Monday, January 29, 2007


Man Cat Monday

Kismet invented Man Cat Monday so here's my contribution. I think this is a manly pose.

My dad has gone away for a couple of nights to visit Devon Grandma so I have been keeping my mum company. He was supposed to be coming back tomorrow but he just rang to say that Little Hans (our car, it's small and German) broke down. So my dad and Little Hans are coming back from Devon on a big lorry tomorrow. Oh dear. My mum says she hopes the car repairs aren't too expensive. I hope so too, I think the money would be better spent on luxury catfood.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


Winter...was that it?

It's been very mild here so far this winter. Until this week, my mum had hardly worn her gloves or hat to go out. We have only had about two frosty mornings in total. Spring flowers are already coming out. It just hasn't felt very wintry.

Then, on Wednesday morning, we looked out and saw this...

Yes, we had some snow. Just a little bit. But by Wednesday afternoon, it had all gone again. Yesterday it was quite sunny and I went and had a sniff round the wet garden and a little sunbathe. Now it is rainy and mild again. No frost or anything. So, even though my friends the Meowers from Missouri have been frozen with an ice storm, and lots of Mericky kitties like The Calico Girls are up to their tails in deep snow, it isn't really very wintry here at all.

So...winter...was that it?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


My First Blogiversary!

Today it is exactly one year since I started blogging. Who would have guessed how many friends I would make in the blogosphere, or how long my list of links would get?! I have been looking back at the year...

January 2006

Here is my very first post, and here's my first blogging picture...

I also attended a fun kitty nap-a-thon at The Calico Girls' place.


I took part in Finnegan and Buddy's Paw Portraits competition, my humans went to Portugal without me, I wrote some kitty haikus and started The Gorgeous Gingers.


I blogged about my sister Hattie, bought some books by Max, the Psychokitty, got hit on the head with a remote control and watched the spring flowers come out...


My mum went to Cornwall without me and I had to hide while my dad unleashed the Carpet Cleaning Monster. I did some bird-watching in my garden. I was cat-napped and taken to visit Devon Grandma at Easter. I helped my mum to do gardening, and nursed my dad when he had flu. I made some new friends, Eric and Flynn!


I did some more bird-watching, helped my mum with her school work and ate so much food I got a stomach ache. I got some presents from Knightly, Lizzie and Firenze. Uncle Sim and Auntie Jan came to visit from Mericky and brought me some Feline Greenies. I also had the great honour of carrying the Catolympics torch across the Atlantic to pass it on to Harper and Ramona.


I relaxed in my garden, had a visit from the Amazing Zeus, and received some presents from Oreo. I completed in the Catolympics and my member of the Squillions, Mandy, arrived as a present from Derby. A very busy month!


It got very hot and I spent a lot of time sleeping. My mum gave me a ZoomGroom and I bought a throne for the Empress Kukka-Maria. I watched England being knocked out of the World Cup and heard about KC's adventures getting to her forever home. Mandy and I played in the garden.


My humans went to Cumbria and dumped me in the kitty jail. When I got out, I posted a gallery of pictures of me and my fellow big floofy friends. I also made the acquaintance of the Meowers from Missouri. My humans went to Mericky and dumped me in the kitty jail again! I had a terrifying cat-napping experience with a man with a van but it all ended happily.


My mum made me horrible home-made cat biscuits and her sister came to visit us. I put up a very good fight when my mum tried to clip my claws. I chased frogs around my garden and started having big problems with Evil Intruder Kitties.


I was left in charge when my dad went to Scotland to climb a mountain. My mum and I read some cat poems. I had more problems with the Evil Intruder Kitties. I started the Rainbow Gingers page, and I rediscovered my favourite yellow chair. My mum went to Paris and bought me a very chic cat bowl. I celebrated my 11th Purrthday and was named as Kat's Cat of the Day!


I started taking part in Widebody Wednesdays and hid from the noisy fireworks on Bonfire Night. I spent a lot of time guarding my garden from the Evil Intruder Kitties but my mum did write a Tale of Devotion for me for Skeezix's competition.


I spent a lot of time snuggling with my mum and stayed safe from the London Tornado. I bought a Cat Blogosphere Calendar which included pictures of me. I celebrated my 100th post and endured a trip to the v-e-t's for vaccinations. I helped my mum to put up Christmas decorations and write Christmas cards. London got foggy and I joined my humans on a trip to Devon Grandma's for Christmas.

What a busy year my first year of cat-blogging has been. I wonder what the next year will bring?

P.S. Today in London we saw our first little bit of snow of the winter - snow pictures coming soon!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


So Many Gorgeous Gingers

Thank you to all my friends who have been concerned about me being blown away by the very windy weather we have been having here lately. We are fine, especially me as I cunningly stayed indoors where it was cosy. Lots of people lost tiles off their roofs and bits of sheds and so on, but we were quite lucky here. We had our roof fixed last summer so we didn't lose any tiles - we had a few plant pots blown over, and the bins, and the lid flew off the waterbutt, but that was it. The pavements here are covered with twigs that blew off the trees.

Last Wednesday, just before the Big Storm, my mum took her class tree-planting in the woods with the Woodland Trust. It poured with rain and they had to walk for 40 mins across the muddiest fields ever. Although they were all wearing boots and raingear, they all came back coated in mud and had to find lots of emergency dry socks. My mum is glad she was wearing her waterproof trousers (even though she still got mud on the other trousers she was wearing underneath). When she got home, I wrinkled up my nose at the smell of her clothes! They wrote really good Mud Poems at school the next day, she says.

Today it is sunny but cold. We have been updating the Gorgeous Gingers site. There are now 52 Gorgeous Ginger members - can you believe there are so many? Our latest members are Fracas, Obi, Percy, Lionel and Tigger (Lionel and Tigger don't have blogs yet). We also have 10 very special Rainbow Gingers.

Talking of ginger kitties, this has to be the luckiest ginger kitty ever.

I also added a lot more links to my list of bloglinks. If you would like me to link to your blog, have a look at my links and, if you're not there yet, please let me know!

I'll be posting a special post on Wednesday as it will be my first blogiversary!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Widebody Wednesday

"Sleeping off the sherry trifle at Christmas."

Saturday, January 13, 2007



Efurrycat in the blogosphere knows that Brandi and her mum are having a lot of problems right now. Mao is having an auction to raise some money for them and you can go and bid right here - you might win something amazing!

We all know that Brandi's website is called Catitude. Check out these socks that Uncle Sim sent my mum from Mericky as part of her Christmas present!
If only we knew where in Mericky Uncle Sim got them, we would make all the humans owned by blogging cats wear these cool socks!

My humans are having a nice restful weekend after working hard all the week. My dad has got three days' holiday next week so he will be spending some quality time with me, which is nice, and I will be helping him with some D.I.Y. jobs around the house. My mum is hoping that the weather becomes less rainy and windy, as she is going to a very muddy forest on Wednesday to plant trees with her class, courtesy of The Woodland Trust. I hope she doesn't get stuck in the mud!

Our boiler got mended last Wednesday, so we have hot water again, which makes the humans very happy as they don't have to take cold showers any more.

And I have got a new title:
My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
His Most Noble Lord Fat Eric the Elegant of Lower Bumhampton
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Very fitting, don't you agree?

Monday, January 08, 2007



My mum is tired, having spent all weekend doing planning for school and having no fun. I am tired, having spent all weekend being supportive of her. My dad is tired of waiting for the boiler man to come round and finish fixing the boiler - our heating works but we don't have any hot water. I think my humans don't really enjoy cold showers.

Here are even more pictures from my Christmas holidays.
Yay! My stocking contained tins of luxury food and some Temptations.
But I did not like being made to wear a silly Christmas ribbon.
Nor did I enjoy having gold icicles thrown at me.
But Scratchy Mouse and I did enjoy basking in front of Devon Grandma's electric fire.

Thursday, January 04, 2007



My mum dropped a TV remote control on my head this evening. It hurt. Luckily it did not fall far (I was sitting on her lap at the time) or I might have been worse hurt. She felt very guilty afterwards and tried to win back my affections with duck paté and cheese. This is not the first time I have been attacked by a remote control - it has happened before. I think I should stay well away from them in future.

Here are some more pictures from my holiday in Devon. This chair is the best vantage point in Devon Grandma's house. From here you can keep an eye on what's going on in the study, the living room, the kitchen, the hall and Devon Grandma's bedroom!

Devon Grandma has this really snuggly fleece blanket with snowflakes on it and she lent it to me.
Here I am getting very snuggly with my mum on Christmas Eve. You can't see much of me, I am all wrapped up and cosy.But then she went to bed and left me without someone to snuggle - you can tell I wasn't best pleased.I tried to stay up and wait for Santa but I kept yawning and eventually I fell asleep.

I have a few more Christmas pictures to post, but first I must go and remind my humans that my head is aching and I need more treats.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. I missed the cat blogosphere party and it sounds like it was really good. We had a quiet New Year's Eve and a nice dinner and then at midnight my humans and Devon Grandma had some glasses of bubbly stuff and some mince pies. Then Uncle Sim rang from Montana to say Happy New Year even though it was still 2006 where he was.

My humans went out on New Year's Eve to go on a steam train and the weather was dreadful, windy and rainy. I was sensible and stayed indoors where it was cosy. The next day when we woke up it was 2007 and the sun was shining. The humans wouldn't give me any breakfast (though I mewed and mewed) and then they started packing up all their stuff and putting it in the car. Oh no, this meant the Evil Cat Carrier would be coming out any moment now, so I dived behind the sofa and it took them ages to get me out. Eventually they moved the sofa and grabbed me and stuffed me into the Evil Cat Carrier. We waved goodbye to Devon Grandma and set off for London.

The journey back was totally different to the nightmare journey down. When we drove down to Devon there was thick fog, the traffic was jammed and it took us nearly 8 hours to make the journey. Going back, it was sunny and cold all the way up, there was hardly any traffic and we zoomed to London in less than 4 hours. Amazing. I was quite loud though and kept mewing and mewing most of the way because I was not happy. I nearly made my dad crash the car because I suddenly mewed really loudly in his ear just as he was pulling out on the motorway and made him jump!

We got home and started unpacking and I stuffed my face with a big meal and checked that all my stuff was back in the usual places. Then things went wrong because we found out the boiler was not working properly and the heating would not work! All the radiators were icy cold and so was my fleecy radiator bed. Brrr!!! It was so cold last night, my humans put several duvets on the bed and huddled for warmth, and I got cold in the night (despite my floofy fur) and I went and got in the bed between them and snuggled down under the duvet so we all kept warm and did not freeze to death. This morning first thing my mum rang Pete the boiler man and he came round and got it working again, yay! It needs two new parts but he managed to get it working for now so the house is warming up again, thank goodness. Today my humans have been cleaning the house so it smells all chemically. We have got some visitors coming tonight but only for one night, friends of my dad's who are on their way back to Spain where they live. One of them is sleeping on the sofa-bed so I may have to jump on him all night. My humans both go back to work tomorrow.

I have lots of holiday pictures to post. I'm going to start off with some pictures of the foggy journey down - these are from early in the journey before it got so foggy and dark mum couldn't take pictures...

And this is me hiding behind the sofa at Devon Grandma's, freaked out by the traumatic journey...I'll continue with more holiday pictures soon!

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