Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Wordless Wednesday

Thanks, as always, to Zoolatry.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Saturday Caturday

Wow! I am overwhelmed by all the congratulations I had on my second blogoversary this week - I didn't know I had so many friends! I am going to make sure my human helps me visit all my friends' pages this weekend and not accept any excuses from her about "being busy" or "doing schoolwork"!

There seem to be lots of cats in the news lately.
This cat was in the news for doing something a bit silly - apparently she used to live in London like me, but one day she decided to jump on a lorry and go for a ride, and now she is in Devon (nearer to where Eric and Flynn live than to where my Devon Grandma lives) and she is having some trouble telling the humans her address. I hope she manages to get home soon. Maybe she was trying to visit Eric and Flynn?

I have some other cat stories for you today. One story was on the front page of our local newspaper this week. It is a true story about a handsome black cat called Benjamin Banana. When he was quite young, some humans decided they didn't want him any more, so they left him on the doorstep of a local cat rescue shelter in a banana box (that's how he got his name). That was TWO YEARS ago and he is still at the shelter waiting for a new home. The humans at the shelter say they don't know why no one wants to adopt him, maybe because people think black cats are unlucky. Which is ridiculous! I remember being at a cat shelter myself for a month waiting for my humans to come and adopt me, I can't imagine being there for TWO YEARS!!! We really hope that now his picture has been on the front page of the newspaper someone will run to the shelter and adopt him. (I had to restrain my mum from heading down there herself.) Let's all send purrs and hope that Benjamin Banana finds a home very soon.

Here is another story. Do you remember my friend English Daisy? Daisy used to live near me and she was also friends with the Big Piney Woods Cats. Daisy went to the Rainbow Bridge last November and her humans were very sad and so was everyone else who knew her. When she was still around, Daisy didn't want any other cats in her house, but her humans used to feed some stray cats and give them shelters to sleep in, in their garden. One of the stray cats was called Fat Tabby. This is a picture my mum took of Fat Tabby once when she was visiting Daisy and the guinea pigs.
After Daisy went to the Bridge, Fat Tabby decided to stop being an outdoor stray cat and move in with Daisy's humans - obviously she thought it looked like a pretty good place to live! Now she really likes being an indoor cat and she has changed her name to Tabs. Unfortunately Tabs has some health problems herself, after all that time being an outdoor cat, but she is being very well looked after and enjoying her new life. Isn't it great when another cat moves into her forever home?

Thursday, January 24, 2008


It's My 2nd Blogoversary!

Yes, it's true - looking down my sidebar to my blogoversary counter, I see that it is exactly 2 years since I became a blogging cat. What a lot has happened since my first ever post. Although I notice that some of my friends who left comments on my first post are still my blogging friends today, which is nice.

What's more, I just noticed that this is actually my 222nd post in total, which seems rather appropriate for a 2nd blogoversary, don't you think?

In honour of my blogoversary, here's a special moving photo of me in my blogoversary outfit. (As you can see, Her Majesty The Queen was kind enough to lend me something special to wear for the day). I hope the picture works and you can see the full effect!

Here's to the next year...

King Eric

Sunday, January 20, 2008


A Canine Mystery

Now, I usually have a cats-only policy on this blog. D-o-gs are not my favourite creatures, unless they are exceptionally polite d-o-gs like my friends Lucky and Roxy.

When my humans were walking on the beach in Cornwall on Christmas morning, they saw some strangely familiar faces.

Was this Lucky and Roxy doing some teleporting over to Cornwall for Christmas, or just some long-lost cousins who look very much like them? I think we should be told...

Friday, January 18, 2008


Floofy Friday

Hey, is that a bag of Greenies she's holding???

Monday, January 14, 2008


Holiday Photos (long post)

As you may know, over Christmas I became a very well-travelled kitty, when I travelled across Britain to stay with my Devon Grandma and then my Cornish Auntie. (See this post here for a map of where I went). I thought you might like to see a few of the pictures from my trip.

Devon Grandma lives in a place in the middle of the countryside where there are lots of little lanes. You might get lost getting there. Luckily they have helpful signposts like these:
Devon Grandma has several sofas in her house. This one was quite comfortable.
Devon Grandma has a silly rule in her house about "no cats on the beds". How is she going to enforce that one? As you can see, her bed is actually very comfortable.
We spent Christmas itself with Cornish Auntie. She lives very near the sea. On Christmas morning my humans went for a walk on the beach and it looked like this:
These are my own humans looking all silhouetty.
That's my Cornish Auntie and her friend.
I chose not to go to the beach on Christmas morning because the waves looked too wet and I was busy testing out Cornish Auntie's big white chair for comfort:
While in Cornwall my humans also visited Falmouth, which is where my Cornish Grandma volunteers as a guide in the maritime museum:
Here are Cornish Auntie (in blue) and my mum (in black) on the beach in Falmouth.
Meanwhile I was enjoying the comforts of Cornish Auntie's sofa. You can see how stressed out I was by all the travelling I had been doing.
I hope you enjoyed seeing my holiday pictures.


Good News

Mao is home - what a relief. Also, Annie has been seen several times outside her house but her humans haven't managed to get her indoors yet. Hopefully she will be home soon too.

Saturday, January 12, 2008



Two of my fellow blogging cats, Mao (Skeezix's brother) and Annie, have gone missing from home. Their families are very worried. Please send purrs. We hope they are found soon.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


My Presents, part 2

This is the fleece snuggle that Queen Snickers sent me. It was my prize from the competition that Opus and Roscoe had. It's great, isn't it?
And look! On the other side it even has my initials embroidered on it! What a thoughtful touch. Thank you so much, Snickers and family.
OK, I'm trying to relax on my new snuggle now, please take the flashy camera thing away...
And this is one of the things my new cousin Baxter (who lives in Idaho) sent me. I am going to hang it up for Santa next year. It is twice as big as the stocking I had before!

Saturday, January 05, 2008


My Presents, part 1

So, I've been nagging my mum to download some photos from the flashy box so I could show you some of the good stuff I got given. She's been making feeble excuses about being busy and going back to work after the holidays, etc, etc, but finally I got her organised.

I got so many presents! I got presents from my Mericky cousins Fred and Barney (the cats who own my Uncle Sim; I promise to blog about them sometime), I got presents from my new Mericky cousin Baxter (about whom I also really must blog), I got presents from my own humans, of course, I got my Secret Paws presents from Kashim, I got a box of stuff from Monty and a lovely snuggle from Queen Snickers which was my prize from Opus and Roscoe's raffle competition.

My mum says she will not need to buy me treats for months and months. And (from various different sources mentioned above) I have six whole bags of my favourite Greenies, which as you know they do not make in the UK so I haven't had any for ages. I am very happy about this.

Here are some photos of me opening some of my presents:

Here I am rubbing myself on the box that my Secret Paw, Kashim, sent me, all the way from Vienna! It smelt really interesting.

Look at all this stuff! Lots and lots of treats I never saw before with German writing on them. One of them was dried fish which really smelt good. And toys too! I am spoilt for choice. Thank you VERY much, Kashim, you are an amazing Secret Paw!

This is the box that Monty sent me. Look at those Greenies! Oh, er, and as soon as my mum unpacked them I climbed straight into the box. Isn't that a great box? I really like it a lot. I expect Monty knew that I would. Monty sent my mum some treats too, I think she was very happy about that. She has been eating chocolate-covered cherries ever since...

And inside the box Monty had used these carrier bags for packaging - I jumped on them and started trying to kill them. This picture is a bit fuzzy because I was rolling around playing. We thought even the bags were interesting because they came from shops we don't have here.

Thank you so much, Monty! You are very generous.

Next time I will put up some photos of the snuggle Queen Snickers sent for me. I feel very lucky to have all these gifts.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2008 is a good year for all of us.
Phew, I am so glad to be back in my own house. I mean, it has been interesting visiting Cornish Auntie and Devon Grandma, but I have had FOUR long car journeys! On Friday my humans lured me out from under Cornish Auntie's bed with cheese and greenies and threw me in the Evil Cat Carrier and drove me back to Devon Grandma's house, where we stayed for two nights. I got lots more fuss from Devon Grandma and Uncle Sim and Auntie Jan. Then on Sunday my humans put everything back in the car AGAIN and said it was time to go home, but I wasn't sure if I believed them that we were really going home this time, or just to yet another place, so I hid behind Devon Grandma's sofa where I like to sleep because there is a radiator there and it is very cosy. The humans tried to lure me out with food again but it didn't work because I had already caught sight of the Evil Cat Carrier lying in wait with its door open. Eventually they ganged up on me and moved the sofa and managed to catch me as I fled into the next room. I wasn't at all happy about another journey so I meowed most of the way back to London (it takes about four hours from Devon Grandma's house back to London) although I fell asleep going round the M25. If anyone saw a little blue car with Scratchy Mouse lying on the parcel shelf looking out of the rear window, that was us! Finally we were home and I was SO happy to be in my own house at last. But then I was unhappy because I was hungry and it took my humans ages to unload the car and my food bowls were almost the last thing to be unloaded so I waited in the kitchen going "Feed me, feed me, don't you know I have been through a terrible ordeal?"

But I am home now. And my food bowls are home. And my litter box is home. And my Scratchy Mouse is home. And all is well. (My mum says my luggage takes up a lot of space in the car, but you should see all the presents and stuff they brought back with them!)

When we got home there was a lot of post waiting for us including some more Christmas cards for me from Derby and from Missy and KC and from The Meezers and from The Tower Hill Mob. I felt very lucky.

This morning when we were all still in bed snoozing after our journey, the postman rang the front door bell at early o'clock and he had three more parcels! And two of them were for me! One was a parcel from Monty which he had been worried was lost, and the other one was my Secret Paws presents which were from Kashim and Othello! You would not BELIEVE how many toys and treats were inside those two parcels! Thank you so much, Monty, Kashim and Othello.

I have lots of photos of me on my travels to share, and some photos of me opening my presents, but will post those later. I have LOTS to tell! We just saw in the New Year here in London; my humans had champagne and I had Feline Greenies. Now I need to nap. As you can see, Scratchy Mouse and I are furry happy to be home.

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