Sunday, June 25, 2006


Psycho Eric!

It was a calm and peaceful Sunday in north-east London. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. Fat Eric was relaxing on a garden chair, admiring the flowers and watching his mum working hard weeding the garden.
After a while he got a little too hot and decided to go indoors. Lying next to his Scratchy Mouse he saw one of the presents Derby had given him earlier in the week. It was a small mousie with feathers on it. A strange feeling started to come over Fat Eric...the feeling that something had to be done about this mousie...his eyes flashed red...he started to stalk towards the mousie, then...he pounced...and suddenly! he had turned into -


(Be very afraid!)

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Happy Day!

Yay! Today was a good day. My mum worked very hard and finished all her reports a day early! Then she annoyed her colleagues by going "La la la la la, I've finished my reports and you haven't!" Then she came home to spend a happy evening giving me lots of cuddles. When she got home, something even more exciting had happened, because a big box had been left for her with our neighbour, and it was from Derby! I bet you can guess what was in it...

It's from Derby! It must be Mandarin (Mandy), Vir-ginger's sister! Quick, open the box!

Yes, it's Mandy, she's made it here all the way from Wisconsin! And look, she's even brought toys and treats with her!

She's cute, but will she want to share my Scratchy Mouse? Because I'm very possessive about my Scratchy Mouse...

No, it's OK, she's going to explore the garden instead. I hope she likes English gardens.

We hope Mandy enjoys her new life as a British catizen. We'll make sure she keeps in touch with all her brothers and sisters in Mericky. Thank you very much for sending her, Derby, we'll try our best to be a good adoptive family!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Letter To My Mum

Dear Mum,

This is a letter of protest. For the last two or three weeks my emotional needs have been sadly neglected. Yes, I know you have to finish writing the school reports on all the little monsters and that you have to do your job properly in order to keep earning enough money to buy my Stinky Goodness, but this is getting ridiculous. Every time I see you around the house, I immediately fall on my back mewing "I need a tummy tickle!" but all I get is about 10 seconds of token tickling and then you are off again, ignoring me and hogging the computer. I haven't been able to update my blog either except for those times when you rush downstairs to check out how England are doing in the World Cup.

I mean, how could anyone prefer to write boring reports when there is such a cute floofy tummy to be tickled?

I can't wait until you hand in the reports on Friday. I need to catch up on my cuddling time and tell you all about the Catolympics. I won a bronze medal in Sumo Wrestling, you know! You can see it on the left of this page.

But since you are obviously too busy to snuggle me right now, I am going to comfort eat instead. At least you haven't forgotten to feed me. Although I think it would have been difficult to forget, when I was standing on your chest screaming "FEED ME NOW!" at six this morning. I will eat my Stinky Goodness and look forward to Friday, when you have promised that normality will be resumed. You owe me a lot of lap time.

With licks and headbutts from your annoyed but gracious and forebearing kitty,

Fat Eric.

Friday, June 16, 2006


Adventures With Zeus

Zeus came to visit us as part of his TV series, The Amazing Zeus! We had so many adventures together as we explored London. You can read Zeus's description of our day out here. Zeus was just as cool as I knew he would be. My mum thought he was a very polite and handsome Merican kitty too. I love reading about Zeus's adventures, he is off to New York next to see the Meezers!

The Catolympics is finally starting and I am so excited. My mum and dad are off to Birmingham tomorrow for some sort of gardening fair so they probably won't miss me too much when I am off at the Catolympics. I have warned my dad that a massive gardening fair is probably not the safest place to take someone with a serious plant-buying addiction such as my mum. He just laughed and said he would fold down the back seats in the car to make more space for her purchases.

Ah well. I'm going to settle down now, close my eyes and teleport myself to the Catolympics. See you there!

Transport me to the 2006 Catolympics.
Transport me to the 2006 Catolympics.
Transport me to the 2006 Catolympics.
Transport me to the 2006 Catolympics.
Transport me to the 2006 Catolympics.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006


I Won A Prize!

I won a prize for being the 20,000th visitor to Oreo's blog! Which meant that I got another package from Mericky. Here I am checking out my prizes...treats, a new and different feather toy, and some tins of Fancy Feast, which is a kind of Mericky Stinky Goodness I've never had before. Thanks Oreo, I really like my prizes!

I am also very excited because The Amazing Zeus is coming to visit tomorrow! He has been travelling all over the place and tomorrow he is coming to London to see me. I hope he enjoys his visit.

There are lots of new kittens around the blogosphere now. One of my fellow Gorgeous Gingers, Rhett, has a new little brother called Rico, who is Ginger too. Rico is now the youngest (and possibly the cutest) Gorgeous Ginger, please go and say hello to him.

I haven't been able to visit many of my friends' blogs this week because my mum is using the computer a lot to write school reports, but I am really looking forward to the Catolympics - not long now!

Friday, June 09, 2006


50th Post

My mum says this is my 50th post since I started blogging. Wow, that's quite a lot of posts! It has taken me about 6 months to clock up 50 posts, I wonder if I can manage 100 posts in a year? I haven't been able to blog for the last couple of days because Blogger was being very badly-behaved.

The Catolympic torch relay is still going on, not long now before the events begin. I am still in training. The torch has just got to Princess Mia, it's so exciting!

It is very warm here now, temperatures in London are going to be around 82-84F for the next week at least. My mum took all her little monsters on a trip to Westminster on Wednesday, they had to take 2 Tube trains to get there and 2 to get back. They visited this museum, dressed up like this, and sat in a garden eating their sandwiches and looking at Big Ben on the other side of the river. When they got back and she had returned all the little monsters safely to their parents, she was so tired she went straight to sleep when she got home!

My dad has gone away this weekend, to see Devon Grandma. So my mum and I are going to spend quality time together, although she says she might not be able to play with me much because she has 25 end-of-year school reports to write by June 23rd. I am spending a lot of time lying by the pond at the moment, it is one of the coolest places to be when you have a furry hot long coat.

The Feline Oligarchy wanted to know the names of the purple flowers in my last post. They are "Purple Sensation" alliums. Here are some more pictures of our pretty flowers.
Pale purple clematis, "Dublin Bay" roses, Arum lillies.
Giant poppies, "Peace" roses.
Yellow lupins.

Monday, June 05, 2006


Summer Is Here!

Maybe. Hopefully. Apparently we've just had the wettest May for 27 years, but this weekend was lovely and warm so we are hoping summer is here. The forecast is that it will be between 73-80F all week. What a shame it wasn't like this last week when my mum was on holiday!

We have had a busy week. Uncle Sim and Auntie Jan came back to stay with us for a few more days before they went back to Mericky on Wednesday. My mum and dad took them to Cambridge and Kew Gardens and on a Thames riverboat and some other places. Auntie Jan and I played so hard with my feather stick we broke all the feathers off it so my mum is going to have to buy me a new one now. We enjoyed having visitors but now it's back to normal; still 7 weeks of school left for my mum before they break up for the summer.

I was such a good kitty entertaining the visitors that my mum bought me a treat - some special cat food I have never had before - Marks and Spencers Luxury Sardine and Crab kitty food! was goooood... The next day when I got my ordinary food back I miaowed and miaowed very loudly trying to get some more of the Luxury Food instead. I miaowed so long and loudly they couldn't watch television, heh heh. But they didn't cave in so in the end I got hungry and ate the ordinary food. But I know they have got another tin of that Luxury Food stashed away somewhere!

Some kitties have been posting pictures of the lovely June flowers in their gardens. Our garden is looking very pretty at the moment. We have also got tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and strawberries growing so there may be some yummy things to eat later!

We thought you might like to see some of our flowers. But Blogger is being very difficult today and it would only let us upload two of our pictures. Maybe we'll try again tomorrow.

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