Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Weeeeeird Weather!

First, thank you all so much for the purrthday wishes! So many friends stopped by to wish me a happy purrthday, I was overwhelmed! I will be trying to get round to all my friends to thank them. (I have had limited blogging time over the last few days owing to my mum selfishly being mostly out enjoying herself with Cornish Auntie rather than at home devoting herself to me!)

More strange things have been happening here, mostly to do with weeeeeird weather!

A few days ago my mum took this picture of the sunflowers which are still blooming at the front of our house. You can see they are quite tall. You can see some of our neighbours' houses across the road. You can also see that it is a nice, sunny autumnal day and there are even a few roses still out.
Last night it got very cold. My humans were watching TV and I was snoozing on my mum's lap, when my dad went outside to get something from the car. He came rushing back in, going "You'll never guess what - it's SNOWING!" I was evicted from my mum's lap while she went rushing outside too. Yes, it was snowing. Quite hard, actually. In London, in October! I should say that the last time it snowed in London in October was 1934, according to the Met Office. So this is quite unusual. Last winter we only had 2 days of snow in London all winter - we don't get much here at all, and definitely not in October!

This is what it looked like outside our front door last night.
And this is what my mum's poor sunflowers looked like. They were not happy.
Today it is still very cold. I have been sleeping as close to the nice hot radiator as possible. Time to snuggle up and hibernate already?

*EDITED Thursday morning to add - Oh My D-o-g! Look what happened RIGHT where my Devon Grandma lives! But we have phoned her and she is OK! *

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Happy Purrthday to ME!!!

Yes, it is my purrthday! Today is the 5th anniversary of my Gotcha Day and also my official 13th purrthday. I am a teenager!

Thank you so much for all the purrthday wishes I have already received. Plus, my friend Derby sent me a great e-card and my friends at Zoolatry have done this special purrthday picture for me:

So far I have had a quiet morning. We all had an extra hour's sleep after the clocks went back last night. It is raining very hard outside. My mum and my Cornish Auntie had bagels with cream cheese for breakfast and, as it is my purrthday, I was allowed some licks of cream cheese - yummy! Also I am having TUNA for lunch instead of my diet stinky goodness. I seem to be getting lots of cuddles too. My mum says that any of my friends who want can come over and hang out with me. I love purrthdays!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Almost My Purrthday

It is all happening here at my house. Firstly, my mum's school is now on half-term holiday for a week. That means she doesn't have to get up early and go and teach the sticky little people, but can spend more time with me and rest her voice a bit. That has to be good!

Secondly, my Cornish Auntie (mum's sister) arrived yesterday to stay with us for a few days. You may remember that I went to stay at her house last Christmas and spent a lot of time hiding under her bed. It is nice to see her. She and my mum went out shopping in London today and spent lots of money, they say.

It was my Cornish Auntie's purrthday last Thursday, and guess what? Tomorrow it is MY purrthday! Well, we don't know when my real purrthday is, so I celebrate it on my Gotcha Day. Tomorrow will be my official 13th purrthday. I will be a teenager! Plus, it will be five whole years since the day my humans adopted me and Hattie.

The only problem is that I have to wait an extra hour until it is my purrthday, because tonight we have to change all our clocks here in Britain. They go back an hour, and instead of being on British Summer Time we will be on Greenwich Mean Time. And it will get dark earlier.

I think I will go to bed early tonight to make my purrthday come quicker!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Tuesday Twosome

My dad is home. I missed him and I am hanging out with him a lot. Please notice who has claimed control of the comfy sofa and who is sitting on the floor! His shoulder makes a comfy pillow.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Snuggling On Sunday

My dad is still away visiting his friend he goes climbing with. He is coming back tonight, but my mum and I have been having quality time together. Last night she went out to a quiz night. It is the big quiz night of the year and last year her team won. This year they got pipped into third place (did I mention my mum is a bad loser?) So she was a little bit disappointed but I gave her lots of consoling licks when she got home and, after all, there is always next time!

This morning, as it was Sunday, I let her sleep in till 8.30 a.m. before I mewed for breakfast. After she had fed me she went back to bed for a lie-in and I decided to keep her company. Instead of just sitting on the pillow like I normally do, I decided to snuggle down under the duvet and wrap my paws round her arm and get close for a lovely warm nap. We both really enjoyed it and stayed there snoozing for another whole hour! Unfortunately we don't have any pictures of all this snuggliness but maybe this old picture will give an idea.
Hope everyone has a lovely relaxing Sunday. I am looking forward to my dad coming home tonight, but a bit worried about tomorrow. My mum has still not really got her proper voice back after the cold she had recently, she is still coughing and going hoarse (I told her to stay out of the classroom for longer!) This week she has parent-teacher interviews. I reckon by the time she has talked to 16 parents on Monday night, 2 parents on Tuesday night and 10 parents on Thursday night, she will have no voice left at all! Still, at least she doesn't need a voice to dish up the cat food, right?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Whiskers on Wednesday

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Scritches On A Sunny Sunday

To be honest, I'd be quite happy just to go on sleeping at this point, but she can't keep her hands off my floof, and you can understand why!

Thursday, October 09, 2008


The £10,000 Cat

We read a story about a very lucky kitty who lost his miaow...but his devoted human paid £10,000 to get it back for him! His name is Cadbury and you can read his story here.

Thank you for the purrs for my mum's cold and cough germs to go away. They are still hanging around. She went back to work today (against my feline advice) and felt terrible all day, I told her she should have stayed home with me!

For the first time in days we saw some autumn sunshine today and it's supposed to stay all weekend. My dad has gone away for a few days to visit a friend and do some climbing so I am in charge of my mum...I think he wanted to get away from all the germs!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Toes On Tuesday

My humans have got a new duvet and pillowcase set, I have been testing it to check that the colour goes with my fur. I think it contrasts with me quite well.
My mum is still sick...yesterday she went in to teach with her cold and after a day of talking at her class her voice had disappeared. Mysterious. Now the cold has gone to her chest so she was up coughing all night, so after she had called in sick this morning and sent dad off to work, she and I spent the morning in bed and the afternoon on the sofa. I am using all my nursing skills. She is not going to work tomorrow either because she still doesn't have a voice. I like having a human to sit on all day.

Here is a picture of my big, floofy mancat toes, just because it's Tuesday!

Sunday, October 05, 2008


300th Post Contest - The Result!

Well, my previous post on Friday was actually my 300th post! Which makes this my 301st. Phew.

After posting my 300th post, I had to go back and look at all the entries to my contest to find out who had won. There were a lot of entries to go through and check! The actual date and time of my 300th post was 3rd October at 8.04 pm BST. It turned out that there were several kitties who had got very close to this time. Cats-Goats-Quotes predicted 3rd October at 7.42 pm, so they were only 22 minutes out! The Cat Realm predicted 3rd October at 8.15 pm, so they were only 11 minutes out! But the winners are...(drumroll)...

Hot(M)BC! Who guessed 3rd October at 8.12 pm, so they were only EIGHT minutes out! That is a very very good guess indeed!

Congratulations to the Hotties! I have their address and will soon be posting the book, the CD and the treats off to them. I hope they enjoy their prizes!

I will have to have another contest some time - they are fun!

P.S. If you like guessing, here's another puzzle for you...21 days from today it is a special day for me, does anyone know why?

P.P.S. I have to go and sit on my mum now. She has a cold caught from those germy little people she teaches and is all sneezy and sore-throaty and stuff. I have been doing a lot of nursing this weekend, it is very wearing...

Friday, October 03, 2008


Floofy Friday - Good Morning, Mum!

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