Thursday, April 30, 2009


Sunshine And A Bank Holiday Coming

My humans have spent too much time working this week and not enough time making a fuss of me, but at least we have got some nice sunshine. My mum planted baby vegetables last weekend and there are lots of flowers out in the garden, including mum's favourite of all, the lilac, which smells really nice just outside the patio windows. I have been able to spend some time sunning myself outside, in between chasing off a few Evil Intruder Cats. The weatherman on the BBC tonight said it was going to be a nice summer this year, not like the last two rainy summers.
There are lots of cats recently who have sent me their pictures to put on the Gorgeous Gingers page. I'm sorry they're still waiting - my human staff are slow about doing these things. But this weekend is a long weekend (my humans get next Monday off work for May Bank Holiday), so I will make my mum spend some time helping me get the Gorgeous Gingers page up to date.

We love bank holidays!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Farewell Oreo

A long time ago, when I started blogging, Oreo was one of the first blogging kitties I met. Lately he had been away from blogging, but he will be much missed in the blogosphere. His final post is very moving. His mum is missing him very much.

Farewell, Oreo.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Anyone There?


Marmite, I think they must be out. There's no answer.


Maybe we should try mewing to attract her attention? Mew! Mew! Mew!



Nom, nom, nom...I hope the fat ginger kitty doesn't come outside and catch us!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


She's home!


Sunday, April 19, 2009


Ginger Cat Gossip

Oh hey there, it's me, Skinny...anyone home? I just came round to see if there was any food going.
Hey, thanks! Nom, nom, nom...delicious! Fat Eric's humans serve the best stinky goodness! Go away, Tiny Tuxie, you are not skinny so you don't get to eat any of this!
Hi, Eric, how's it going? You look a little upset.
What? Your mum is abandoning you AGAIN! That's outrageous! She's leaving tomorrow morning to spend a week with 28 children on an activity holiday in Norfolk? Instead of spending time with you and your dad? No wonder you look upset!

Will there still be stinky goodness available for me with your mum away? There will? Yay! Well, maybe you would like me to come round and keep you company while your mum is away? Us gingers must stick together, you know.

Friday, April 17, 2009


What She Saw

I haven't been blogging much this week but I have been enjoying lots and lots of quality time with my mum since she has still been on school holidays. Also I get some extra foods because she is home at lunchtime (normally she is out all day) and I can play the pitiful hungry kitty who cannot possibly wait till normal dinner time for something to keep me going. It has been quite sunny (until today, when it is raining), so I have been helping her with some gardening, and I have got to sit on her lap a lot when she is playing on the computer or reading or watching TV, or just lying around doing nothing. We have been doing a lot of that too.

I have helped her download her pictures from last week when she went to see Cornish Auntie and Cornish Grandma. I thought you might like to see a few of them.

This is from the day they went to Penzance. As you can see it was quite sunny, but not warm enough for a dip in the open air pool!
While they were in Penzance they saw a vintage clothes shop called Kitt's Corner. Look closely in that shop window. Can you see a gorgeous ginger kitty? Oh yes, and you can probably see my mum taking the photo too.
This is the kitty who works in the clothes shop. Who wouldn't want to buy that dress he is advertising?
This is Falmouth where Cornish Grandma volunteers as a guide at the Maritime Museum. They have got a special exhibition on there at the moment about the Titanic.
And this is the village where Cornish Grandma lives and where my mum grew up.
Wait a minute! That's that Scottish woofie of Cornish Grandma's that I can't stand! (We had to spend Christmas in the same house one year, it was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life, he kept trying to LICK me! *shudder*)

So that's what she saw in Cornwall. Now I need to catch up on doing nothing again and make the most of the last few days of her holiday. Have a nice weekend!

Monday, April 13, 2009



Well, after nearly five whole days my mum finally came home. My dad told her I was emotionally needy while she was away. For some reason he didn't appreciate me climbing into bed with him at 5 a.m. each morning, wrapping myself round his head for company and patting him on the eyelid. I thought it was cute and endearing and would stop him from getting lonely!

Since she got home I have been mostly sitting on her and purring. Of course, because of her neglect I was unable to visit my friends and wish them a happy Easter, so please consider this a belated Easter greeting! At least she didn't make me take part in an embarrassing Easter picture like this one from last year.

To make up for being neglected over Easter I made her post this video of me - here I am doing some blogging at the computer - as usual, there's some loud purring going on, so turn up your volume!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Woeful Wednesday - Abandoned!

My mum is abandoning me for four whole days on the flimsy excuse that she wants to go down to Cornwall to see Cornish Grandma and Cornish Auntie while she is on holiday from school.

I thought I had made it clear that holidays from school are for spending quality time with the kitty!

My dad still has to go to work every day so he will be here to feed me - he is quite generous with the food and Greenies, but his lap is not as comfy and he just doesn't provide the level of cuddling, scritches, kisses and general adoration I require on a daily basis!

How could she? I will have to think of a way to punish her when she gets back on Sunday - after I've finished licking her, that is.

Monday, April 06, 2009


Presenting...The Official Rogues' Gallery of Evil Intruder Kitties!

Many times I have complained about the Evil Intruder Kitties in my garden, and it may be confusing for some of my friends sorting out who is who, so I thought I would do a Rogues' Gallery so that if you see any of them lurking near your garden, you will be on the alert!

You will be shocked when you see what I have to put up we go!
1) Top of the list, of course, for reasons of sheer persistence - that little black pest, Marmite. He's a daily visitor, and gets everywhere - on the shed, by the pond, meowing for treats by the back door, sunbathing by the rhubarb, striking photogenic poses...he has no shame! The only revenge I can get is revealing that his own humans call him Kitty (snigger) wonder he wants to hang out with my humans, who have much cooler taste in names!
2) This is Skinny, also known as Skinny Ginger - my mum tried calling him Arthur but Skinny kind of stuck. He turned up at the kitchen door one day, over a year ago, wearing a blue collar and so skinny that mum could feel all his bones sticking out. My mum fed him but then he left. She thought maybe he had got lost. A few months ago he turned up again, without the collar and still really skinny. Now he visits regularly but not every day; he only turns up for breakfast about three times a week so we think he is getting fed somewhere else too, otherwise he would stick around here more. He must be part Meezer because he meezes and meezes very loudly for some of my stinky goodness and then he scoffs it down immediately. He thinks it's OK to rub all over my mum, purring, and I've even seen him out in the garden jumping on her lap when she was sitting on the steps. He tries to come in the house too if the door's open. The only good thing about him from my point of view is that he doesn't like Marmite and will chase him away if they both show up at the same time. He's the only Evil Intruder Cat who eats my stinky goodness, so he's a major threat!
3) This is Spike, our neighbour kitty. He comes in our garden a few times a week, and the humans never feed him because they know he has a great home of his own, so I wouldn't mind him so much, except that he has poor taste in friends...he likes to hang out with the black terror, Marmite. He has also been known to try to come into my kitchen. He is quite nosy. Spike is scared of Skinny.
4) This is tuxie Juliet, who lives with our neighbours on the other side. She is one of the few girl kitties in the neighbourhood. She comes in my garden several times a day but she is very shy of humans except her own, so if she sees one of my humans coming outside, she runs straight back to her own garden. However, she has been known to hang out with Skinny and a few other cats. Juliet is not her real name, but she gets called that now because Romeo is in love with her. Who's Romeo? Read on...
5) The floofy black kitty sitting under Juliet's window is Romeo, who lives several houses away with a nice man. He doesn't often come into my garden but he spends a lot of time in Juliet's garden, because he leuuurves her. He likes to sit under her window or on her front doorstep most nights. We're not sure why he loves her so much because they've both had the "-ectomy" operations which should have cooled their ardour. Romeo runs away from my humans and at least he doesn't come scrounging for food! He is a bit of a sad case really with his hopeless passion for Juliet. And he is scared of Marmite - what a wimp! 6) This is Big Tuxie. He is the strong silent type. He patrols the neighbourhood and has scars from his many fights. He runs away from my humans. He is difficult to photograph, but this was taken on a very warm day when he had let his guard down and was relaxing under a bush in my garden.
7) This is Tiny Tuxie, a recent arrival. We don't know much about him/her yet, except that he/she is quite young. Used to be very shy, but then he/she turned up here and saw Skinny nomming a plateful of my stinky goodness and since then he/she has been coming round looking hopeful.
8) This is Tuxie Three - only an occasional visitor and runs away from my humans, so I'm not too concerned about him.
9) This is Mysterious Thin Grey Tabby With Bell. Doesn't come into my garden very often but is seen hiding behind walls and fences up and down the street. Very shy and wears a very loud jingly bell, so you can always hear him/her going past - quite often being chased by the Very Mean Kitty.

10) We don't have a picture of the Very Mean Kitty but he is Bad News. He is floofy and dark brown with a big strange faded yellow patch on one side and lots of scars from fighting. He terrorises cats far and wide but luckily he has only been in my garden about twice. One time he cornered Juliet behind the shed and my mum had to rescue her by chasing him away. Another time Romeo had to go to the v-e-t because he got beaten up by the Very Mean Kitty. He is a Very Mean Kitty and should be avoided at all costs.

Phew! No wonder I am exhausted from monitoring the Evil Intruder Kitty situation! Now you know who is who, please help me keep an eye on them!

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Some More Springtime Photos

Well, I found out that those scary big cats in my last post were actually at this place, which my humans visited on the Special Birthday Weekend in the countryside. And my humans have no plans to bring any big cats home in the near future. Phew.

My mum has been ignoring my blogging and cuddling needs this week, pretending to be too busy to give me as much attention as I deserve. However, tomorrow is her last day of school and then she gets two weeks of Easter holidays, so I hope she is going to devote herself to my needs for a while! She says she needs to do lots of work on the garden, although it is looking quite pretty and flowery already. Last weekend we changed our clocks to British Summer Time so it stays light in the evenings for longer and we have been enjoying some nice sunny evenings and sniffing the flowers.

Here is a colourful part of the back garden.
Here are some flowers just next to our front door - pink hyacinths, yellow forsythia, blue grape hyacinths, and in that pot in about a week there should be some yellow tulips out (there is another pot of yellow tulips on the other side of the front door).
Here I am coming in up the steps from my evening stroll around the garden. I am looking a bit grumpy in this picture because I have just been sniffing too many Evil Intruder Kitty smells in my personal garden. You can see some nice evening sunshine shining on me though.
And here is the best picture my mum has ever taken of Isaac Newt, who lives in our pond with about 20 of his friends and relations. He is underwater in this picture, chilling out on the edge of a pot which has a minature water lilly plant in it. The water is very clear at the moment because my mum cleaned out the pond the other day.
Coming soon...I will be presenting the official Rogues' Gallery of Evil Intruder Kitties! Hope everyone has a nice Friday even if their humans are not getting two weeks' holiday!

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