Monday, May 28, 2007


Gingers and Gardening

Well. Here in the UK it is a Bank Holiday weekend. Usually this weekend there would be lots of fun traditional events happening, such as cheese rolling. My humans were planning to go to a classic car show. Unfortunately, the rain has been pouring down all weekend, so mostly they have been staying in watching old movies, while I have been unable to sunbathe in the garden and have been mostly sleeping on my Gizzy quilt instead. Pah.

However, I have taken the opportunity to update the Gorgeous Gingers website. Do you know how many of us Gorgeous Gingers there are? You may be surprised...there are now 66 Gorgeous Gingers, not to mention 12 Rainbow Gingers! That's a lot of ginger gorgeousness.

Some of the latest members to join the Gorgeous Gingers are Rudy (the brother of Parker), Siofra (pronounced Shee-fra), Napoleon, Maurice, Pixie and Elmo of We Three Cats (whose mum is a talented and famous book illustrator) , Mr. Tibbles and Kellie. All of them most worthy GG members.

As it is still raining, I refuse to go outside, but my mum has been brave and has been taking pictures of our flowers in the rain. They may be wet but they still look pretty.

Hope it's drier where you are!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007



Sorry I haven't been around the blogosphere much. I've been so busy, I've hardly been able to get to the computer.

My Devon Grandma came to stay with us, on her way back from visiting Uncle Sim in Mericky. I was happy to see her (whispers: even though I can't believe she FORGOT to bring me back the Feline Greenies I asked for!!!) She kept going on about how cute my cousins Fred and Barney are (the cats who own Uncle Sim), so my feelings were a little bit hurt but I tried not to show it and was very cuddly and purry with her.

My dad was away for the weekend because he drove Devon Grandma down to Devon, so then I had to take care of my mum. We had a sleepless night on Saturday because our neighbours had a party which was still shaking our house at 3 a.m. on Sunday (boom! boom! boom!) I did not like the noise at all. My mum and I were tired on Sunday. I also had to do a lot of garden patrolling because we have been having an outbreak of evil snails who have eaten all the sunflower seedlings except 1 and all the carrots except 2. Unfortunately I have not been able to catch them in the act yet.

Since my dad came back, I have been trying to explain to him that as he went away and left me to share the bed with my mum, his pillow is mine now and I really don't want to give it back. I am sure you will agree this is quite reasonable. My humans are busy this week (my mum is trying to work out how to make Tudor costumes for 30 children) but next week should be good because my mum has the week off school (half term holiday) and my dad has some days off too. They are not going away, just staying here giving me lots of attention - I hope!

My humans also went to an animal park near here the other day and they met another Eric - but he wasn't a cat! Meet Eric the bunny...

Friday, May 18, 2007


Piggy Post

Hi, it's Mandy here again, Fat Eric's Squillion. Eric said I could post today as he is rather busy. His Devon Grandma is visiting. She has been in Mericky for a few months (have any Mericky cats seen her?) staying with Fat Eric's uncle, and is staying with us in London on her way home. Fat Eric has been very busy being a good host and keeping her company when his mum and dad were working.

Fat Eric asked me to post these Piggy Pictures today. If you remember, our friend English Daisy has got some guinea pigs living with her now. Parsley, the baby guinea pig, has come to live with his dad, Basil. We knew that Scooby, Shaggy and Scout would like to see these pictures as they love guinea pigs. Daisy is getting on very well with Basil and Parsley. Cute, aren't they?
Hope efurrycat has a good weekend.

Monday, May 14, 2007


ManCat Monday & 7 Random Things Meme

I think this is a good mancat pose for a Monday. The sun was shining in this picture, I wish it would shine again as we have had rain for days!

Lots of cats tagged me for the 7 Random Things About Me meme, so here goes...
1. I like to start the morning by getting on my dad's pillow and licking his hair.
2. My favourite flavour of stinky goodness is Tuna.
3. I am excellent at getting treats out of my rolling treat dispenser (Snacky Mouse).
4. I am scared of the vacuum cleaner and loud banging noises.
5. I like chasing frogs but I have only ever caught one.
6. There is a bush with pink flowers in our garden and I like to rub myself all over it.
7. Sometimes I scratch up the carpet in the living room even though I am not supposed to.

I think most cats have been tagged for this meme now but if you haven't yet, do join in. My humans are happy today because they went to see a football (soccer to Mericky people) match yesterday at the new Wembley stadium and my mum's hometown team won.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Floofy Friday - Enjoying The Quilts

It hasn't been a very special week around here. My mum had a hard week at work and was tired and stressed every night, so I had to do a lot of purring at her. The weather has been pretty dreary - just when we thought summer was here, it's now cold, windy and drizzling or raining most of the time. I suppose the rain is good for the garden but it means I can't go out bird-watching or sunbathing. So I've been doing a lot of sleeping in my bed, which is twice as comfortable now that my Gizzy Quilt is in it. You can see how cosy I look. And here are some pictures of my friend Daisy enjoying her Gizzy Quilt. (I'm letting her share my Floofy Friday post even though she is not as floofy as me). You can see how beautiful she looks on her quilt. Daisy is getting on very well with her two guinea pig friends, Basil and Parsley.
Lots of cats have tagged me for a meme - I'll try and do it over the weekend. Hope every cat has a good one, with not too much rain.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Human Watching And Bird Watching

I am worn out from watching my humans this weekend. It is a Bank Holiday Monday here which means they didn't have to go to work today. But did they spend it lazing around, making a fuss of me? No, they spent it rushing around "getting stuff done" - gardening, painting, concreting gateposts, putting up shelves, tidying the garage. Now they are tired - what did they expect? My mum also pinned me down last night and managed to clip all the nails on my front paws, even though I put up a good fight and wriggled a lot. She had me in some sort of martial arts hold, I think.

Anyway, we have had some good weather this holiday weekend, although today was pretty miserable; windy and wet. While the sun was shining I went out and helped in the garden. We have lots of pigeons in our garden who come and eat most of the bird food. For some reason they are not scared of me. I have lulled them into a false sense of security by lying watching them and not chasing them. There was some bird seed just by my paw, so one brave pigeon decided to come and get it...
It may look like I was asleep, but I was staring at him very intently. Come closer, little pigeon, come and get the bird seed by my paw...That's right, just a few steps closer...(At this point the other pigeons were all sitting on the bird table watching to see what would happen)

At the last moment his nerve broke and he ran away back towards the other pigeons. He was almost sure I wasn't going to pounce on him, but you never know...

Bird-watching is such an interesting hobby.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Widebody Wednesday - Napping On The Computer

This is an old picture but still a good one - we have a new computer now but it is just as comfortable for napping on!

My humans are so busy this week they've been forgetting to turn the computer on so I can visit my friends' blogs. However, next weekend is a holiday weekend so we should have lots of time to catch up!

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