Saturday, February 28, 2009


Squillion Day - Mandy and Mini

Hello, Mandy Squillion here. It is Squillion Day again in the Cat Blogosphere, so Fat Eric is letting me blog today. Can you believe it is nearly three years since Derby and Virginger sent me all the way from Mericky to live with Fat Eric? Later I was joined by my friend Mini Squillion, who was sent to us by Monty Q.
Mini and I are currently spending our days sitting just inside the patio doors, where we can monitor events inside and outside the house. We have noticed an escalation lately in the level of Evil Intruder Kitty activity outside. That Marmite is the worst offender. We saw him just yesterday again, calmly doing kitty yoga on the patio like he owned the place!
But it's not just Marmite we've seen, there have been at least 8 different cats visiting the garden in the last week, including the new neighbour kitty. No wonder Fat Eric is stressed out. At least he has friends like us!

Happy Squillion Day, everyone!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009



My regular visitors will know that I have an Uncle Sim who lives far away in Mericky. He is my dad's brother who got kidnapped and married by a lady from Mericky a long time ago and now he lives in Montana, but sometimes he comes to see me and sometimes he sends me Greenies!

Well, my Uncle Sim in Montana has been owned by two cats for a while, and they are brothers called Fred and Barney. My humans met them when they went to visit Uncle Sim. Barney is a bit neurotic and goes crazy when he has to go to the v-e-t. He is also banned from catnip because he has been known to get a bit vicious with his humans when he is 'nipped up. Fred is more easy-going but not exactly famous for his brainpower, if you know what I mean. They like to hang out together a lot.

I think my Mericky cousins are feeling like they want to get in on some of my blogging celebrity. They just signed up to the Gorgeous Gingers group, so I added their picture to that page. I think they should get their own blog, don't you? All I have to do is persuade Uncle Sim or Auntie Jan to help them type...

Here are some pictures of my Mericky cousins! (Barney is the slightly darker ginger).

Monday, February 23, 2009



My humans, having abandoned me for the weekend while they were off enjoying themselves in Sussex, have returned. I survived, but only thanks to Uncle Andrew remembering to come and feed me.

I have lots of photos and interesting stuff to post but my human claims to be too busy doing school stuff to help me post.

However, dad got the video camera out to prove how happy I was that my humans came home. This is how my humans can expect to be licked every time we are reunited! I love licking my humans...(and I hope you can hear the purring too)

Thursday, February 19, 2009



I knew it was too good to be true, my mum staying home during the whole of her half-term holiday week and giving me quality time...

The humans are abandoning me! My so-called mum and dad have decided that enjoying themselves in Sussex for the weekend is more important than spending time making a fuss of ME! They really need to sort out their priorities!

They are leaving tomorrow morning (Friday) and coming back on Sunday afternoon. I am being left to the tender mercies of Uncle Andrew, who has promised to come in and feed me...I just hope he remembers! Otherwise I'm leaving home!

I will just have to spend the weekend sleeping and glaring out of the window at the massed hordes of Evil Intruder Kitties.

I'm sulking now.
P.S. If anyone's interested, my humans are going here - my mum thought that as my dad is crazy about trains, he would like it as a birthday present...but she hasn't told him yet that they're sleeping in a railway carriage!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Wednesday Is Gingersday

Trying to forget about the Evil Intruder Kitties swarming all over my garden, I have persuaded my mum to use some of her holiday time to help me update the Gorgeous Gingers page. There are now approximately 93 Gorgeous Gingers on the page...and that is a LOT of ginger gorgeousness! Maybe soon we can make it to a round 100 Gingers?

On a sadder note, some very special Gingers have been moved over to the Rainbow Gingers page. This is a place to pay tribute to Gingers who have gone to the Bridge, like my sister Hattie, and more recently, Mr. Kelly Cat, Skeeter and Winton, among others.

Let me introduce you to a new friend of mine, Rusty. He looks like me! Don't you think? You can visit him at his blog here. Go over and say hi!
Also, if you want a good laugh, take a look at this video from the BBC website. I hope my Mericky friends won't be too offended, but it's made by a British journalist who clearly thinks that some Mericky cat people are a little...weird...heh heh. It's about a Cat Training School...what do they think we are...dogs???

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Tabby Terror On Tuesday

I might have mum opened the back door into the garden and guess who was sitting on the wall between our house and our neighbour's house, peering nosily through the window into our kitchen?
I don't like to seem unfriendly to the new neighbours, but how many times do I have to say this??? It's MY GARDEN!!! And that includes the wall!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Happy Valentine's Day

Here is my Valentine tribute to my girlfriendcat, Princess Pearl. I hope she doesn't mind that I have re-used the card I made for her last year. It's just that my humans are TOO LAZY to help me do something really imaginative. I hope Princess Pearl knows she is still my number one girlcat! I think she does because she left me a nice message today already.

Today it was very sunny, although still a bit cold. I spent some quality time enjoying the sunshine in the garden, although I was disturbed several times by having to chase out Evil Intruder Kitties. My garden was as busy as Piccadilly Circus today!

We have new next-door neighbours. They moved in the other day and last night we saw a kitty looking out of their front window, so I have a new neighbour kitty! I wonder if he/she is an indoor kitty or if he/she will be trying to invade my garden next...sigh.

My dad would like to thank everyone for the nice purrthday wishes he got yesterday - although he did NOT give me any of the venison sausages because he was enjoying them too much!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Friday, February 13, 2009


Dad's Purrthday

I haven't been doing much blogging in the last week because my humans have been so busy. Obviously I have been very busy too, mostly napping and eating and glaring at that evil intruder kitty Marmite through the back windows several times a day.

Today it is my dad's purrthday. He is about a squillion years old, I think. He got lots of presents but he saved most of them to open when he got home from work tonight. So we have just been having fun opening boxes. He said I could have the boxes to sit in afterwards because I enjoy sitting in boxes. Now my mum is about to cook his purrthday dinner for him. He chose venison and red wine sausages, which I think are made from vishus deer!

Also today my mum finished school for a week because they are having their half-term holiday next week. This is good news because it means extra mum time for me! I hope my humans are not planning to go away anywhere and abandon me. My mum dressed up as a pirate today as her class were having a pirate party to mark the last day before the holidays. They also had a treasure hunt all over the school. I would like to have joined in with that, but only if the treasure was Greenies.

I have to go and sit on my dad now and give him some purrthday licks. I appreciate my dad because he is good at sneaking me bits of cheese when my mum isn't looking. He also has very lickable hair. Here is a picture of us sharing some quality manly time together.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Sunday Stories

Well, the snow has gone, apart from a few tiny bits. Lots of places in the UK have had terrible snow problems this week. We might get a bit more next week but it will probably just be rain or sleet. Yuck.

Yesterday was quite sunny so I went for a little stroll round my soggy garden to see how everything was, but my humans failed to take any pictures, and I didn't stay outside for long because it was a bit cold and wet.

This has been rather a sad week in the blogosphere with the loss of friends like Jake and Bear.

So I thought I'd find some happier stories to cheer everyone up.

This is a story about a kitty who helps to deliver the post (mail) in Somerset.

This is a story about a cat in Scotland who vanished for two years and turned out to have been having adventures on an island, but finally got found by his humans...

And this is a video of some tiger cubs in a zoo in Norfolk playing in the snowstorms - warning, this video makes my human go SQUEEEE very loudly!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


The Snow Goes On

My mum's school re-opened today so, after two bonus days of staying home with me, she has gone back to work. There is still lots of snow everywhere but the buses and trains and so on have started running again.

We did some more bird-watching from the back windows and managed to get a picture of both our robins on the feeders at the same time - can you spot two of them in this picture?
Wait a minute...I haven't been outside in the snow again, so whose pawprints are these?
Oh NO! I might have known it would be that little black pest who likes to invade my personal garden. Look at him lurking right under the bird feeders. Go away, Marmite! You will scare my robins away from the feeders!
And you can stop looking at my robins and licking your lips like that! My robins are NOT to be eaten!

Monday, February 02, 2009


Snow Day = Mum Day + Added Birdies!

Strange and snowy things have been happening here in London today. My humans got up just before 7 a.m. as they normally do on a working Monday. Outside there was lots of snow, and it was still falling. Now, I know some of my kitty friends live in places where they get lots of snow all winter and it is no big deal, but we don't get very much here, normally a few days each winter, and not normally as much as we have got today. In fact, today London had the most snow it has had in one day for 18 years! You can see here some pictures of the chaos which has been happening. For instance, every single bus in London was not running today!

At 7.30 a.m. the deputy headteacher at my mum's school texted her and said "don't bother trying to get to school, we have closed it for the day". So I got a bonus mum day! My dad works in central London and he normally goes in by train, but the trains weren't running, so my mum said "Why bother? Stay home," but he is dedicated and decided to bundle up and walk half an hour to the Tube, which was working. But when he got to work, there were only two people who had got in, and they went home early.

Meanwhile, my mum and I had gone back to bed and had a lovely extra two hours' snoozing, although mum kept complaining that I was snoring in her ear and keeping her awake. Then we got up and did some birdwatching. My mum cleared some snow off the bird feeders and bird table and put out some more food, and lots of birds came so we had fun watching them. It didn't stop snowing all day and it is still snowing this evening. The local kids have been having a great snowball fight all up and down the street (we live in a cul de sac).

Here are some pictures from our snowy day. Here is our garden all white:
Here are our recycling bins - you can see how much snow has fallen on them today:
Here is me looking horrified when mum invited me to check out the snow - I only went out of the back door for about 5 seconds and then ran indoors again...
Here are my little pawprints in the snow!
Here is Mr. Robin enjoying the buffet of birdie treats we have on offer outside our back door...
Here are some pigeons coming to take some of the food around the bird table...
And here is the Snow Kitty my mum made!
P.S. My mum's headteacher just phoned to say that, since more snow is forecast tonight, school is going to be closed again tomorrow - looks like I get another mum day!

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