Thursday, December 27, 2007


Still On Holiday

Yes, there is a lot of food in this house. I am being a good boy and mostly eating my diabetic food, but yesterday I did try some leftover turkey and smoked trout. It was very nice.

I have been getting more used to Cornish Auntie's house. The sofa is very comfortable. So is the big white chair. My favourite place here is still under Cornish Auntie's bed, but I am not allowed to sleep there at night because she said my snoring was keeping her awake. Yesterday morning when she got up and opened her door I was lying outside it with my face pressed to the door, all ready to come in!

It was lovely and sunny here on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. My humans went for a walk on the beach and said the sea was beautiful. They saw some seals and seagulls.

Lots of cats live in this road with Cornish Auntie's neighbours. I have been watching them out of the window. One black cat tried to adopt my mum today but luckily he did not succeed. Cornish Grandma tried to kidnap me yesterday and take me home with her. I'm just so popular.

There is a rumour that tomorrow I might be on the road again, back to Devon Grandma's house. I wonder how long it will be before I get home again?

This is a new Christmas tree ornament my mum made this year. Do you like it?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Happy Christmas!

What an eventful few days I have had. First on Saturday I watched my humans putting tons and tons and tons of luggage and presents in the car, then I was wrestled into the Evil Cat Carrier and packed into the car too! It was a bit misty driving down to Devon Grandma's but we made good time. I got bored and slept most of the way. I remembered Devon Grandma's house and I was quite relaxed there, I got lots of fuss and had a nice evening. I was thinking we were settled in there for Christmas, but no! The very next morning I was horrified to be packed in the Evil Cat Carrier again - twice in two days, I think it's a bit much, really! We drove another two hours, almost, and got to Cornwall to the house of my mum's sister, (who wishes hereafter to be known as Cornish Auntie).

I had never been to this house before and I was quite freaked out by all this travelling, so I went and hid under Cornish Auntie's bed and stayed there for hours, until they lured me out with food. In the night I had an explore round the house and found my humans sleeping on a sofa bed and woke them up by walking on them a bit; then I went back under Cornish Auntie's bed and woke her up (she says) with my snoring; then when it felt like breakfast time I went back and stood on my humans' throats until they fed me.

I am still feeling a bit strange in this house and spending quite a bit of time under the bed but I have been getting quite a lot of fuss from different people and I am looking forward to opening my Christmas presents! Hope everycat has a great Christmas Day, here are some Christmas pictures that Zoolatry did for me.

Happy Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2007


My Christmas Travels

It is all action here.

The good news is that my mum finished school yesterday for the Christmas holidays, so she can relax a little. The bad news is that yesterday morning she woke up with a streaming cold (probably given to her by one of those pesky children she teaches). She feels very bad about this because she doesn't want to give everyone in the family a cold for Christmas. I hope her nose stops running by Christmas Day!

On Wednesday evening I was just relaxing by the Christmas tree and my dad walked in with Uncle Sim and Auntie Jan! (That's my dad's brother who lives in Mericky and the lady who married him and kidnapped him to live in Mericky.) They came all the way from Montana for Christmas! They seemed a bit confused about what time it was and spent a lot of time sleeping for the first day they were here. Of course, they have been making a big fuss of me and I think they brought me some presents!

Today they left us again to go down to Devon Grandma's house - she is the mum of my dad and Uncle Sim. Last year we spent Christmas at Devon Grandma's house so I was suspecting that I might be going travelling again this Christmas, and I was right!

My mum says I am going on a big journey this Christmas. Tomorrow my humans are taking me down to Devon Grandma's but we are only staying there for one night, because on Sunday we are going to travel on down to Cornwall to my mum's sister's house. I have never been there before. She lives near Cornish Grandma. I have been to Cornish Grandma's house before but I did not get along with her d-o-g, so maybe it is good that I am staying with my mum's sister instead. We will still see a lot of Cornish Grandma over Christmas.

I am not going to enjoy being put in the Evil Cat Carrier and doing all that travelling in the car, but mum says I will like being on holiday once I get there. We just hope our journey is not foggy like last year.

I have done a special map to show you where I will be travelling. I hope it is clear to see, it is difficult to write labels with paws. It shows where I live, where we are going to stop at Devon Grandma's and where we are going for Christmas in Cornwall.

I won't be able to post again until I get to Cornwall, wish me luck on my travels!

P.S. The postman just came again with a card from Skeeter and LC and a package from Queen Snickers which I think must be the snuggle I won in Opus & Roscoe's competition, although mum says I should wait to open it on Christmas Day. Thank you very much!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Beware of the Guard Cat

I have been getting some more interesting post this week. Today I got a card from Hendrix and one from Pearl, Bert and Jake. Yesterday I got one from Millie and one from the McKitten Cats. I love getting envelopes addressed to me!

There was a story on the BBC News about
a cat who likes to attack postmen. Now the postmen are refusing to put letters through their letterbox. I would never do that - I like getting letters too much!

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Easy Like Sunday Morning

No, you can't make the bed! I'm still using it.

Friday, December 14, 2007


For Me?

This is a busy time of year. My mum is running round madly at school - the big Christmas performance for the parents is tomorrow and she keeps muttering stuff about sheep costumes - she is also trying to organise a party for 50 children and for some strange reason she keeps coming home with her clothes covered in glitter. Very odd.

However, lots of exciting stuff keeps coming through our letterbox and some of it is for me! In the last few days I have received the
Cat Blogosphere Calendar 2008 (complete with some pictures of me in it!) and also the We Are The Kitties 2 book arrived (it also has pictures of me in it!). I got a Christmas card from Basil, Marigold and Lavender, the guinea pigs who live with English Daisy's humans. And yesterday I even got a card from Vienna from Kashim and Othello! It is all very exciting.

I helped my mum unpack some stuff she bought off the internet, but I can't tell you what it was in case my dad is reading might be stuff for him!

My dad says that we have to clean the house this weekend because we might be having visitors all the way from Mericky next week...I wonder if it could be Uncle Sim?

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Monday, December 10, 2007



Although I am on a diabetic diet, I still get a little treat now and then as long as it is a healthy treat. Last night my mum made fish pie and she gave me two of the prawns she was using! That was yummy. Tonight the humans had roast chicken, which I love even more. Before my mum could sit down to eat I was already in position next to the leg of her chair, looking up hopefully at the table and smelling the chicken. After the humans had eaten she put a tiny piece of chicken in my bowl. But...YUCK! How could she? Apparently, when she roasted the chicken tonight she made little holes all over its skin and put bits of some stuff called "garlic" in them. I can tell you, it makes the chicken taste completely WRONG! I did not like it. Here is my "yuck" face.
Also in this week's food news, I found out this weekend that I do like both sour cream and vegetable soup, even though my mum said I wouldn't. If she doesn't want me to sample leftovers from her dishes, she shouldn't leave the dishes on a low table when she goes to answer a phone call. Right?

Oh yes, I nearly forgot! I got a lovely Christmas card today from my girlfriend, Pearl, and her family. It had a photo of her inside it and some lavender stuff for my mum. Thank you Pearl!

Friday, December 07, 2007


Oh No, Not The V-E-T

Usually I like Friday nights. My humans come home all happy because it is the weekend, and we hang out watching TV and generally relaxing. Tonight started off as humans came home, had a cup of tea, fed me, I climbed on the sofa for a snooze...and then suddenly I was rudely awakened and wrestled into THIS!

It's the Evil Cat Carrier! Can you see me inside looking despairing? The next thing I knew I was being taken out into the cold, cold evening and put into the car and driven off to the V-E-Ts! When we got there I sat in the waiting room meowing very loudly but we didn't have to wait long because it was nearly closing time and we were the last appointment. The v-e-t's surgery has tinsel and baubles all over it at the moment and looks all sparkly. The v-e-t was the Australian v-e-t with the very loud voice who we saw last time. I refused to get out of the ECC just to be difficult, and he tipped it up and tipped me out! (and complained about how heavy I was). My mum showed him the results from my blood sugar tests from the last couple of months and he said I was doing very well with my diabetes control. Then he weighed me because he thought I had put on weight, but to his surprise I had actually lost a bit more weight since last time! I am 19 lb now.

After that my mum asked the v-e-t to give me my annual vaccinations and she said "If he isn't up to date with his vaccinations we can't send him to the kitty jail next summer" and I said "Don't give me the injection! Then I won't have to go to the kitty jail!" but it was too late, he had already stuck the needle in me and I didn't feel a thing. He filled in my special vaccination book and checked to see if my microchip was still working. Then my mum asked the v-e-t to look at my teeth and I really didn't enjoy that, he forced me to open my mouth and scraped bits off my teeth; that was not fun.

I thought we would be going home after that but then the v-e-t picked me up and carried me away from my humans and into another room. I waved my paws at them over his shoulder going "Where is he taking me?" He put me on a table in this back room and shaved my neck again in the place where the hair had only just grown back from last time, and then he got a big needle and stuck it in my neck and stole some more blood! I sat still and co-operated (trying to get it over quickly) and he said I was a good boy. The v-e-t nurse was holding me and I liked her so I shed some floof on her and licked her hair when she bent over to me. Then I got carried back into the waiting room and there were my humans waiting for me, so I was put back in the Evil Cat Carrier and, after my mum had paid the v-e-t nurse £75 (that's about $150), we went home.

My mum says most of the cost was for the blood test they are doing; it's called a fructosamine test and it checks that my mum's home tests are right about my blood sugar being stable. She is going to phone for the results on Wednesday.

Although I behaved myself at the v-e-t's, I was a bit freaked out by the whole experience and I hissed at my dad when he opened the front door again later, in case he was going to take me back there! (And this is very unusual for me because I never hiss except at d-o-gs.) After I had been plied with treats I started to feel a bit more relaxed. I hope the rest of the weekend is more peaceful!

Updated Christmas card score: Humans 3, Me 3.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Widebody Wednesday and Christmas Cards!

My friend Shaggy recently alleged that because of my fuller figure I was not flexible enough to wash my lower half. So here is some proof.
Guess what? Although my humans haven't had any Christmas cards yet, I have had two!
Look, this one from Eric and Flynn has a picture of themselves on it - how cool is that?
And this one has come all the way from Mericky from Mu shue and Lilly Lu - and it also has a picture of themselves on it!
And there is even a picture of them on the stamp!

OK, I have been organising Christmas cards for my friends and my cards do have pictures of cats on, but I had to ask my humans why I haven't got special cards with pictures of ME on! All they said was "Maybe next year, Eric". It's just not good enough!

Thank you for my cards, getting post is fun!

Sunday, December 02, 2007


New Way To Wake Up Humans

Today was Sunday. Unfortunately, on Sundays my breakfast is normally later than normal, owing to the extreme difficulty I have getting my humans out of bed on a Sunday morning. However, this morning I hit on a brilliant new plan. This is what you need to do:

1. Jump on bed, meow at humans, watch as they ignore you and slumber on.

2. Sit on pillows, lick their hair, watch as they ignore you and slumber on.

3. Get into bed between them and snuggle up under duvet.

4. Start making loud, horrible retching noises to imply "I'm just about to throw up a hairball - IN THE BED!!!

5. Watch as your humans magically awake instantly and leap out of bed with cries of horror and disgust.

6. Put up with being snatched off the bed by your dad and carried hastily into the bathroom.

7. Throw up teeny, tiny hairball in bathroom.

8. Watch humans give up on sleeping and head downstairs to make coffee.

9. Prance downstairs and Meow Very Loudly For Breakfast.

10. Eat breakfast.

Now all I need to do is to accomplish this in less than 10 steps...

P.S. I won a prize in Opus & Roscoe's Great Raffle Giveaway! I am very excited about this.

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