebody Wendesday picture from last week. Still the handsome one! -- Alberta,Sky, Blackie, Charlie and Maggie Fu
Happy Blogoversary! You did a great job of summing up the year. You're one of the first blogs we started reading, before we started ours. Our Lady is addicted to your floofyness.
Congratulations, Fat Eric! We love our British friend: I because your floofiness is an international standard to which I aspire and Mum because she keeps trying to rub your tum through the computer. Please excuse the convoluted grammar!
Congratulations again. Mum is thinking of making trifle for Valentine's Day so maybe I'll get some...
Concatulations Eric on your first Blogoversary. I wish you many more.

I has been a pleasure getting to know you this past year. We have had lots of fun doing Nap-A-Thons and the Catolympics. Even a few sword fights on Dickens Chat.

Lots of purrs, headbuts and scritches from Derby, Vir-ginger and Mum.

A good look back Eric. I have enjoyed reading your blog since it started. Keep up the good work, my friend. Or, is it good fun? :-)

Going back to lurk mode...
Congratulations Eric!
It was a good year for us too because we got to meet YOU!
Congratulations on your blogiversary, Eric! I especially enjoyed reading through the highlights. I'm glad I met you!
OMG. Your floofy tummy is just beyond words. I have seen, and patted, many kitty tummies. Your tummy, Eric, is truly spectacular. I completely agree with the Tower Hill mob that your floofyness certainly sets the bar very high!
OH FAT ERIC!!! Concatulashuns!! Yer blog is so grate and it's soooo much fun to read. We hope yoo have many many more annevursaries and many many more stories to tell!!!
Congratulations on your first Blogisversary! We just adore your page. You're one of the first kitties mommy read and decided to make me my own blog! What a great idea to share your highlights. You are a handsome, floofy, fun boy and we can't wait to see what this year brings for you (careful of those remotes!!!!)
Happy, Happy Blogiversary!

ps: I like the picture of you with the flowers. Very beautiful.
Happy Blogivers(yester)day

that is quite exciting news!
Congratz! You've had a truly exciting year, Eric. But it seems your people are doing a lot of traveling without you. You must either put a stop to it, or demand to go along!
Concatulations, Eric! We are furry glad we met you last year, and we really enjoyed your summary of your year of blogging!
Happy Blogiversary to you, happy blogiversary to you, happy blogiversary Eric, happy blogiversary to you......And many more.
Happy Blogiversary, Eric! We must say, you don't look a year older. What's your secret for maintaining your youthful good looks, handsome boy?

The ArtsyCatsy staff
I remember lots of that stuff Eric!
Happy anniversary and thanks for the memories.
Happy Belated Blogiversary!!!! What a furry busy year you had!
~meeko, Kiara, & Emmy
Happy Blogoversary Eric. We're sorry we're late, but mum hasn't let us have much computer time this week. She said she's been to busy. She should try having more nap time like us.
It's all thanks to you that we got our own blog cos mum googled cat sites, and the name Fat Eric came up amongst them.She read right through your blog and told us all about you. We told her that we wanted to blog to. Well as they say, the rest is history.
Happy blogging and many more of them.
What a busy year you've had Eric! That's excellent though. We look forward to many more years of blogging from you!
Hey there big fellow, happy blogiversary to you and your Mum from me and all the Good Cats. Good on you, mate, and keep up the good work, too.
Happy Blogiversary to you! We certainly enjoy reading about you and what you have to say. Looking at the year was a great idea! Looking forward to the 2nd year!

Purrs from
China Cat & Willow
Happy Blogiversary to you Eric. I enjoy reading your blog very much and remember quite a few of your highlights. Keep up the good work.
Concatulations, Eric! ...and many more!!!

PS Winter has been hard to find around here, too, until just recently.
Happy Blogiversary Eric! We enjoy reading about all your all your adventures. Looking forward to many more years!
Congratulations, Eric, and may you continue blogging for a long time to come! You're my favorite English friend!
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