Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Widebody Wednesday

Argh! Time to attack my favourite prey, the laundry basket! - check out the demonic green flash in my eye!

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Lots of News

It has been a mixed weekend in the cat blogosphere. We are all sad because lovely ginger Tilly has gone to the Bridge. We are all happy because it looks like little KC is going to be all right after her terrible illness. There is always something changing. Sometimes our kitty friends don't feel very well, like KC, Mittens and Brendan. Sometimes our kitty friends have to get used to new cats in the house, like Mu Shue, Bubbles, The Rat and Sooner. It is good that we have so many online friends who are kind and supportive.

It has been fairly busy here. My dad has been away for the weekend on a trip with Uncle Sim, so I have been keeping my mum company. Yesterday she slept late (it being a Saturday) and when she woke up I was all snuggled up asleep with her. She thought that my dad must have fed me early when he left, otherwise I would have been jumping all over her asking for breakfast. So she was surprised when she got downstairs and found out I had not been fed. She thought I must be ill if I wasn't demanding my food, but in fact I just fancied snuggling more than food at that moment. I scoffed my late breakfast, so she knew I wasn't ill!

It has been mild and autumnal here, but this morning we had a big storm. We got woken up by the rain beating on the windows, and then it turned into hailstones, which were even noisier. Then there was some thunder and lightning. I haven't been outside much this week, it has been too wet in the garden for my tastes.

At lunchtime today, after the rain stopped, I was looking out of the window at the garden and I saw something shocking! The Tabby Terror and one of the Small Black Kitties were sitting on the shed roof again. They were washing each other in a very conspiratorial way. To my horror, my mum walked down the garden towards them and tried to talk to them (I was pressed up against the window mewing Chase them away, mum!) The Tabby Terror backed off from her but the Small Black Kitty came and patted her hand with his paw, so she...she...(I can't say it)...she gave him some of my treats! If she behaves like that, how are the Evil Intruder Kitties going to know that they are Not Welcome in My Garden?

Today I made my mum stop doing school work and get on with adding new kitties to the Gorgeous Gingers page. There are lots more members of the GGs now, including Nitro, Ace and Skittles and Mu Shue. We also moved sweet Tilly from the GG page to the Rainbow Gingers. We hope we don't have to move any of our other kitty friends there for a while. Purrs to all for a peaceful week.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Widebody Wednesday

I wasn't going to post for Widebody Wednesday today, but by popular demand...
You can probably tell from this picture that I am trying to grow even more floofy fur for winter.

Monday, November 20, 2006


So Much Going On

I am sorry I haven't blogged for a few days but there has just been so much going on! My mum has been stressing out all weekend because she was getting ready to take her class at school to the British Museum today to see the Egyptian mummies. She did lots and lots of work to get everything ready for the visit (meaning that I didn't get nearly enough fuss this weekend) and then this morning, when she got to school, she found out that the railway line into central London had been shut down (signal failure!) and so they couldn't go after all! Her class were very disappointed, but luckily she managed to arrange for them to go in 3 weeks' time instead. Phew! I am furry relieved that total disaster has been averted. Silly railways.

Then, my dad didn't go to work today, which surprised me. Instead, he went to the airport and he came back with Uncle Sim from Montana! I was even more surprised because they hadn't told me that Uncle Sim was coming for a flying visit. Another purrson to give me fuss, hooray. And although he hasn't unpacked his bags yet, I think I can smell Feline Greenies in there somewhere! He is asleep with the jetlag thingy at the moment but as soon as he wakes up I am going to hassle him for the treats. I like it when we have visitors from Mericky because they always bring me treats!

My mum has also been busy writing a story all about me for Skeezix's Tales of Devoshun contest. I like this story because it is all about me. You can read it here if you are interested. I would say "Vote for me!" but there are lots of other great stories in the contest so it is a hard choice.

New Gorgeous Gingers are still signing up all the time. Have you met Ace and Skittles yet? They are two ginger brothers blogging in Canada and they have some cute pictures on their blog. Also, have you seen the very very funny post about Copper the ginger kitten and her sister Jojo playing in the washing machine? It made us laugh a lot.

So much going on...and when it isn't being too rainy or windy I have decided to guard the shed in case the Evil Intruder Kitties want to come back and sit on it. Here I am guarding the shed...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Widebody Wednesday

Here I am stationed on the upstairs landing, an excellent strategic position as no one can go upstairs or downstairs, or in or out of any of the upstairs rooms, without me seeing them! I like to keep an eye on things.

More Widebody Wednesday pictures today from Rocky, Beezer, Beau Beau, Rascal and Merlin.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Return of the Evil Intruder Kitties


Remember the
Evil Intruder Kitties who like to hang out in my garden and annoy me? The most recent intruders have been the two Small Black Kitties who live at number 29. Well, the intrusions have been particularly bad in the last few days.

Exhibit 1: One of the Small Black Kitties lurking on the roof of our shed.

Now, this is particularly evil since't jump up on the shed roof on account of my build not, I don't want to get up there anyway! But that doesn't make it all right for Evil Intruder Kitties to sunbathe on the shed roof!

The plot thickens. A totally new Evil Intruder Kitty has appeared in the garden this week. He is a floofy tabby cat and he looks pretty big, and mean with it! So far we have glared at each other through the living-room window, but that's all.

Imagine my horror when I looked out the window this morning to see...

Yes! It's the Tabby Terror, plotting with one of the Small Black Kitties! I didn't realise they were in league with each other! I sent my mum out immediately to see if she could listen in to their evil plotting, but unfortunately they heard her coming...

Look at the evil glare the Tabby Terror is giving can just tell he is up to no good!

I am going to have to keep a furry close eye on this alarming situation, and I may have to call for reinforcements to help me out.

My humans left me in charge of defending the house this morning, and went to a model railway show. For some reason, my dad gets very excited when my mum lets him get his train set out in the spare room. I think they met lots of other nutty train people there. My mum says that she knows Bonnie & Victor's humans like model trains too, so she has put some photos up here in case they (or anyone else) wants to see them. She has also put up some photos of her recent trip to Paris here. She says she and her sister had lots of fun there, apart from the incident with the poisoned mushroom crêpe.

Hope all kitties have a safe weekend with no Evil Intruder Cats to worry about!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Widebody Wednesday

Rocky the Gutter Cat invented Widebody Wednesday. You can see other WW posts today by Rocky, Grr, Big Eric, Mrs. B, Ed and Gizzy.

My mum went to the v-e-t this evening to pick up some more Advocate (that stuff she puts on the back of my neck once a month to keep the creepy-crawlies away). She has to buy the "Advocate for large cats, 4kg - 8kg", even though I actually weigh 10kg. Apparently they don't make "Advocate for XXL cats, 8 kg+".

My friend Tipper wanted to know what Waitrose sausages are. Here you go, Tipper. And may I just say again the sausage was De-lish-us!!! Last night, none of the chicken actually fell on the floor, but I was such a good boy that I got some chicken and gravy in my bowl. Don't tell the diet-pushing v-e-t!

Monday, November 06, 2006


Lucky Bounce

Something unprecedented happened tonight.

The evening was going much as usual. My mum came home from work. She fed me. I pinned her to the floor for half an hour so that I could have some quality lap time. My dad came home from work. I licked his hair. My mum cooked dinner. The humans sat down at the table to eat. I took up my usual position under my mum's chair. I like to sit there because, you never know, there's a possibility that food may fall off the table and I like to be in a good position for getting to it. Unfortunately, my humans are fairly tidy eaters so they don't usually drop their food on the floor, but I enjoy the smell of the food anyway. Tonight's menu was expensive Waitrose sausages, garlic mashed potatoes and beans.

But then! Just as they were getting to the end of the meal, my mum tried to spear a juicy piece of sausage with her fork. Somehow, the piece of sausage bounced off her fork at an angle, flew off the plate, bounced off the edge of the table, flew through the air...and landed on the floor exactly half an inch in front of my nose.

My mum looked down at me.

I looked at the chunk of juicy sausage, then up at her, then back at the sausage. Disbelief was written all over my furry little face. I couldn't believe my luck.

Guess what happened next?

I know I'll be stationed under her chair again tomorrow night...I've heard there's chicken on the menu.

...licks lips contentedly...

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Noisy Weekend

I need some earplugs. London is a very, very noisy place to live this weekend. Today is the 5th of November, which means it is Guy Fawkes Night. The humans have fun and go to bonfires and watch all the fireworks being let off. Unfortunately, some of the humans always get carried away and we have fireworks going off all over the place for days beforehand. My mum says it has sounded like our street is under attack from shellfire every night for the last week. Bang! Bang! Bang! all evening! I am normally a very laid-back cat but even I get a bit twitchy about all the banging noises. Cats (and woofies) of a more nervous disposition are hiding under beds all over Britain.

My humans are keeping all the doors and windows shut to try to minimise the noise. They don't buy fireworks to let off in the garden, but they will probably go down to the big firework display outside the Town Hall tonight. My mum says the fireworks and bonfire here are not as much fun as going to the village bonfire and fireworks on the beach where Cornish Grandma lives.

*Sigh* At least all the banging noises will stop after tonight, until next year!

By the way, have you met Copper yet? She is a very small, very cute Gorgeous Ginger. And Geoffrey is feeling poorly - he needs some purrs!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Wordless Wednesday - Flat Eric

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