Friday, April 27, 2007


Floofy Friday - Garden Patrol

The garden is getting flowery. The sun is shining. It's the weekend! Here I am on garden patrol, keeping the frogs and newts in order. I am a contented floofy cat.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Under The Weather

I have been feeling a little bit poorly this week. On Monday evening when my mum came home from work I did not come to meet her at the door, I just lay next to my Scratchy Mouse looking sad. Normally when she gets home from work I meow! meow! until I get fed, but on Monday evening when she put my dinner out I was not interested. I didn't want to eat or purr. I threw up a little bit and then I wanted to sleep. My mum and dad got really worried when I refused two flavours of stinky goodness, bits of ham, bits of cheese and Temptations! They worked out I must have a stomach ache because I had made a horrible mess in my litterbox earlier.

I was so droopy and listless on Monday evening my mum was talking about taking me to the v-e-t in the morning. She knows that turning down food is very out of character for me!

On Tuesday morning I didn't come upstairs to wake my humans but I was a bit brighter and I felt hungry so I went meow! meow! for breakfast and I ate most of it and then used my litterbox, so my mum felt a bit happier about me. On Tuesday night I ate all my dinner and I was nearly back to normal.

This morning I came upstairs as usual and jumped on the bed and licked my humans and then gobbled down all my breakfast. I felt much better. This evening I have been cuddling and purring and playing and begging for food and walking round the garden having a good sniff around. My mum thinks I seem back to normal now so luckily I didn't have to go to the v-e-t after all. Phew!

I am glad I only felt ill for a little while because there has been too much illness round the kitty blogs lately. Big purrs to anyone who needs them, and sorry I have not been commenting on many blogs this week.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Where's Eric?

Here is a lovely vase of daffodils on our dining-table. But where am I? Look more closely...
A bit closer...
It's me! I like sitting there because I can keep an eye on what's going on outside in the garden. But my mum moans when she has to vacuum the cat hair off the curtains.

The sun is still shining and I helped my humans with some more gardening today, but we didn't enjoy it much because the new neighbours next door (the ones who think I am handsome) had a very loud party that went on all afternoon and all evening and involved lots of drinking and shouting in Russian. I got a headache because our garden was so noisy so I had to go indoors where it was quieter. Bah.

Mustn't forget to send big purrs to Lilly Lu, she seems to be feeling a bit better today - yay! This bit is pink just for her.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Quilts are here!

Last Saturday, we got a parcel from Mericky! It was from Millie's mum so we knew it must be the kitty quilts she made for me and my friend Daisy.
We unpacked the box - the quilts are so pretty! Here is mine...
...and here is Daisy's. Don't you think those colours will look lovely with her calico fur?I investigated my quilt and tried out some different positions to see how it felt. This position turned out to be very cosy though - here is the quilt, me and Scratchy Mouse all snuggled up together.
I will post a picture of Daisy with her quilt as soon as I can. She is busy getting to know her new sibling at the moment - so far, they are getting on well together. He is a guinea pig and his name is Basil - isn't he cute?
Thank you so much for the quilts, Millie's mum!

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Mandy's Turn To Blog

Hi, it's Mandy here, Eric's Squillion.

Fat Eric said I could have a turn to blog today because he is feeling tired. He has had a bit of a stressful Sunday morning - it is all a bit personal but I am sure he won't mind if I just whisper about it to you. He had a bit of issue this morning, meaning that when he jumped on his mum and dad's bed to wake them up, they were forced out of bed by an awful smell which turned out to be a big stinky dingleberry stuck to Eric's floofy backside. Yuck! That's when it got stressful, because he ended up being held down by his dad while his mum put on gloves and washed his floofy backside and trimmed all the floofy hair on his bottom. I must say, Fat Eric was pretty calm about the whole thing. He even purred through some of the yucky procedure, whereas some cats I know would have been climbing the walls to escape! When it was all over, Eric was fragrant and floofy once more, even though he is now missing some of the floof on his rear end. But everyone involved was pretty tired so they are having a rest while I blog.

It is really hot and sunny here, like midsummer. The humans have been doing a lot of work in the garden this weekend and Eric and I have been snoopervising. Here is a picture English Daisy's mum took of us sharing a sunspot.

P.S. Yesterday, a parcel arrived and inside were Fat Eric and English Daisy's quilts from Millie's mum! They made it all the way here to the UK safely. Eric is going to blog about that next.

Friday, April 13, 2007


Floofy Friday - Showing Off My Floofy Tail

Lots more floofy goodness today from the following floofsters:
Pumpkin (whose tail rivals mine for floofiness)

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Pictures of Cats

It's a beautiful sunny day so I woke my humans up at 5.50 AM so that they wouldn't miss any of it. Just for a change, I decided to get on my mum's pillow and wash her hair instead of my dad's. I know she enjoyed that. I got fed at 6 AM, lay in the sun for a bit, saw my dad off to work and then went back to bed for a while to cuddle and share my mum's lie-in. She is still on holiday until Monday.

I am letting my humans post a few pictures of their trip to Venice. They had heard there were lots of cats in Venice but even though they saw lots of model cats in the shops, they only saw one real one. He (or she) was living in an art gallery guarding the pictures. They thought he might be a sculpture for a moment but then he moved. Venice was very pretty so they didn't mind the lack of cats too much.

My mum then went down to Cornwall for a few days to see Cornish Grandma. She went to an art gallery which has got an exhibition of pictures of cats. I would have enjoyed that. She thought you might like to see some of the pictures here. It was an exhibition by the Society of Feline Artists. What a sensible group of humans they must be - and they support cat charities too.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


A Nice Surprise

When my humans got back from Venice, there was some post waiting for them (that's "mail" for Mericky cats). My mum was surprised to find a small package addressed to "The Cat of the House" - of course she passed it straight on to me, the rightful addressee.
I did need some help to open it. Inside was a letter, addressed to "Dear Successful Cat" - must be me again!
More importantly, in with the letter was a free pack of gourmet stinky goodness (not the brand I usually eat). My mum and I are a little surprised about this as we do not remember applying for any special offer, but maybe I'm just so famous that the stinky goodness makers want me to advertise their wares? I should ask Kukka-Maria if she gets asked to endorse a lot of stuff.
Anyway, I ate the free stinky goodness yesterday and it was very delicious, so there's my endorsement. Any other manufacturers who want to send me free food, go right ahead.

We have new neighbours next door. This morning they saw me sunning myself in the garden and they started taking photos of me. Which is a little rude without asking first, but maybe they were just so dazzled by my good looks, they couldn't help themselves. After all, they probably weren't expecting to be living next door to a celebrity. When my mum came outdoors, they told her I was a furry handsome cat. I suppose I'll just have to get used to the paparazzi.

By the way, Happy Easter efurrycat!

Friday, April 06, 2007


I Survived! And It's Floofy Friday

Thank you to my friends for being concerned that Uncle Andrew might leave me to starve again. Fortunately he did not forget to feed me this time (I think the notes and pictures of me that my mum stuck in his kitchen, his hallway and on the back of his door might have helped!) I was happy that I stayed fat, and that some of my friends teleported over to visit me, but I was still lonely and not getting enough scritches or laptime. I was furry happy when my mum and dad got back from Venice last night. They said they had had a lovely time but I could tell they had missed me. I gave them a lot of licks and purred furry loudly. This morning I got up extra early just so that I could enjoy the pleasure of sitting on my dad's pillow and licking his head. I nearly got two breakfasts too because my dad got up and fed me and then later my mum got up and she was going to feed me again because I was acting hungry and she did not know I'd already been fed while she was still asleep! Unfortunately my dad told her I had had breakfast so my plan was foiled.

It is lovely and sunny today and it is supposed to stay warm and sunny all weekend. My mum has been doing some tidying in the garden and I have been helping her. I thought this picture would do for Floofy Friday too.
I have much to tell, including a story about an interesting package that I got in the post while my humans were away. I might even let my mum post a picture of a cat she met in Venice. I hope all my friends in the Cat Blogosphere are enjoying a relaxing holiday weekend with their humans.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Overheard In My House Today

Me: Purrrrrr, purrrr, purrrrrr...

My mum: Hello Eric, you look furry gorgeous lying there in that sunbeam (scritch, scritch). Are you enjoying this lovely sunny weekend?

Me: Purrr...yes, it's great, and it's even better knowing you are home for two weeks to make a fuss of me...purr, - why are you packing clothes in that bag?

My mum: Oh - um - we're going on a short trip, Eric.

Me: Wait a minute - last Easter I was stuffed into the Evil Cat Carrier and taken down to Devon Grandma's house for a week. Is that happening again?

My mum: No, no, you know Devon Grandma has gone to Mericky to visit Uncle Sim in Montana and she won't be back till May.

Me: Well, where are we going then?

My mum: Well, we're going to Venice for three nights - you know your dad gave me the trip for a present last Christmas. You're going to stay here at home and Uncle Andrew is going to look after you.

Me: (panicking) But - but - the last time Uncle Andrew was left in charge I didn't get fed for a whole weekend! Remember???

My mum: Don't worry Eric, everything's fine now and Uncle Andrew and his sticky little people have promised to take furry good care of you.

Me: (wibbling) Are you sure?

My mum: Positive. And we will be back on Thursday and we will give you lots of fuss then.

Me: Well, you'd better bring me back a good present! And if you see Opus and Roscoe while you're in Italy, say hello from me, OK?

My mum: OK.

Me: I'll see all my blogging friends after Thursday...if I survive!

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