Saturday, May 31, 2008



Well, my mum came back, eventually, and I meowed at her a lot to let her know I resented being abandoned. She had the nerve to moan that my dad had been feeding me too much because the cans of stinky goodness in the cupboard had gone down too quickly! Hey, I needed that stinky goodness!

I have been trying to catch up on what has happened in the blogosphere while I was away from the computer, but it is difficult because I am having to sit on my mum a lot to make up for all the missed lap time. Today she did gardening nearly all day and I snoopervised. Everything is growing very fast at the moment, including the weeds. I will post some pictures soon of the garden and also some interesting things my mum saw while she was staying with Cornish Grandma.

BUT! Tonight something frightful happened! My mum and I were worn out from gardening and we were sitting in the living room watching television. The patio doors and the kitchen door were open because it was quite warm. Suddenly I heard this sound from the kitchen like *nom nom nom nom nom*...

...So I jumped up and ran into the kitchen and THERE WAS THIS SMALL BLACK INTRUDER KITTY IN MY KITCHEN EATING MY FOOD OUT OF MY FOOD BOWL!!!!! Can you believe that? He/she must have sneaked in through the open kitchen door. What a nerve!

I chased him all the way out of the kitchen and down to the bottom of the garden and behind the shed, where he escaped into a neighbour's garden. My mum has seldom seen me moving so fast!

My nerves were quite upset and I had to have some fresh stinky goodness served up before I started to calm down.

What a shocking incident! If hedgehogs and evil intruder kitties keep eating my stinky goodness there will soon be none left for ME!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Left In Charge Again

My mum's school is on holiday for a week - it's the half-term break - and she is abandoning me again. She is going down to Cornwall tomorrow morning to visit Cornish Grandma. I am being left in charge of the house and in charge of my dad again. Sigh.

My responsibilities are even more onerous this time as our garden is being occupied by a lot of wildlife. My mum put up some new bird boxes a few months ago and some little birds have moved into one of them already. You can hear the baby birds cheeping inside and the parent birds keep flying in and out with food. My humans are enthralled with watching this birdie soap opera.

Unfortunately the bird family are being threatened by one of the Evil Intruder Cats which dare to come into my garden. My mum has seen a white cat several times sitting on the fence and trying to reach the bird box. It can't reach but it might frighten the parent birds away by sitting there. It will be my duty to keep this Evil Intruder Cat away from my baby birds. We have lots of birds in our garden but they are not scared of me...for some reason...

We have also had another intruder in our garden lately. It keeps coming to the back door after dark will never believe this! I have even seen my humans giving it some of MY stinky goodness! *faints*. Even though it is not a kitty but looks somewhat like this:
You can see I have a lot of snoopervising to do. I won't be able to post again until my mum comes back on Thursday but take care, everyone!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Farewell Bonnie

The whole Cat Blogosphere is saddened by the loss of Bonnie Underfoot, the original Attack Tabby.

We will miss you, Bonnie.
Thanks to Chase for the use of the picture.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Widebody Wednesday and Wish Us Luck

Remember how Monty sent me a mini-Squillion? Well, I have been having some fun with the box it came in. Look what happens if my mum puts some Greenies inside to torture me...
Don't worry, I can get them out no problem, so it's not really torture!

Or maybe I am just hiding my head in the box out of nerves because of tonight's BIG BIG BIG game! My mum is so nervous (and she is wearing blue today of course)! Come on Chelsea!!!

*EDITED to add*
They lost. (but only after extra time and a penalty shoot-out) We are sad.

Saturday, May 17, 2008



It's been a busy week...and I got PRESENTS!!!

First, Uncle Sim and Auntie Jan flew in from Montana, which was very exciting. They only stayed a few days because they are doing a tour round the family and different places - they have gone to Edinburgh now. They brought lots of luggage, which I searched through carefully until I found the Greenies they brought me. Always good to top up my supply of Greenies! They brought me several bags and one was Tempting Tuna which I have never had before, so when I have finished my current bag of Oven Roasted Chicken I am looking forward to trying those.

Then I got another of those mysterious packages from Gourmet cat food, who sometimes send me food samples. We don't know how they got my name and address but we think it's just because I am famous. Here is the box addressed to me...
...and this is what was inside. Mmm, gourmet stinky goodness! I am only supposed to eat my diabetic stinky goodness but my mum says I am allowed one can of this.
And there's more! Another box arrived for me. From Mericky. I wasn't expecting anything so this was a big surprise. It was from Monty Q! This is what was inside...

It is one of the baby squillions that Beau's mum was auctioning for kitties who needed help. It seems that Monty Q bought one for me! Isn't that nice?
Here I am checking out the baby squillion. We have decided to call it Mini because it is a mini squillion.
And here is Mini with Mandy, my full-size Squillion. They seem to be getting on well.
Thank you very much for my present! It's great to get surprises!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Not Funny

We are having hot weather here this week. My mum is out every evening watering the garden with one of these. I like to snoopervise. But, really, what was she THINKING tonight? Does THIS

look anything like THIS?

Just because I was closely snoopervising does NOT give her the right to water me!

And laughing at the wet kitty is just unacceptable.

It's not funny.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Before Breakfast

Don't you find that the busiest time of the day is before breakfast? Here's my routine:

Usually I spend most of the night downstairs in the living room. I am discouraged from spending all night with my humans because, allegedly, my snoring keeps them awake, but also I like to sleep downstairs because then I have easy access to the kitchen in case I need an emergency snack in the night.

Of course I am very clever and usually I know whether it is a working day or a weekend. If it is a working day then, about 30 minutes before my humans' alarm clocks go off, I amble upstairs and into the bedroom, stopping on the upstairs landing to strop my claws loudly on the wicker laundry basket. Then I proceed into the bedroom where my humans are sleeping. I walk round the bed to the side nearest my mum and meow once loudly to announce my arrival. Then I take a mighty leap and land on her feet. The bed shakes.

I walk up my mum until I get to her pillow. As you can see, once I am on a pillow there is not much room left for a human head.
I wrap myself round her head and begin to lick her hair. (I did diverge slightly from routine this morning actually as I found she had a sticking plaster on her hand which tasted divine so I licked that instead). At this point she partially wakes up and pets me and we have a little snuggle. My purr motor goes into full throttle.

After a while the humans' alarm clocks go off (they have three, plus me) and I move in between my humans and begin licking my dad's head while purring and kneading my paws hard into his back. He wakes up, gets out of bed and goes to the bathroom.

I take over his side of the bed so that when he returns from the bathroom hoping to get back into bed for another five minutes, there is no vacancy. As you can see. We exchange dirty looks.

My mum gets up and goes to the bathroom. I get out of bed and go and sit outside the bathroom door to wait for her. If she takes too long I start miaowing to remind her I am waiting for my breakfast. When she comes out, we go downstairs. She has to wait for me to go down first through. I like to lead her and I get upset if she goes down first. I lead her to the food bowls and do some pacing about and "hurry up" miaows until breakfast is served.

After having breakfast and seeing my humans off to work I am usually so exhausted from all this effort that I have to go back to bed and catch up on my napping. The weather is beautiful at the moment and the bedroom window provides some lovely rays of sun.

Monday, May 05, 2008


Bank Holiday Gardening Report

Thanks to everyone who left a nice comment about Tabs. You might have seen that Tabs's mum also left a comment thanking everyone. There was another tribute to Tabs posted over at the Big Piney Woods Cats.

Today was a Bank Holiday Monday which meant my humans did not have to go to work. After all the rain we have had recently, it was a beautiful sunny warm day so my mum decided to do gardening and my dad did some work repairing the mortar between the bricks on the back wall of the house. I spent the morning napping under my yellow chair upstairs and the afternoon snoopervising in the garden. My mum finished planting up all the containers of plants for summer and put some new herbaceous plants in the borders. She also planted some salad leaves, spinach and sunflowers. The potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and strawberries she planted a few weeks ago look quite healthy. Due to all the rain we have had, everything is looking very green and smells very nice. Isaac the newt and his newty friends are sunning themselves in the pond.

Here are some of the things flowering right now:
The marsh marigolds around the pond are in flower and looking very pretty.

The shrub next to the back door is covered in pink flowers and lots of bees are buzzing round it.

The mini narcissus are still going and there are blue forget-me-nots all over the place which seeded themselves last year.

There are lots of bluebells in the front garden but we don't have a picture of them. Next we are looking forward to seeing the alliums and the clematis and the roses which have lots of buds on them but are not yet in flower.

After gardening all day my mum had to go and have a long bubble bath. She has got a student teacher (someone who is learning to be a teacher and needs children to practise on) starting next week in her class so it will be interesting to see how he gets on.

Oh yes, and the Great Floofy Gingerflower is already in bloom this year...

Friday, May 02, 2008


Farewell Tabs

I have some sad news. You may remember that my friend English Daisy went to the Bridge last November. Soon afterwards Tabs, a cat who had been living in Daisy's garden for a long time, decided to move indoors and look after Daisy's humans. I posted here in January about how much Tabs was enjoying her new indoor life.

Unfortunately, because she had had a hard outdoor life before, Tabs had some health problems. Her humans took very good care of her, but now they have had to help her go to the Bridge. As you can imagine, her humans are feeling very sad having lost Daisy and now Tabs too. Please send purrs and keep them in your thoughts.
This is a picture of Tabs her mum took just last week.

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