Tuesday, September 30, 2008


A Mystery

Eric, do you know anything about these feathers all over the lawn? Feathers? Oh, those feathers. No, I don't know anything about them. Why don't you try asking that Evil Intruder Kitty right over there, the one with the feathers sticking out of his mouth??? P.S. My 300th post contest closes tonight. Stay tuned for the winner sometime soon!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Look What I Got!

A parcel! From Mericky! Addressed to me?

No it is not from Uncle Sim, the forgetful one in Montana. It is from my trusty ginger blogosphere friend DERBY!!!

And you know what was it in? You're right - GREENIES!!! Several long weeks I have been without Greenies, and look how many packets Derby managed to squeeze into the box!
Ohhh, they smell so good! Quick, open one please.*nom nom nom nom nom nom nom nom*
THANK YOU DERBY! I will have to think of something special to send you, my ginger friend!

Don't forget you can still enter my 300th post contest until midnight on Tuesday night. Click on the logo to go to the contest post. Right, must go and beg for more Greenies now...

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Farewell Nelson

*sniff* Cap'n Nels lived an adventurous 18 years and was the elder statescat of the Meowers From Missouri. He will be much missed. Purrs to his family.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Announcing My 300th Post Contest!

Thank you to everyone who left welcoming purrs for Saffron. If you look on the comments of my Saffron post, she dropped by and left a comment to say thank you to everyone for giving her a nice welcome. And now it's time first ever contest! I am just a few posts away from my 300th post on my blog. The contest is to guess the date and time when my 300th post will be posted. Here are the prizes the winner will receive:

First, this book, the "Crafty Cat Activity Book". It has some fun ideas for things your humans can make for your amusement and games they can play with you.
Second, this music CD, "Cat Classics". It is full of pieces of classical music with a cat theme.
Third, there will be edible goodies/treats. Not Greenies, obviously, because they don't sell them here, but treats anyway!

All these prizes will be sent to the winner who gets closest to the date and time of my 300th post. You can leave your guesses in the comments on this post. Please say which day and what time you guess - the time has to be British Summer Time which is the time zone I am in at the moment. As a clue, I usually do most of my posting in the evenings. You have to leave your guess before midnight BST at the end of Tuesday 30th September. After I post my 300th post I will go back and look at the comments and see who got closest.

I hope you enter my contest, and good luck!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Meet Saffron

You may remember my friend English Daisy, who lived quite near me in a house with guinea pigs. English Daisy went to the Rainbow Bridge in November last year. After that, a cat called Tabs, who had been living in the garden of Daisy's house for a long time, decided to move in with Daisy's humans. Sadly, in May this year I posted the news that Tabs had also gone to the Bridge. Daisy and Tabs's humans were very sad. know what happens when there is a good furrever home lying vacant...cats start queueing up to get in! This is Saffron.
Saffron is about 10 years old and she has come to live with Daisy and Tabs's humans. Saffron's human is going to live in Australia and she knew that Saffron would have a wonderful home with Daisy and Tabs's humans. As you can see from these pictures, Saffron is feeling very happy in her new home already:
There is only one thing about her new home that Saffron is not sure about - she is frightened of the guinea pigs! (Basil, Marigold and Lavender). They live downstairs in the house so Saffron has decided to live upstairs for now. Hopefully she will learn that guinea pigs are not really scary and then she will be able to explore the whole house.

Please join me in sending welcoming purrs to our new friend, Saffron!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Meow Like A Pirate Day!

Arr, it be Meow Like A Pirate Day once again! And I be grateful to me good friends the Meowers from Missouri for organisin' the pirate antics in the blogosphaarrr this year. Aye, and I be off to sail the seas on the good ship the Black Furrball with those Purrageous Pirates!

With a yo ho ho and a bottle of milk...

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Saturday Caturday

Thank you to all my friends who expressed their concern over my severe neglect recently! I'm afraid this week hasn't been much better. My mum has been trying to whip her new class into shape (they need a Firm Hand apparently), doing lots more schoolwork at home, and not giving me nearly enough lap time. Even worse...


Hideous. Anyway, things might be improving a little. My mum has finished most of her start of term paperwork and today (Saturday) she did no schoolwork at all. Even better, it was warm and sunny - we haven't had much sunshine this summer. My mum has bought a second-hand bike for cycling to school and getting fit (ha ha) - so we spent most of today out in the garden. My dad was tinkering with the bike, my mum was doing some gardening (the sunflowers are out now) and I was mostly sunbathing, apart from when I had to chase out one Evil Intruder Kitty. Also today I have had lots and lots of laptime so I am feeling a bit happier. My mum bought me some inferior cat treats and I am trying to be brave and hope that Uncle Sim will send me some Greenies soon. I am wasting away!

As it is Caturday, I thought I would post pictures of some cats my mum and dad saw in Norway this summer while I was in the kitty jail. My mum said they saw lots of cats in Norway.
This cat was in a garden on the island of Bygd√ły, just outside Oslo. My mum and dad were walking to the Folkemuseum at the time to see the old Norwegian houses. We don't know why this cat shares his garden with a penguin, but lots of people in Norway seem to have sculptures in their gardens.
This cat was just round the corner from the first one. He was kind enough to lead my humans down the road and show them where the Folkemuseum was.
This cat was in Bergen, living in some old almshouse cottages just opposite the Leprosy Museum (!!) in a cobbled courtyard. He was very dignified and handsome.
Hang on, this isn't a cat! Oh wait, my mum says this is a rescued baby seal called Linus who was at the Bergen Aquarium being taught to catch fish. She wants me to include him, even though he isn't a cat, just because he's kind of cute. All right then!

To make up for all the neglect I have had suffering, my mum says I can hold a contest really soon! I have got some good prizes and I am excited about this, so look out for further details!

Sunday, September 07, 2008



I have been suffering from severe neglect this week. It's all very sad.

Firstly, my mum went back to school this week. That meant I had to get used to being alone all day again when my humans are at work. I preferred it when she was at home making a fuss of me!

Secondly, it's always madness during the first week of term. On Monday and Tuesday my mum was working really late in her new classroom moving lots of furniture and unpacking heavy boxes of books and coming home needing a Radox bath because she had worn herself out. That meant that my dinner was served really late too! Then on Wednesday the children started school and since then she has been even busier. This weekend she brought home 20 pages of lesson planning to do - so she's been hogging the computer and hasn't even helped me to blog ALL WEEK!!!

Thirdly, my humans had to do an emergency trip to buy my special catfood today because they had been so busy this week that they FORGOT to check whether I had plenty of food or not. I nearly ran out!!!

Fourthly (and possibly worst of all), my mum has only just realised that there are only a few Greenies left in the open bag and NO MORE BAGS of Greenies in the cupboard! This is serious! You can't even buy them here in the UK, how could she let my Greenies supply run this low?? She has sent an urgent e-mail to Uncle Sim asking him to send some over from Montana, but I know I am going to run out before the ones he sends can get here! And what if he forgets?? I may go into withdrawal!

My humans really need to get their act together, or I'm going to be looking for new humans!

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