Saturday, December 26, 2009


Boxing Day Update and Belated Happy Christmas!

Well, here I am at Devon Grandma's house. Sorry I couldn't post yesterday to wish my friends a Merry Christmas, but hope you all had a good one. My humans and I drove from London to Devon on Wednesday. It was a slower journey than usual because of the weather and my humans got very tense because of the snow and the freezing fog and later the torrential rain - lots of cars were having accidents but my dad drove very carefully and we got to Devon Grandma's house safely in the end. I fell asleep in the Evil Cat Carrier and slept nearly all the way and my humans said I was extremely good and quiet.

I remembered Devon Grandma's house and I am happy to say that she still has all the cosy sofas and that there is still a very warm and comfy napping spot behind the red sofa next to the hot radiator! I have been spending a lot of time there.

On Christmas morning I checked my stocking and I found some tins of tuna and some other luxury foods for treats and a packet of Greenies sent from Mericky just for me! Edible presents are my favourite. Then my mum and dad went off to Cornwall to have Christmas dinner with Cornish Grandma and Cornish Auntie (who live about 2 hours' drive away). Devon Grandma went next door and had Christmas dinner with 12 other people and I looked after Devon Grandma's house for her. My humans stayed in Cornwall for the night so I was in charge of looking after Devon Grandma. She remembered to feed me at the right times so that was OK. This morning (Boxing Day) I woke up and I remembered my humans had gone to Cornwall so I found my way into Devon Grandma's bedroom and I jumped on her pillow and started licking her hair just like I do to my humans and I went "Meow, meow, breakfast please!" Devon Grandma got a bit of a fright because she is 80 and apparently she isn't used to large floofy cats on her head in the morning, but when she had calmed down she served my breakfast, so that was good! Then at lunchtime she was eating a turkey sandwich and I sat in front of her chair and looked really, really pleading and I got some TURKEY!!! After that my stomach was happy and full of turkey, so I had a nap until tea-time, when my humans arrived back from Cornwall and there was much hair-licking and happiness.

We are staying here until Wednesday when we go back to London so I will have lots more chances to try out the napping spots at Devon Grandma's house. My mum has taken some lovely Christmas photos of me but we can't upload them until we get back home. Hope everyone else is having as much Christmas fun as me!

Monday, December 21, 2009


A Christmas Journey

Hmm. There are bags of presents in the living room. Bags of clothes in the bedroom. My dad is fretting about de-icing the car and my mum is making lists of Christmas items. I thought something was going on. Apparently tomorrow we are going on a long road trip to visit Devon Grandma for Christmas. This has happened before and you can read about my travels here and here and here. This means I will be thrown in the Evil Cat Carrier and put in the car along with a ton of luggage and presents, and will have to spend hours on the road. At least once I get to Devon Grandma's I know where the comfy sofas and the food bowls are at her house. Here is a map I made a while ago to show you where I am going:

On Christmas Day my humans are going a bit further down to Cornish Auntie's (mum's sister's) house for Christmas lunch, but I am staying at Devon Grandma's because it is more peaceful for me. Here's a picture of me on one of her sofas, I hope she still has this one!
We are not quite sure if we are going tomorrow because it has been snowing again and the roads are very icy; if it snows again we might have to wait till Wednesday to drive down. My mum sometimes has trouble getting an internet connection at Devon Grandma's, but I will blog when I can to let all my friends know when I have arrived. Wish me luck with all that travelling!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


The Christmas Tree and the V-E-T!

Last weekend I helped my mum to put up the Christmas tree and some decorations in our house. She had to get dad to stand on chairs and put up some high decorations because she is not allowed to stand on stuff like that any more in case she falls off and breaks her leg again.

I sniffed all the Christmas tree ornaments as they came out of the tins in the big box from the loft. My mum is a great one for buying tree ornaments in all the different places she visits, so they remind her of places she has been. We also have quite a few cat-themed ornaments. Here is our finished tree: And here are some of the cat ornaments we have. Guess which one is my favourite? I keep looking at this robin ornament. He looks quite tasty. Shame mum has put him so high up on the tree. (I don't have the figure for tree-climbing).And here I am doing a final inspection on the tree. I don't think she should buy many more ornaments or we will have to get a bigger tree. Not everything this week has been as much fun as tree decorating. On Friday evening I was peacefully dozing under the Christmas tree when I was picked up, thrown into the Evil Cat Carrier, put into the car and driven round the corner to see the Loud Australian V-e-t. It was that time of year again when I have those annual injections in the back of my neck. When the Loud Australian V-e-t tipped me out on to the table I climbed straight back into the Evil Cat Carrier again, heh heh heh. He did all his checks and said that I am in good shape and he was very impressed that my diabetes is still under good control. I have lost some more weight - when he weighed me a year ago I was 17 and a half pounds and now I am down to 15 and a half pounds, which is the lightest I have ever been since my humans adopted me 6 years ago. The v-e-t doesn't think I am qualified to call myself Skinny Eric yet, though.

Luckily the trip to the v-e-t did not take long, and I was soon back at home catching up on some naptime. There is one more week to go before my mum finishes school for the Christmas holidays. She has all sorts of stuff going on like Christmas shows and parties and card making with her class, but the v-e-t said she shouldn't forget to give me lots of grooming so that my floof is at its best for Christmas!

Sunday, December 06, 2009


The Hard Stare

The humans think I don't know that they've been out stuffing themselves with cream cakes while taking a break from Christmas shopping. I can smell the cream on their breaths! And did they bring any cream cakes home for me? NO!!! This is why I am giving them a very Hard Stare.

In other news, today I helped my mum to decorate the Christmas tree. Pictures to follow!

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