Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Wacky Wednesday

You remember my yellow submarine cushion I like to sleep next to?

It inspired those talented cats at Zoolatry to make something else...
Only 2 more days until my purrthday party! I need to go and help my mum with the decorating. You wouldn't believe how much stinky goodness and lovely food we have ready for the party. And the other day my mum and dad came home with a giant sack of kitty litter. My mum smelt of kittens. My dad told me that in the place where they bought the kitty litter, there were some brown stripy tiger kittens playing with my mum and acting cute. My dad says he had to drag her away to stop her from bringing those kittens home. I do NOT want a kitten for a purrthday present, OK? I hope she knows that!

That's another very nice graphic of you.

I hope your Mum doesn't bring any kittens home. She should know that you need her complete attention at all times!
What a great picture! My mommy loves The Beatles, so I know ALL about yellow submarines! I have told my mommy that she CANNOT have another kitten, because she already has the three of us. I hope she listens to me.
That is a very lovely picture of you. No new kitties for Fat Eric's purrthday! Jack was not pleased when Mommy and Daddy brought home Dante but at least he was not a purrthday present! No! You need loads of stinky goodness and nip and bitey mousies but no new kitties! Humph!
That is a very nice picture Zoolatry did for you - they are so talented!

When my Mum goes to the place they sell litter she always comes home smelling of kittens too!
Hi Eric! It has been awhile since we stopped by. Love the picture of you! Just say no to kittens on your purrday. That would just be wrong.
ha ha ha now mommy has that song stuck in her head. that picture is perfect! i cant wait until friday. it'll be great to see everyone again. i hope you'll be recovered enough to go to Sassy Cat's party all day Sunday. Bendrix is a party animal so we'll be there.
PS no kittens for your birthday...maybe for Christmas...snicker
oh how fantastic, what a lovely picture of you!

Dont let the human come back home with a kitten it will be awful!! x
You know Eric, it really isn't bad having a brother. Max and I hang out together all the time and it's great.


P.S. We can't wait for the party!
I am embarassed to say that I like having a little brofur...Oh, man, der goes my image.~Zippy
Parrtay! Woohoo, we can't wait!
Eric and Flynn are ecstatic about the party. Of course, we need to sneak them in because of asylum rules. We might be rather quiet while we are around...
I love your yellow submarine graphic, Eric. It is just so you. A kitten for a birthday present sounds intriguing, but not something you would enjoy right off.
Mum's now singing ALL the Beatles' songs she knows!
I'm looking forward to all the goodies.
It's very hard to resist brown stripy tiger kittens- I was one once and Mum walked STRAIGHT TO ME!
Try not to worry, Eric...
Woo Hoo, I can't wait for the party!
(that was us above. We fuxxed up a little.)

Oh no.
We can't come then, Fat Eric.
We were going to "gift" Annie to you.
She really IS the gift that keeps on giving.
Sort of like herpes, maybe.
Wowie, that's a great pickshure of you onna yeller submarine! You look like yur havin fun! Maggy and Zoey are so talented.

hehehe about you gettin a kitten as a purrthday present! I'm the youngest in this housie so I was kind of a present fur my bruther and my sisters!

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!
Cool photo. I hope you have a great Birthday and get lots of presents(No kitty's).
Ohhh we can't wait fur yur Purrthday Party! Dat cupboard of stinky goodness looks amazing. Do we get to try some of dat at da party?
He or she might grow on you...
OK, no kitten for your purrthday, but what about a quoll? I was told these guys can be trained to use kitty litters. Never met a quoll? Come to my blog for an intro.
"In the town of Walthamstow,
lived a cat with eyes of green.
Though he was large,
His heart is larger,
Coolest man-cat, I'd ever seen...

And he sleeps on a Yellow Submarine,
Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine.
Fat Eric sleeps with a Yellow Submarine,
a Yellow Submarine,
Yellow Submarine..."

That's a great pictures! A new sister or brother isn't too bad, but like you, I would rather not have that as a birthday present!

-Jasper McKitten-Cat
What a great picture.WE love it!!

Oh we like the yellow submarine pict with you Fat Eric. We gaves you an award earlier in the posts and you haf to go pick it up. ~The FLuffy Tribe

We haz not vizited you fur awhile & I yam amazed at how slim & trim & fit you look. I tink you must be workin' out pal. Pretty soon you will have da gurlz instant messagin' you on der black-burp-eez, or whatever dey call doze tingz. Hope you have a rowzin' good time at your burth-day party!

-Dr Tweety
Eric, I am teleporting over shortly after midnight your time on the 26th. I wanted to be the first to wish you a HAPPY PURRTHDAY.

Since I am at the kittie spa, not sure if I can make the rest of the party. I sneaked this in when no one was looking.

Purrs and best wishes for many more.
Super cool picture. Hope you don't end up with a brother or sister for your purrthday!
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