Thursday, September 28, 2006


Another Gorgeous Ginger Goes To The Bridge

Ullrick (2005-2006)

We are going to alter the Gorgeous Gingers page soon, and create a special section for all those Gorgeous Gingers who have gone ahead to the Rainbow Bridge, like Norton, Trixie, Jaffa and now Ullrick. We are very sad to hear about Ullrick - he was a beautiful Norwegian Forest kitty, and, like Jaffa, he went to the Bridge much too soon.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Double Trouble

I don't care if my mum thinks it is "cute" when the Small Black Kitty comes into my garden and chases butterflies around my lawn. He is NOT cute, he is an Evil Intruder Kitty who should stay in his own garden.

Today, it got worse. He arrived with another, identical, Small Black Kitty. Yes, that's right, he has a twin! Unfortunately my mum thinks that two Small Black Kitties playing on the lawn is even cuter than one Small Black Kitty playing on the lawn.

We are being invaded. And what if he turns out to be triplets?


Happy Dance

Luna is safely back home and all kitties are furry happy about it. So happy, that some of them are doing a Happy Kitty Dance. Click here, make sure your speakers are turned up, and wait a few seconds for the music to start...enjoy!

Friday, September 22, 2006


September Garden - Where's The Frog?

We've been having weird weather lately. It's been much hotter and stickier (80F) than it's supposed to be at this time of year. Yesterday we had a big gale and today it rained all day. My mum says that soon it will get colder, but at the moment I'm still enjoying lying in the garden in the evenings, mostly watching the pond.

The other night we heard these weird loud groaning noises. My mum could hear them from inside the house, so she came outside and we both searched for the noise. It turned out to be one of the frogs in the pond, but it was LOUD!

I like hunting frogs although I hardly ever catch one. Here are some pictures so you can see how the garden is looking now:
We still have some waterlillies in flower - there is probably a pesky frog somewhere nearby, but I can't see him.
My mum says these are "autumn crocuses". They are pretty and sometimes the frogs hide under those stones, but I didn't find any there today.
We have ten of these yellow gladioli in flower. But this doesn't look like a good place to find frogs - it's too far from the pond.
The pyracantha is covered in orange berries now. The Greedy Pigeons eat them but I don't think frogs eat berries. Better look somewhere else. These are the green peppers. My mum has grown lots of peppers this year. Once I actually found a frog hiding under the peppers, so I always check here now.

This is a butternut squash plant, but my mum and dad call it The Triffid, because it is trying to take over the entire garden. I'd better check under those big leaves, because frogs could be hiding under there...

WAIT A MINUTE! I see you, Mr. Froggy! Wait till I get my sharp claws into you...oh, wait, my mum finished clipping my claws yesterday...drat.

Huh. I don't care, I'll just go to Opus and Roscoe's party instead...see you there!

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Starting From Scratch

Bit of an unfortunate disgreement last night between me and my mum.

She decided that she was going to clip the points off my front claws, as she hadn't done it for six weeks and they are all nice and sharp and pointy. She had noticed that having me hugging her shoulder with my paws (as I like to do) was getting a bit painful. I am not very good at remembering to put my claws in when I hug someone.

Anyway, she went and got out the claw clippers, sat me on her lap, and tried to hold one of my front paws.

I am usually fairly co-operative with this process, but last night I decided that I was NOT in the mood to have my claws trimmed. No way. No thanks. Every time she held my paw and got the clippers into position, I whipped my paw away. Heh heh. Then she tried holding me in another position, but I still wasn't having any. Then she cheated and got my dad to hold me while she did the clipping, but I managed to wriggle free every single time. I am a big strong boy, you know! We kept playing this game for a while, I kept waiting till she was just about to clip before I quickly whisked away my paw. I kept purring loudly all the time to let her know that I was enjoying the game. Also I kept trying to lick the claw clippers, which nearly got my tongue clipped at one point!

Eventually we all got too tired to play the game any more. The final score was:
Claws clipped: 1
Small claw holes in mum's shirt: 4
Scratches on mum's hand: 1
Drool on the claw clippers: Lots

As you can see, I was exhausted after all this excitement so I had to have a good long nap. With my claws intact...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Five Discoveries I Have Made This Week

1. If I moan for long enough about the disappointment of getting Tasteless Cat Treats, my mum will make a special trip to the supermarket to buy Whiskas Dentabites. Result!

2. Even the Greedy Fat Pigeons Who Eat Anything in our garden, won't eat Tasteless Cat Treats. They must be really bad...

3. My dad is developing a small bald spot on his head, just in the place where I like to lick his hair to wake him up every morning. He thinks that less licking would stop his hair falling out. I think that more vigorous licking would probably stimulate hair growth.

4. The Small Black Kitty who has recently taken to frolicking in my personal garden and smarming up to my mum is just asking to be pounced on with the full weight of the Mighty Eric. And one day soon I'm going to get him...

5. My mum will sit still on the floor for a long time rather than disturb me when I am using her feet as a pillow or a leg rest. See photo.

Friday, September 08, 2006


Who Are You Calling Erica?

Well, it’s been the first week of the school term here so it’s been a bit hectic, I’ve been giving moral support to my mum as she runs round with files and papers looking stressed. She doesn’t like having to get up early in the mornings again instead of sharing a cosy lie-in with me.

We had a surprise visitor yesterday. My mum’s sister (who lives in Cornwall) phoned and said she had to come to London unexpectedly and could she have a bed for the night? It was nice to see her, another person to give me lots of fuss! I spent a lot of time throwing myself down at her feet and begging for tummy tickles. The only thing I don’t like about her so much is that she keeps calling me Erica! She says that any kitty so pretty and so fluffy must be a girly. I find this very offensive. I may be pretty (handsome) and I’m definitely fluffy, but can one not be fluffy and macho at the same time? I am a BOY! Erica, indeed! Next thing she will be trying to tie bows in my fur.

I have some sad news about another Gorgeous Ginger. This is Jaffa.
Jaffa has been a member of the Gorgeous Gingers for a while. Unfortunately, recently Jaffa had a really bad accident. His owner, Michael, had to help him to the Rainbow Bridge. Jaffa was only fifteen months old. I know you will all feel as sad for Jaffa and Michael as I do.

We have 36 members of the Gorgeous Gingers at the moment – and a few more waiting to be added. I am going to add a bit about Gorgeous Gingers who have gone to the Bridge, like poor little Jaffa and the lovely Trixie.

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Better health, Biscuit-Making and Boston Photos

Thanks, everyone, for your good wishes when my mum and I were feeling icky. We are both recovered now - well, I was fine pretty quickly but my mum felt pretty awful for a few days. She has started eating again now which is a good sign! She would like to reassure my Mericky friends that Boston did not make her sick. She is pretty sure it was something she ate at Heathrow when she got off the plane feeling hungry and made the mistake of eating a dodgy snack before she got home. Silly mum. Anyway, I looked after her really well while she was ill; in fact I have been quite clingy for the last few days towards both my human servants. They think it is because I was feeling insecure after my last stint in the kitty jail. I have made sure they can't leave me again by following them round efurrywhere and sitting/lying on them whenever possible.

My mum apologised to me because she didn't find any pet shops in central Boston. She thinks there are probably more out in the suburbs. She wanted to get me some Mericky kitty treats or toys, but couldn't. But she did buy a packet of "make your own kitty treats". Here I am checking it out, it looks promising...

I read the label that said it was a kit to make chicken-flavoured cat biscuits; there were instructions for how to mix them and bake them, "then feed them to the best kitty in the world". Well, that seemed straightforward enough, so I told my mum to get baking right away, which, of course, she did. Here are the finished results:

Finally, we came to the "taste test" - I was a bit confused because they were supposed to be chicken-flavoured, so why were they fish-shaped? That's just illogical...anyway, my mum broke one up and offered it to me, I took a lick...then gave her a look of disdain and walked away. Yes, I'm afraid those biscuits were far from tasty, in fact, they were totally uninteresting to me, and I am a cat who rarely turns down food. I have to say my mum seemed a teeny bit disappointed at my rejection of her baking efforts. She even went so far as to put some of the biscuits in my bowl and soak them in chicken gravy, thinking that this might make them tastier. I licked up all the gravy and left the biscuits in the bowl. She got the message.

So we now have a whole tin full of Tasteless Cat Biscuits and my mum is thinking of donating them to her friend's kitty Lulu; maybe she will like them (but I bet she doesn't!)

Apart from that little episode, we have had a bit of a stressful few days - mum was still feeling a bit fragile, then the computer broke and she had to spend hours on the phone to the support people (it is fixed now), then she found out her new (very expensive) glasses gave her's been one of those weeks. Unfortunately, after tomorrow my mum won't be able to spend so much quality time with me because the long school holidays are finally over and she has to go back to school tomorrow. The little monsters she teaches don't start back till Wednesday, but the teachers have to go into school first and move the furniture about and stuff. I'll just have to sleep all day till she comes home and tells me about it.

What's that, Mum? Oh yes, I forgot to say that she has got a photo webpage now where she has put up tons of her pics of Boston for her friends to look at. Of course, there are no pictures of me up there, which would make it even better, but if anyone wants to have a look at her photos, you can find them here. Have a good week everyone, I have more stuff to tell you so I'll be back soon.

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