Saturday, July 26, 2008


Jailhouse Blog

I'm in jail!

Still, it could be worse. This time I am at a different kitty jail from the one I have been to before. Last time my mum wasn't very happy with them because she felt their new staff weren't as caring and they didn't groom me properly even though she was paying them extra for grooming.

So she looked around for a different kitty jail and she found out that the Cat Sanctuary where Hattie and I were adopted from in 2003 has now opened a boarding section next door so that their former adoptees can come back for holidays.

My humans dropped me off this morning. Not without some difficulty. I saw the Evil Cat Carrier coming out and I managed to escape out of the back door and hid in the garden behind some bushes and my humans had to spend some time looking for me. When they found me I was covered in grass seeds so then I had to been groomed again before being stuffed in the Evil Cat Carrier. Then we got stuck in a big traffic jam trying to get to the kitty jail and it was all a bit hot and stressful.

The kitty jail seems nicer than the other one I went to before. They have pretty flowers. When I checked in, the girl said "Who is this?" and my mum said "Fat Eric", and she said "Not Fat Eric who has a website???" I'M SO FAMOUS!!! It's true! Actually it's because the cat sanctuary adoption part has stories on its website about their adoptees and how they are getting on, and I am mentioned on there.

I think they must have known a celebrity was coming to stay because they had saved me one of the nicest cells with a garden view. I took my Gizzy Quilt and my Scratchy Mouse and my other stuff but they had already provided a cosy fleece and some nice toys and they knew about my diabetic diet and everything. It's not so bad, as jails go.

My humans are going to Oslo tomorrow, then Bergen. I get rescued from kitty jail on August 6th so I'll see my blogging friends then. I'll probably be exhausted by then, signing pawtographs for my adoring fans here.

See you later!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Good And Bad News

I've been having trouble visiting my friends' blogs lately. It has been the last week of term in the schools here and that is always a hectic time for my mum, especially with all the stuff she has been moving as she changes classrooms.

The good news: school's out! My mum is on holiday until September 1st! Woohoo!

The bad news: Eric and Flynn have alerted me to a possible vishus deer attack right here in London! *shiver*

The good news: The sun is shining at last!

The bad news: Now I'm too hot in my floofy fur.

The good news: Holidays mean lots of quality time for me to spend with my mum and do blogging!

The bad news: The humans are getting out their suitcases and counting their Norwegian kroner.

The good news: Tonight I got an unusually large amount of laptime and lots of snuggles from my mum.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Farewell Mu Shue

Our Gorgeous Ginger friend Mu Shue has become a Rainbow Ginger. Many purrs to Laura and his family.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Stressful Sunday

The weather has not been very nice lately (windy, rainy, not at all summery) so my humans and I had decided to have a quiet Sunday at home. I was snoozing happily in front of the TV when my dad ruined everything by deciding to get the vacuum monster out. I always run out of the room when the vacuum monster comes out so I went and meowed to go out in the back garden because the sun was out for a change.

I was just about to settle down for a little sunbathe on the patio when I heard a scary sound...BARKING!!! A big terrifying woofie had come to spend the afternoon with our neighbour and it was in her garden LOOKING at me through the gate! I went all hissy and spitty and we had a bit of a stand-off...I have a big phobia about woofies and I hardly ever see them because none of our neighbours own one. Then the woofie started growling at me and I decided I had better go indoors in case it somehow managed to get through two gates and assault me. But when I went to the patio door to go in, the evil vacuum monster was still being operated inside! What was I to do? Scary woofie outside, scary vacuum monster inside...there was nowhere to run!

At this point I may have lost some of my macho mancat credibility as I sat by the back door screaming "Mummy!"

My mum came and picked me up to carry me to safety but I was so stressed that I sank all my claws into her shoulder and caused some unintentional bloodletting which made her say bad words. Then she took me indoors and upstairs to where she was sorting laundry.

But then! My dad stressed me out even more by bringing the evil vacuum monster upstairs! I went and hid behind the bin in the human bedroom and did some trembling. Then when I heard the vacuum monster going into the spare room I made a bid for freedom, across the landing, down the stairs! Where I went to my food bowl and did some comfort eating with my fur sticking out all ruffled.

Now the evil woofie has gone home and I have been plied with Greenies my nerves are starting to recover.

What a stressful Sunday!

P.S. My mum's school trip was quite successful. They have one more week to go before the schools here finish for the summer holidays. This should be good news but I am concerned about talk of passports and buying kroner...what are they planning? Does this mean kitty jail?

Monday, July 14, 2008


Mancat Monday

When the sun finally comes out for a day or two, you have to make the most of it before it starts raining again...
Here in London, another majestic mancat has been in the news. He's called Blackjack. We've been following his story and worrying that it wouldn't have a happy ending, but it did! You can read about him here.

My mum is taking her class of children on a trip into central London tomorrow to visit Shakespeare's Globe Theatre and the Golden Hinde (which are very near each other). She hasn't taken a class into central London since the day we do not talk about, so wish her luck!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Feather Sticks And Rain

My mum has bought me a new feather stick.
Look what I did to the last one! Heh heh.
In other news, it has been raining. A lot. All over the UK. We are tired of rain now. Isn't this supposed to be summer???
This is a picture of the windowsill in the kitchen. Notice the rain on the window. My mum just bought some new pots for some of the herbs she has been growing. The plant in the middle is a peanut plant that Cornish Auntie gave her. She has never tried to grow a peanut plant before but it seems to be growing quite fast so far. Does anyone have any advice about how to grow peanut plants?

I bet an energetic kitty like Faith Boo could get up on that windowsill and create havoc amongst those pots. But they are quite safe from me!

Saturday, July 05, 2008


Eric In Trouble!

I am not one of these mischievous kitties like Faith Boo who is always misbehaving. I am a good boy (my mum says) and a respectable geezer kitty but yesterday I got into trouble! I played a trick on my Devon Grandma, who is staying with us.

Yesterday morning (Friday) my mum and dad got up, fed me, and went to work and left Devon Grandma to do some more sleeping because she has really bad jet-lag and still isn't sure if she is on Montana time or London time. Very late in the morning Devon Grandma got up and went downstairs and had some food and then she thought "Hmm, that's funny, in this house if someone is eating Fat Eric is usually sitting next to them staring at the plate." And then she thought, "Where is Eric? I have not seen him this morning." She looked all over the downstairs and then she went upstairs and looked in all the rooms and she could not see me anywhere. (And I am quite large and orange so I am normally easy to spot). Then my Devon Grandma started to get worried because she thought I might be lost so she looked all over the house a few more times but she still could not find me. She called my name lots of times but I did not answer.

Devon Grandma was really worried now and she thought maybe I had somehow got out of the house when my humans went to work. She was so worried that she rang my mum at school and said, "I cannot find Eric, I think he has got out of the house, what shall I do?" My mum said "Have you looked under the yellow chair in the spare room? That is where Eric likes to sleep after breakfast." Devon Grandma went back upstairs and into the spare room and looked right under the yellow chair and there I was tucked in the corner going "zzz, zzz". She was so relieved!

Heh heh, I hid from Devon Grandma and played a trick on her. But my mum says it was a bit mean because Devon Grandma is 78 and it is bad for her to get all worried so now I feel a bit guilty. I gave her some big purrs later.

Today it was sunny and I went in the messy bit of the garden and chilled out with the breeze blowing through my floofy fur. All the grass in our garden is covered in white clover flowers at the moment, you can see them here.But tomorrow it is going to rain. My dad is driving Devon Grandma home to Devon tomorrow and my mum and I are going to relax at last - she has finished writing all those reports!

Happy weekend everyone. I wonder what other tricks I can play on my humans?

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Tired Tuesday

It is hot today. My humans are hot and feel like lying around but they have to go to work anyway. I feel lucky that if I want to just lie around all day, I can!

I am frustrated because I am hardly being given any time to visit the cat blogosphere. My mum is finishing off writing the end-of-year reports on the children she teaches. I always hate this time of year because she is working all the time and ignoring me. She hasn't even got round to downloading the squillions of pictures we have on the camera.

My Devon Grandma is coming for a short visit tomorrow, on her way home from staying with Uncle Sim in Montana. My humans won't see much of her because they are working but I will try to be a good host.

Here is a strange story about a cat in Cambridgeshire who is best friends with...a LION! Weird.

P.S. The hungry ginger kitty in my previous post has not come back yet.

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