Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Squillions Day

Today is Squillions Day, and there are lots of events planned over at the Cat Blogosphere. My Squillion is called Mandy (short for Mandarin). She has lived here since last June, when Derby very kindly sent her to live with me. Luckily we were able to fast-track her British catizenship. At the moment, Mandy is living in the study, keeping an eye on the computer. Here are some photos of Mandy:
My humans haven't reached a decision yet on whether I need a new sibling or not. They are going away this weekend to see some friends in Eastbourne (that's by the sea). Luckily they are only going to be away for one night - Uncle Andrew and his sticky little people are coming in to feed me and do litter box duty. When they come back, they are going to check whether the calico kitty has found a furrever home yet or not.

Karen Jo wrote a limerick about me! You can read it here.

Saturday, February 24, 2007



This cat was on the news in the UK today. He is very lucky if you ask me! I hope he finds a great furrever home.

My mum got dragged to a classic car show all day today by my dad. She finds them quite boring, but my dad says she has to come because he needs her navigational skills to make sure he finds the way. They nearly got hit by a really stupid driver on the way home so she was a bit shaken up. Now my dad owes her a favour. She wants him to go with her to visit the place I was adopted from. I do not think this is a good idea. I am very happy as a Spoilt Only Kitty. I do not need any new siblings. However, she keeps going on about this kitty she has had her eye on for some weeks who has still not been adopted. This is her.
She is seven years old, friendly to other cats (allegedly) and has no name.

Don't do it, mum! I might not like her. And if I got hungry in the night, I might even eat her...

What do my friends in the blogosphere think my mum should do? Please tell her I don't need a sibling!

P.S. Last week my dad said definitely no cats except me. This week he is saying maybe. I find this very worrying...

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Tummy Tuesday...

...or how to totally immobilise your human.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Daisy Update and Garden Update

Thank you for all the Valentine messages. My dad had a good purrthday too and I know Daisy's mum appreciated all the nice messages for Daisy.

Daisy had a very stressful visit to the v-e-t hospital on Tuesday when she went and had her scan. The hospital people said that Daisy's regular v-e-t hadn't sent them her notes or history but it turned out later that actually he had. Also Daisy did not like the nurse holding her down for the scan and being shaved and having gloopy stuff put on her. Daisy does not like being examined by v-e-ts in any case!

Since the traumatic hospital visit, Daisy's mum has spoken to their own v-e-t who was very cross about the people at the hospital messing up. The good news is that the "mass" near Daisy's heart is not an aneurysm and not attached to her heart. There is a small mass in the space between her lungs and they don't know what it is. It may be benign and it may be something she has always had. They don't want to operate on her unnecessarily so they are going to just monitor her and see how she goes. She already goes to the v-e-t once a month for her kidney and arthritis checks. The good news is that Daisy has got over the trauma of the hospital visit and seems quite happy at the moment.

Meanwhile, my mum is still enjoying her holiday at home with me. Our weather has been very weird lately. A week ago we had snow and my mum managed to get me outside for 0.5 seconds while she took this picture, before I ran back inside to get warm...
The children she teaches had enough snow to make snowmen.
Then the snow all vanished and we had a lot of rain (an inch in one night) and everything was very soggy. Today it is sunny but chilly so my mum and I went out in the garden to check for signs of spring. I had a good sniff round to see if any Evil Intruder Cats had been there, but I think the snow and rain kept them away. I checked to see if the grass still tasted delicious...yes, it did!
The grass needs cutting now but it's too wet to cut. I got dew from the grass on my whiskers...
I checked that I still look gorgeous posing in my garden.
Lots of things are growing already in the garden, maybe I'll post some pictures of them next time.

Monday, February 12, 2007



Yesterday my mum and dad went out all afternoon, leaving me to snooze in my cosy bed by the radiator, and when they came back they smelled of Unknown Cat! As you can imagine, I was shocked that they had been so unfaithful, but my mum explained that they had been to visit a furry special cat who lives a few miles away. Her name is Daisy, and her mum is Sue who is a friend of Toni, the mum of the Big Piney Woods Cats! What's more, like Patches and Mittens she is a calico girl, and some time ago Toni did a webpage all about Daisy, which you can find here. She is a senior kitty with quite a few health problems but my mum says she is a furry sweet little girl. Here is a picture my mum took when she was visiting her:
At Daisy's house there are also some other cats who visit and sleep in shelters in the garden and get fed by her mum. And there is a hedgehog who lives there too. I decided it was all right for my mum and dad to go visiting other cats, especially because...guess what? Daisy sent me a present! Here I am sticking my paws in the bag to investigate...
I can't believe it, not only some toy mice but my very favourite treats, Feline Greenies! Thank you so much Daisy!
Daisy has to go to the v-e-t tomorrow to have a scan to see if there is something wrong with her heart. Please send her your purrs and good wishes that it will go well. I think it is cool that my humans were able to meet up in real life with someone they met through the Cat Blogosphere, don't you? I hope Daisy's humans will come and visit me soon, that would be fun too.

It's my dad's purrthday tomorrow so I have to get a good night's sleep tonight so that I can get up extra early to sit on his pillow and lick his hair extra well. I bet that's what he really wants for his purrthday, don't you?

Friday, February 09, 2007


Robyn Appreciation Day

I'd like to join my friends in the Cat Blogosphere by paying tribute to Robyn of Hot(m)BC. She deserves a round of applause for all she's done, producing calendars, helping cat-bloggers, fostering Squillions and all the rest. Yay for her!

Thursday, February 08, 2007


My Valentine to Pearl C. Pritchard

I'm happy to announce that the lovely Princess Pearl has offered to be my Valentine. In fact, she has already sent me a Valentine - you can admire it here. Here is my Valentine to her:

An Ode To Pearl

Oh Princess Pearl, my pretty Valentine
To gaze upon your beauty is divine
Your stripy tail and dainty snow-white paws
Would move the toughest kitty to applause

A tough New Yorker when you were a kitten
You’ve crossed the seas to live with us in Britain
How happy am I that you joined us here
Among Princesses you can have no peer.

When peeping between curtains your eyes shine
On cosy heaters you like to recline
When snuggling up with Pumpkin you’re so kind
Please snuggle with me too – I wouldn’t mind!

When wearing your tiara and your pearls
You easily outshine most other girls
So Princess Pearl, feline who is so fine
I’m very glad that you’re my Valentine!

I hope she likes it! And many thanks to the other lovely ladies who offered to be my Valentine.

It has been another hectic week here. It was snowing a lot when we woke up this morning - much more snow than the little bit we had the other day. My mum ended up having to walk to school through the snow because the buses weren't running. About a third of her class didn't turn up today so she took the rest outdoors to build snowmen - they had a lot of fun. However, when my mum tried to get me to pose for snow pictures outdoors I refused to co-operate, as the cosy fleece bed by the radiator looked a lot more attractive than all that nasty cold white stuff.

Our poor car is still sick. The garage finally found out what the problem was but it turned out to be very expensive to fix so my dad is not very happy about that.

The good news is that tomorrow is the start of my mum's half-term holiday. She will be home for a whole week giving me lots of quality attention and she has promised to help me blog much more regularly. We have lots of new photos to post.

See you at the Valentine's party!

Saturday, February 03, 2007


What A Week

Sorry I haven’t been around the cat blogs much this week, but I was grounded from going on the computer. It’s a long story, but let’s just say that:
a) it was all my mum’s fault for jumping up to answer the phone and leaving her plate of delicious cheesecake at cat-level;
b) my paws slipped – I was intending to eat the cheesecake, not sit in it, and;
c) having one’s behind scrubbed to remove vanilla cheesecake which is matted into one’s floofy hair is a very traumatic experience for all concerned.

Anyway, my mum and I have now agreed to forget the whole thing. She has a stinking cold at the moment (along with most of the children in her class) so I nobly forgave her for the Cheesecake Incident and have been doing a lot of snuggling to make her feel better.

While I was grounded, many of my friends in the Cat Blogosphere seem to have been finding Valentines for the party Beau Beau and Angie are having. I did actually have a girlfriend – Athena – but she doesn’t seem to have been around the cat blogs for a very long time now. I don’t know if we are still an item but I may need a new date to the Valentine’s party – any offers, ladies? I'm even prepared to write an ode to my new girlfriend for Skeezix's competition. Maybe if I give you a cute photo of myself it might tempt you…

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